Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1979

Chapter 1979: You Get Lu Family, Ill Get Tang Xi

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Every day, every moment, he thought about it.

However, he endured his impulse because of a certain ungrateful brat.

He surprised himself by being able to endure it for this long.

Of course, the man opposite was doing the same too.

"You declined Qiao Yi," Lu Tingxiao said confidently.

Not only had he predicted that Qiao Yi would have dropped by, he also expected Yun Shen to decline Qiao Yi's offer.

Yun Shen sounded annoyed. "Just because I declined him then I have to accept you? I'm worried about your logic, brother!"

"You know about the truth of what happened very well," Lu Tingxiao said suddenly.

Yun Shen's pupils shrunk. "So what? Everyone involved deserves to die! Including the Lu family!"

"At the end of this matter, I'll leave the Lu Corporation," Lu Tingxiao continued.

Did he just say he would give up on the huge Lu Corporation so easily?

Yun Shen narrowed his eyes as Lu Tingxiao had just said something emotionlessly. He did not feel pleased at all. He smiled coldly. "Why don't we trade? You get the Lu family, and I'll get Tang Xi!"

Lu Tingxiao's expression turned cold. "She's not a tradeable item."

He then left after saying those words.

Behind him, Yun Shen's cold and sharp expression turned empty.

"Tsk, boring…"

Half a month later, Ning Xi and Jiang Muye returned to the country.

The filming in Europe had gone smoothly.

As the crew members still doubted Ning Xi at first, all of them shut their mouth after witnessing Ning Xi perfectly play the role of Anna.

While Hollywood was not the most cordial place towards the Chinese, they were respectful towards people with true capabilities.

Even Lilian was on amicable terms with Ning Xi now.

There was news that Ning Xi was shopping with Lilian in Europe and that they even stayed at the same hotel.

Ning Xi received a call the moment she landed.

"Hello, dear, have you reached yet?" There was the sweet voice of a woman over the phone.

"Yes, Lilian, I just got off the plane," Ning Xi replied.

"Oh! My dear! You know what? I just finished your movie 'The World'. You're so awesome as Meng Changge! If that were in Hollywood, I'm pretty sure you'll get an Oscar award!" Lilian's excited voice came through the phone.

Ning Xi could even hear some classic lines of Meng Changge in the background.

"You're exaggerating, Lilian!" Ning Xi laughed.

"Alright, my dear, I'm at ease now that you're back safely. Call me soon!"

"Don't worry, I will!" Ning Xi smiled.

For half a month in Europe, Lilian and she had the most scenes together. They faced each other from dawn till dusk, and without realizing it, the both of them turned into good friends. It was a far cry from the tensed relationship they began with.

Ning Xi walked out of the airport after she hung up.

She could not wait to go back home.

She would soon travel to other countries for more filming. During this period of rest, she wanted to spend time with her darling and Little Treasure.

As she thought about something, there was a sense of worry in her eyes.

Recently, she had been filming while being cut off from communication. She had just only found out there were huge tremors of economic crisis within the country with the Lu Corporation bearing the most damage.

She wondered how things were with Lu Tingxiao…

Ning Xi went into the car and rushed back to Deer Town. Suddenly, her phone rang.

It was Han Xiao.

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