From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1466

Chapter 1466: Group Pet Xiao Ruan Ruan 10

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Early on Monday morning, Ruan Ruan got up early.

She still remembered what she said before going to bed last night that she was going to make lunch for her brothers.

I thought she had forgotten the next day, who wanted to wake up the next day earlier than Jian Yiling.

And let Jian Yiling wash her up early and go to the kitchen to help her mother.

Xiao Ruan Ruan lay on the glass table in the kitchen and kneaded rice **** with Jian Yiling.

Her little hands, Jian Yiling, have been cleaned for her. As for the shape of the rice ball, it all depends on fate.

The three brothers got up one after another.

Zhai Yuze got up first and saw his sister pinching rice **** in the kitchen, and hurriedly ran over, "Don't lie down here, it's easy to fall."

"Brother, Tuantuan! Here!" Softly and happily held his little rice ball to Zhai Yuze.

The small and soft rice ball can be described as terrible.

But Zhai Yuze liked it very much: "Thank you Ruanruan, my brother likes it very much."

Oh, my sister made it by herself!

"Hehe." Xiao Ruanruan was very happy.

"Shall we get down first?" Zhai Yuze couldn't see his sister staying in a high place, so he had to hug him down to be relieved.

"No, squeeze it!" Xiao Ruanruan continued to squeeze the rice ball.

Zhai Yunsheng gave Zhai Yuze a blank look: "Do you treat me as a decoration?"

Xiao Ruanruan is not alone on the Liulitai, Zhai Yunsheng is right next to him, and Jian Yiling is also there. How can he not trust his father to think that his mother will fall off the Liulitai?

Zhai Yuze retorted: "Dad, you can always see your mother, who knows if you will accidentally lose your mind?"

Zhai Yuze's reason is also very good.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with saying that the son was born to collect debts. He started to know Dad at his age.

Before long, the second and third both got up.

Seeing my sister squeezing rice **** for them, they were all overjoyed, rushing to ask her sister to squeeze them.

"this is mine."

"My sister pinched this for me!"

"My sister's favorite is me!"

Three brats are fighting for me.

Jian Yiling asked: "Sister, share it with you, I still have it here."

Seeing Jian Yiling pinched, the boys rushed to grab it.

The rice **** made by beautiful mothers are just as delicious.

Zhai Yunsheng stopped the actions of his sons: "These are mine."

The daughter's brats are robbing them, and the wife must belong to him.

The three brothers of the Zhai family could only put their hands back.

Stingy dad, and occupying mom again!


The three brothers were not convinced in their hearts, but they couldn't help it. They couldn't do their father, who could hang them three with one hand.

If you refuse to accept, you can only endure it first.

Although Zhai Yunsheng refused, Jian Yiling still filled the lunch box for the three brothers. After all, the three brothers couldn't eat enough of the rice **** that they pinched softly.

Especially the boss Zhai Yuze, who is the oldest and tallest, and now he practices martial arts every day, consumes a lot and eats a lot.

After breakfast, the three brothers took the lunch made by their mother and sister and went out.

"Big brother, second brother, third brother, hug."

She opened her arms softly and gave each brother a warm hug.

After each of the three brothers hugged their tender sister, they went out reluctantly.

Following Zhai Yunsheng, he also took his wife and daughter out, and after sending his wife and daughter to the hospital, he went to work again.

As soon as Xiao Ruan Ruan arrived at the hospital, all the uncles and aunts in the hospital greeted him.

"Soft, let my sister hug."

"Soft, today's little skirt is so beautiful!"

"Soft and soft is getting more and more beautiful!"


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