Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1983

Chapter 1983: Have Fun With The Master

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At the same time, Tang Lang came over to Ning Xi's house in a floral shirt and a pair of sandals.

"Boss, do you need me?" Tang Lang asked as he went into the house.

Ning Xi poked her head out and took a glance. "You're here, Second Senior Brother! I did, but not anymore."

"So, what was it?" Tang Lang was speechless. Was she pranking him?!

"It's been unsafe recently after the assassins attacked the night before yesterday, so I was thinking of asking you to stay over," Ning Xi explained.

"Assassins…" Tang Lang then glanced over at Han Xiao who was nearby.

Tang Lang's heart jumped. "What the heck!? Why is he here? Is he the assassin?!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "I invited the Master here to protect me."

Tang Lang was relieved.

If this guy was the assassin, probably no one could escape. Their existence was practically bug-like.

"You've already found someone. Why do you need me then?!" Tang Lang was shocked. He wished he was at home indulging in watermelon under this hot summer!

"Kiddo, come here and play with me." Suddenly, Han Xiao stretched his back and asked Tang Lang to go over.

Ning Xi then smiled. "Of course, you're going to be useful her, Second Senior Brother. Go have some fun with the Master!"

"Damn! Ning Xiao Xi, you sold me out again! No way!" Tang Lang shook his head.

What kind of joke was this!?

He could not even get near Han Xiao when he attacked together with Tang Ye!

"Well... If you don't come, I'll punch you to death." Han Xiao sounded really bored.

Tang Lang's expression said that he did not want to fight even if he were to die.

"Come on now. I'll just use a finger to fight you." Han Xiao smiled.

"What?!" Suddenly, there was a glimmer in Tang Lang's eyes.

That was too much!

One finger?!

Who was he talking to?!

"I said, I'll fight you with one finger." Han Xiao extended just a finger of his.

"Second Senior Brother, do you mean you can't even beat a finger?" Ning Xi sighed.

"What a joke!" Tang Lang was enraged. "Alright, one finger it is then! If I can't even beat one finger, I'll call you my grandfather!"

Tang Lang then sank into his stance and charged towards Han Xiao.

Han Xiao remained stationads as he put his left hand behind his back and faced the attack with just a finger.

As Tang Lang closed in just half a step away, Han Xiao thrusted his finger mid-air.


An airstrike-like sound echoed through the house.

Han Xiao's thrust emitted a strong wind.

Before his finger could eve emitted Tang Lang, the force generated from his finger impacted the man first.

Han Xiao's speed was so swift that not only Ning Xi could not see it; even Tang Lang was not able to detect his movements clearly.

In that brief moment, his finger landed on Tang Lang's abdomen.


Before even realizing what happened, Tang Lang was already on the ground.

Tang Lang's expression looked horrible. He stared at the lazy-looking Han Xiao unbelievably.

This man had just casually pointed at him, but he had not been able to do anything against it…

If this man had actually tried, could Tang Lang be dead by now?

Tang Lang had always been talented in martial arts, and he was very proud of it.

However, there were always more skilled people, and he was impressed.

Tang Lang tried to comfort himself that he was still a normal person, and that he should not compare himself to this monster!

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