From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401: The Research Room Is In A Mess

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A month later, Jian Yiling's team had initial results.

Because Qin Chuan's situation is more critical, Jian Yiling decided to directly say that medicines that have not yet been fully clinically tested have been used on his body.

If it was just to win Zhang Xin, Jian Yiling shouldn't have rashly used medicine on Qin Chuan before the results of the competition came out. This would be tantamount to revealing their research progress to the Zhang family.

Qin Chuan had no objection, and was willing to use Jian Yiling's drug that has not been repeatedly verified by experiments, and specifically asked for an exemption agreement.

He didn't want Jian Yiling to be held responsible because of his illness.

As a result, the new drug developed by Jian Yiling's team worked on Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan's condition has improved significantly.

Qin Chuan's mother was very happy, and the members of Jian Yiling's team were also very happy.

The person Zhang Xin arranged to be in the Qinchuan ward notified Zhang Xin immediately after learning the news.

Zhang Xin was a little frustrated.

In this month's experiment, their team's progress was minimal.

But Jian Yiling had such a huge breakthrough.

If multiple experiments prove that the new drug developed by Jian Yiling's team is effective, it means that he will lose.

No, he cannot lose.

Zhang Xin is really anxious.

If they lose to Jian Yiling, it means that their Zhang family really lost their original status.

This is something he absolutely cannot tolerate.

And the family elders will definitely blame him.

Zhang Xin is arrogant and impulsive. His self-esteem does not allow him to fail. There is no word failure in his dictionary in his life.


"what happened?"

In the morning, Luo Xiuen and Jian Yiling came to the research room together, only to find a mess in the research room.

All paper materials were burned.

The computer they used to store has been smashed, especially the memory stick and chip, completely destroyed.

The medicine in the laboratory was knocked over, and various liquids were flowing on the table and on the ground.

In the little black room dedicated to Liu Ting, all the bottles and cans he treasured were also smashed, formalin flowed all over the place, and strange organs and tissues were all exposed to the air.

The entire research room is just like the battlefield.

"The Zhang family must have done it!" Luo Xiuen was very annoyed.

Destroying their research room will do no good to others. Only the Zhang family will want to derail their research progress.

"It's too despicable, I'm going to find them to settle accounts, and blow their Tianling Gai away!"

Luo Xiuen couldn't bear this violent temper.

Especially now that she is still pregnant, her temper is a bit more grumpy than usual

"Don't go." Jian Yiling stopped Luo Xiu'en.

"Yiling, don't persuade me about this, I can't bear it."

"Don't mess around." Jian Yiling's tone was serious, her eyes were firm, and she opened her arms to block Luo Xiu'en's path and prevent her from acting impulsively.

"Baby Yiling, I..." Luo Xiuen was unwilling.

"Don't worry, I'll deal with it." Jian Yiling's tone was sure and convincing.

Luo Xiuen believed in Jian Yiling at first, and when she said that, her mood eased a lot.

"But Yiling, our research data for more than a month has been completely destroyed. If we start from the beginning, it will take at least half a month to get back to the previous progress. Obviously we have achieved some results. , Now like this... we..."

Luo Xiuen was uncomfortable and annoyed at the thought of his efforts being destroyed.

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