From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403: Waiting To See Jian Yiling Make A Fool Of Yourself

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At the beginning of the show, the medical equipment used by Jian Yiling's team was currently the most advanced, many of which were not available elsewhere.

These equipments were specially transferred from the Luohaisen Beijing Branch to the Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University.

Because of this, the medical team from the Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University also came to watch.

In a fair and open attitude, Jian Yiling did not stop them.

Zhang Xin had heard of it before, but when he really saw it, he couldn't help being surprised and greedy.

His Zhang family is a family of Chinese medicine, and Zhang Xins medical skills are mainly Chinese medicine, but Zhangs medicine has been promoted in his hands. He is no longer limited to the original diagnosis and treatment methods, but also began to use modern medical equipment as Auxiliary tools.

The medical equipment used by Jian Yiling's team can bring great convenience to medical workers, which medical workers will more or less yearn for.

Zhang Jizhong secretly decided that after winning Jian Yiling, he would find a way to get some advanced equipment from Luohaisen Hospital and Xuming Medical.

He knew that as long as his status was authenticated by these old antiques in front of him, Jian Yiling would have no right to speak before him.

What he has is a way to "borrow" Jian Yiling's equipment.

The demonstration is still going on. The academicians of the National Medical Institutions are all experts like Yun Song, who are knowledgeable and experienced.

They looked seriously and surprised.

The display of Jian Yiling's team gave them a group of "old antiques".

It's really not a boast that Luo Haisen is the world's first medical practitioner.

These advanced medical equipment and Jian Yiling's advanced medical concepts have set Luo Haisen a great distance from ordinary hospitals.

Today is the first stage of the war. The content of the exhibition is divided into two main categories: one is for diseased mice; the other is for cancer cell tissue on the culture medium.

As long as it can be proved that the medicament developed by Jian Yiling's team can control the various indicators of the mice within a period of time, and only the tissue cells can be controlled, plus no side effects for a period of time, even if the first phase is passed .

Follow-up will continue to observe for about a week, and finally determine the effectiveness of the experimental drug through various data, so that it can be preliminarily judged whether Jian Yiling's team wins.

At the most critical moment of the show, everyone was attentive.

Yun Song was both expectant and nervous.

If Jian Yiling succeeds, then they are all witnesses to the miracle, but if Jian Yiling fails, then Jian Yiling will lose her reputation in the medical world. Although it will not fall to the bottom, the medical world When it comes to authority, it will no longer be Luo Haisen and Jian Yiling, but Zhang Jia and Zhang Xin, a family of geniuses.

The other old seniors and Yun Song are in the same mood.

They are all academically enthusiastic people, but they are very excited about any breakthrough in this area, just like an old child.

Zhang Xin smiled, and the good show he was waiting for was finally about to appear.

Jian Yiling waited to make a fool of herself.

Then all her research data will be overturned.

Luo Xiuen noticed Zhang Xin's expression, and she gritted her teeth with anger.

This bastard, looking for someone to destroy the data in their research room, made a small act secretly, and now he is still embarrassed to laugh.

If it weren't for Yiling Baobao, she would rush to tear his mouth right now!

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