Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966: Get Me A Girl

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"You mean you want me to recommend you a suitable Chinese actor?" asked Ning Xi.

"Yes." Jace nodded.

Ning Xi was surprised by how much Jace trusted her.

Carl was an important character in the movie. Any male artiste in China would surely experience a spike in both popularity and fame if they landed the role.

Jace had just given her such an important decision to make.

"If it's a cross-dressing assassin, I think the appearance and aura are very important since it involves actual cross-dressing scenes. Moreover, I'd say we need an extremely popular artiste to align with the current movies trend within the country. There is actually one suitable candidate among the artistes I know," Ning Xi said gingerly after giving it some careful thought.

"That's great." Jace took out a contract and handed it over to Ning Xi.

"This is the contract. There are some details and the remuneration is inside. Go ahead," said Jace.

Ning Xi was shocked when she took the contract.

He... he had just given it to her like this?

Just with a few of her words?

Was he not being too trustful towards her?

Being cautious, Ning Xi tried to decline, but Jace trusted her and asked her for help. Ning Xi could not say no anymore, so she just took the contract.

She was pretty confident about the person she was about to recommend anyway.

After she left the club, Ning Xi drove to a certain villa straight away. She knocked on Jiang Muye's door.

Jiang Muye was wearing his pajamas. With his slippers on, he gripped a game controller in his hands. He was taken aback when he saw Ning Xi outside his door. Clearly, he did not expect her.

When he realized it, he said, "Yo, Aunty, what brings you here?"

He was still angry at her for putting her romance before him!

Ning Xi poked her head inside and asked discreetly, "Is there... anyone inside?"

"Screw you!" Jiang Muye glared at her when he realized the intention behind that question.

Did he look like such a ridiculous person?

"Didn't you say you have a lot of dates lately? I'm worried that I might bother your path to happiness!" Ning Xi went in after knowing that there were no girls in his house.

Jiang Muye closed the door and sprinted back to the sofa, continuing to play his game.

"Stop playing. I have some important matters to discuss with you," Ning Xi said as soon as she saw Jiang Muye started playing his game.

"Later, I've been playing for the whole night. It's getting to the good part!" Jiang Muye was really focused.

"You forced me to do this!"

Ning Xi went up to him and without considering Jiang Muye, she pulled the electrical socket of the game console.

Jiang Muye leaped up in fury. "Ning Xiao Xi! Even if you give me a girl right now, I wouldn't forgive you!"

Ning Xi snarled in annoyance. "You wish! But I do have something good for you!"

"Something good? It'd be good if you stopped messing with me!" Jiang Muye was irritated too.

"I really have something important to talk to you about. I want you to take up a role." Ning Xi's expression turned serious.

"Role... What role?" Jiang Muye became sober as well while he looked at Ning Xi with doubt.

What kind of role would make Ning Xi come and see him personally?

Did he look like he was lacking work?

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