From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347: This Is Zhai Yunsheng's Revenge On Them

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When Zhai Yunsheng becomes bigger and stronger, there is absolutely no way for them to survive.

When she was anxious, she received a call and learned that there was a problem with her company.

"What's the matter? This is fine, why is there a problem with the order?" Sheng Yingying's face became even worse.

There was no blood on the face with obvious wrinkles.

The answer I got was that Dingwen Group made a difference.

It was Zhai Yunsheng, he was revenge against her!

That's right, not only their members of the Loyalty Alliance understand the original Zhai family enterprise, but Zhai Yunsheng also understands their enterprise.

They have been allies for so long, and they know the details of each other's company.

It is easy for them to sell the Zhai family together with Qinchuan, and it is also easy for Zhai Yunsheng to take revenge on them in reverse!

What Sheng Yingying had been worried about finally happened.

She froze on the spot, after a while, she hurriedly called Qu Zhen and asked him to call other people to Cai Ningxuan for a meeting.

They must quickly discuss countermeasures to deal with Zhai Yunsheng and protect their own business.

Several people gathered together to discuss and realized that not only Sheng Yingying, but other people's companies were also affected to varying degrees.

Zhai Yunsheng is using Dingwen Group to retaliate against them.

If this continues, sooner or later they will be destroyed in the hands of Zhai Yunsheng.

They didn't think Zhai Yunsheng was so capable before.

Now that I have been an opponent, I discovered that Zhai Yunsheng looks dull, but he really has two brushes!

After deliberation, everyone came to a conclusion that there were only two paths before them.

One: Choose to believe in Qin Chuan and wait for Qin Chuan to make a move;

Two: Choose to negotiate with the Zhai family.

Sheng Yingying opposed the second article: "We have broken up, how can we negotiate a peace? How can a careful person like Zhai Yunsheng negotiate with us?"

Qu Zhen explained: "There have never been eternal enemies or friends in the market. There are only eternal interests. The Zhai family fights with us, and they themselves will suffer losses. It is better to keep things peaceful, for mutual benefit. And we may not necessarily negotiate a peace. To find Zhai Yunsheng, the old man of the Zhai family is still alive, he is more knowledgeable and courageous than Zhai Yunsheng, and he knows better what is most beneficial."

Elder Zhai is an absolutely sensible person.

If it were to talk to Elder Zhai, things should have turned around.

Sheng Yingying was somewhat persuaded.

Qu Zhen added: "And we are just trying. Even if the Zhai family disagrees, we have nothing to lose."

"Okay." After thinking about it, Sheng Yingying compromised.


An hour later, in the living room of the Zhai family villa.

Elder Zhai was sitting on the golden nanmu grandmaster's chair, sipping tea leisurely.

Sitting across from him were Sheng Yingying and Qu Zhen.

They came to see Old Man Zhai on behalf of the people of the Loyalty League.

Facing the person who had betrayed the Zhai family, Father Zhai seemed very calm.

"Master Zhai, it's been a long time since I've seen you, your body is still tough." Qu Zhen had his signature silly smile on his face.

The chubby he always gives the impression of being honest and kind.

But Father Zhai knew very well in his heart that the kindness of the fat old song was all pretended.

Otherwise, he couldn't do anything to betray the Zhai family.

"Fortunately, fortunately, God's favor." Father Zhai replied indifferently.

"Father Zhai, the two of us came here today, mainly to apologize to you for what happened before."

Qu Zhen directly expressed his intention.

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