From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1399

Chapter 1399: She Treasured The First Kiss For Thirty Years

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On the way home, Long Yuetian looked in a trance, and the stereotyped handsome face of Zhai Erye constantly appeared in his mind, as well as the phrase "want you" repeatedly echoed.

Such a serious ascetic man actually said things like "want you".

Long Yue really felt too dreamy.

Back home, Long Yuetian fell on his big bed, and then began to regret.

She didn't even refuse just now!

What a shame!

Her first kiss! !

She treasured the first kiss for thirty years!

Two hours after the incident, Long Yuetian finally recovered his brain, remembering that he had eaten this [literature museum www.wxguan.info], what a big loss.

"That old man, **** old man!"

Long Yuetian desperately beat the bed under him with his hands, venting the unhappiness in his heart.


Long Yuetian tossed over, thinking and thinking.

Finally secretly decided to stay away from Erye Zhai.

She is a member of the Long Family, how could a man disturb her heart?

This is not what a person who can achieve great things should do.

The motto of the Long Family, the descendants of the Long Family should be self-reliant and must not be swayed by others!


Unlike the research team formed by Jian Yiling, Zhang Xin is the descendant and disciple of their Zhang family.

There is a prescription passed down from Zhang Xinzu, which is used to treat a lung disease. In recent years, Zhang Xin and his research have found that this has a great effect on delaying the spread of lung cancer cells.

Perhaps the ancestors used this prescription to treat lung cancer, but I didnt know that it was lung cancer.

They have previously confirmed through experiments that the traditional Chinese medicine can delay the deterioration of lung cancer patients to a certain extent, and extend the life of advanced patients who may have only two or three months to live to two or three years.

This is why Zhang Xin is so confident.

With this as a foundation, they now only need to conduct development research on the basis of this recipe.

But the progress of things was not as smooth as Zhang Xin had expected at the beginning.

One week later, he made no progress at all.

Zhang Xin began to worry.

So Zhang Xin sent someone to Jian Yiling's research room to inquire about the situation, hoping to get Jian Yiling's progress, to ensure that he would not have any problems.

But I don't know if Jian Yiling was prepared for a long time, or if her research room was so tightly guarded, his people could not get close to the research room, and there was no channel to inquire about any progress news from Jian Yiling.

So Zhang Xin could only go to see Qinchuan.

As their key research case, Qin Chuan is under the joint supervision of three parties, namely Zhang Xin's team, Jian Yiling's team, and the national medical institution as the referee.

Qin Chuan's complexion is not bad, he is much more energetic than when Zhang Xin first visited him.

This is not necessarily an improvement in his condition, it is more likely that his mood changes have affected him.

When Jian Yiling came outside the Qinchuan ward, Zhang Xin and Qin Chuan in the ward were chatting.

Zhang Xin is asking Qin Chuan about emotional matters.

"So Mr. Qin has let go of his obsession with Doctor Jian?" Zhang Xin asked.

"It doesn't count as letting go, I just figured it out." Qin Chuan replied.

"Also, being in a better mood will help your condition, and I hope to last until our test is over."

"Do you have to beat her?"

"Of course, my Zhang family is the Taishan Beidou of the medical field. Hundreds of years of foundation and reputation cannot be destroyed in my hands. Called first when active."

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