From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1455

Chapter 1455: Draw A Full Stop 3

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"Ordinary people can't, but you can." Old man Sun glanced at Zhai Yunsheng again, with a look of disgust, "Your words will be in the light of your wife, by the way.

Old man Sun invited the three of them into his thatched cottage.

The thatched house looks nothing special, simple but clean.

Old man Sun doesn't want others to be near the thatched cottage, not because the thatched cottage itself has any secrets, but to protect the innocent people who don't know the danger of this place.

After the three of them sat down, Old Man Sun simply told them his story.

From escaping when he was young and frivolous, until later he chose to give up all glory and shoulder his responsibilities, and he has been guarding here for decades.

I had fame, wealth and wealth when I was young.

In the end, I looked down on everything and chose to stay here.

The magnificent life of the old man Sun finally returned to the peaceful mountain life.

Talking about the ups and downs of his youth, Old Man Sun is very indifferent, does not miss or regret.

And Jian Yiling also told Old Man Sun about his two-life experience.

The experience of the two lives from Jian Yiling's mouth is also an understatement.

"So that's it." Old man Sun understood, "It turns out that you will come back only because of its blessings. It is precisely because of this that you can travel between the two places. And the person who made the wish for you also paid for it. It's a heavy price."

Jian Yiling nodded: "Well, he paid a great price."

Old man Sun said: "But you can rest assured that everything is predestined. When predestined comes, what belongs to him will come back."

Jian Yiling nodded, and then asked Old Man Sun: "I gave you the kraft paper, what about the compass..."

"Don't worry, without this kraft paper, they wouldn't be able to crack the secrets on the compass even if they want to break their heads. Let them keep looking for it." Old man Sun said.

The compass is the key, but how to use the key is written on kraft paper.

And this kraft paper will be placed in a place they will never find.

After talking about business, Old Man Sun's attention came to the little guy in his arms.

"Girl, what's the name of this little baby?" Old man Sun always asked about the little guy in his arms with interest.

"The big name is Zhai Yuze, the nickname is the second egg." Zhai Yunsheng replied.

"Well, the name is good." Old man Sun nodded, "Little baby has good muscles and bones. You should exercise him in the future."

"I will." Zhai Yunsheng and Old Man Sun had similar opinions.

Poor little dick, his future life has been arranged while he is still feeding.

"If you don't have time, it's okay for Xiao Erdan to stay with me and take care of him. Although I don't like this little thing very much, I can barely agree with him because of his good muscles and bones."



It was Zhai Yunsheng who said it was okay, and Jian Yiling who said it was not.

Jian Yiling had three big characters "Unhappy" on her little face.

"I'll teach it myself." Zhai Yunsheng changed his words.

Old man Sun groaned in his heart, this stinky boy is so big and so strong, but he loses his courage. The little girl who was raised by himself is squeezed, and the little girl stares at him. There are no more tricks, so terrifying! Dislike it!

"How long are you two going to stay with me this time?" Old man Sun asked again.

"Leave immediately." Zhai Yunsheng replied.

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