From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371: Do You Like Being Younger Than You?

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Zhai Erye drove Long Yuetian back again.

Long Yuetian's mood was even more disturbed than last time.

"Uncomfortable?" Zhai Erye asked.

"No." She was not uncomfortable, just a little uncomfortable.

"Do you like being younger than you?" Zhai Erye asked again.

The tone is steady, no emotion can be heard.

"What? When did I say that I like to be younger than me?" Long Yuetian thought that she hadn't attacked a little milk dog younger than herself for so many years.

Zhai Erye didn't reply, and drove the car intently.

Long Yuetian didn't quite understand what Zhai Erye meant.

Looking at his stern face, Long Yuetian was inexplicably worried.

Unlike the last time he sent Long Yuetian to the door and went back, this time Zhai Erye sent Long Yuetian in.

"That... you don't need to send me in."

"Not used to it?" Zhai Erye asked, his eyes deep.

"It's a bit." It was the first time that Long Yuetian was sent into the house by a man.

"Need to get used to it."

Indeed... Long Yuetian also knew that since he had agreed to a business marriage with Zhai Erye, he would always go in and out together in the future.

"Okay, I'll get used to it." Long Yuetian suppressed the anxiety in his heart and asked Zhai Erye to send himself into the house.

"Shall I go in and sit down?"

It's all at the door of the house, and it doesn't seem good to drive people away directly.

Long Yuetian could only bite the bullet and invite Zhai Erye into the house.

Long Yuetian poured a cup of tea for Zhai Erye.

"If you have to drive back, I won't pour you alcohol."


Zhai Erye was sitting in the living room of Long Yuetian's house drinking tea.

Time passed by every minute.

Long Yuetian felt very anxious.

I just think this cup of tea is too slow.

She couldn't help thinking, if Erye Zhai is still going, would he still want to do something else?

In the middle of the night, a lone man and a woman...

Long Yuetian's mind suddenly ran out of some bad pictures.

In case Erye Zhai wants to treat her like that, will she resist or obey?

Can she resist?

Does her physical strength and willpower allow her to resist?

Finally, after Long Yue had fought for thirty rounds every day, Zhai Erye stood up.

Without further action, he left.

Long Yuetian let out a great sigh of relief, but at the same time inexplicably lost.


On weekends, everyone set off to the climbing site.

This venue is in the wild and is more suitable for experienced rock climbers.

The scenery nearby is pretty good, with waterfalls and flower fields next to it.

Tents can be set up next to the flower fields and camping is possible.

Long Yuetian, Cheng Yi, and Jian Yiheng started to climb in the first wave.

Jian Yiheng took the lead, and he reached the top when the others were only halfway through.

Although Cheng Yi is also his own rock climbing enthusiast, he is far inferior to Jian Yiheng in physical strength, and is left behind by Jian Yiheng.

Although Long Yuetian is a girl, she performs better than ordinary girls, and is equal to Cheng Yi, and the two go hand in hand.

Next to the tent, Zhai Erye was sitting on a wicker chair, his eyes falling on a few people who were climbing on the cliff.

I thought he would climb today, but it seems that Zhai Erye only intends to watch the excitement below.

Long Yuetian came back after a round of climbing, sweating profusely, and Jian Yiling handed her a towel.

"Thank you baby." Long Yuetian wiped his sweat.

After wiping the sweat, Jian Yiling handed over freshly cut fruits.

"Baby, I love you." Long Yuetian kissed Jian Yiling on the small cheek while Zhai Yunsheng was not nearby.

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