Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1976

Chapter 1976: Warning

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When he thought about this, Wang Haojun was even more annoyed. He said in a low tone, "Now that the situation is already like this, if she's dissatisfied with this role, and doesn't want to go, I'll arrange for someone else!"

"CEO Wang, that's not what I meant," Zheng Anru quickly said. She meant that she wanted to snatch the female lead role, and not outright quit the filming crew.

Wang Haojun said in a hostile tone, "Then, prepare well. Since she's sick, let her stay at home to recover now, but polish and refine her acting skills at the same time! Now, the competition is very intense. She's not the only artiste in the company!"

Zheng Anru obviously understood such a clear warning. She wanted to say something more, but she was afraid that it would made Wang Haojun even more upset, so she just mumbled to herself as she walked out.

Zheng Anru had actually predicted this outcome too, but she was really unwilling to let go!

How was it that the most popular female star in the entertainment industry that had been single-handedly managed by her could be overthrown by an outdated Ning Xi to such an extent?


After the press conference ended, Han Zixuan's team had lost face. She returned at turtle speed and did not dare to brag anymore.

On the other hand, Glory World Entertainment had organized a lively celebration dinner.

Everyone was overjoyed and their hope was restored again.

After all, from Qin Shuang and Jiang Muye's matter, they could see that Ning Xi was not the kind of person who would dominate resources. On the contrary, from the moment Ning Xi made her comeback, she had never forgotten to help them to seek opportunities.

In an instant, Ning Xi's credit among the people had reached its pinnacle in all of the hearts of Glory World Entertainment's staff and artistes.

Not long after that, "Assassin" entered an intense phase of filming.

At the filming location, Ning Xi held the script all the time. Whenever she had some free time, she would study it in detail.

Harder to come by was Jiang Muye. He was almost living with the filming crew and was so serious to the point of obsession.

It really moved Lei Ming to the point of tears. His little cub had finally grown up!

The plot in China only took up about a week, then they were done shooting.

Ning Xi and Jiang Muye followed the filming crew to travel to Europe and continue shooting at several locations.


At the same time, China's financial market had, in a short amount of time, suddenly been attacked by a huge impact.

Most of China's financial index, including short-term interest rates, foreign currency assets, stocks and bonds, real estate, and even some of the listed companies were affected, creating a worsening domino effect.

The one bearing the brunt of depreciating stocks was China's Lu Corporation.

The Lu Corporation companies were all over Asia and they paved the direction for China's economic system as they controlled almost all of Asia's economic lifeline.

If the Lu Corporation collapsed, it would be the greatest impact against China's entire economic system.

Inside the meeting room, Lu Tingxiao abyssal eyes were all gloom and doom.

"Bro, what's the situation actually?" Lu Jingli quickly rushed to the meeting room and coincidentally saw that Lu Tingxiao had not left.

Lu Tingxiao studied the complicated data on the computer screen and said, "There's someone manipulating this from behind."

Now that China's economy was a mess, it looked extremely similar to the economic bubble in the past. Once the bubble burst, the outcome would be unthinkable.

And if someone wanted to collapse China's economy, they had to very first deal with the Lu Corporation.

"But what kind of person could have such capabilities? This is impossible!"

The other person's target was not one or two companies, but the entire China. How huge of a force would be needed to achieve that?

Now, some of Lu Corporation's large and small shareholders had announced to the world that they would be letting go of their shares by dumping [1].

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