Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1987

Chapter 1987: Give People Some Dignity

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When she saw the European elder before her suddenly pull out an extremely sharp surgical blade, Ning Xi reflexively moved backwards.

Even if she had reacted slower than she preferred, at this moment it was clear that this European elder and the black man beside him were assassins.

"You're... Doctor Death on Original Sin's assassin top ten list!"

Tang Lang frowned.

"Little guy, you know me?" The European elder smiled and asked.

When he heard the European elder admit his identity, Tang Lang gasped.

"Doctor Death" was the old guy's nickname. This old European guy before the had once shocked the underground powers of Europe and America. When he was younger, he had been an extremely prestigious surgeon.

Later on in his life, he had used his surgical blade to cut off his daughter and wife's heads. He was a complete madman!

From then on, he became an assassin, and the outside world had christened him the title of "Doctor Death".

Tang Lang trembled on the inside. Since this old guy was "Doctor Death", then the black man beside him should be his partner, number seven on the Original Sin assassin rankings, "Bacteriophobic Ripper" Yorick.

To be able to send two people from the Origin Sin's top ten on an assassination in China could only be the work of the forces from European King.

"The both of you, do you have any more last words? If you don't, then we can begin," Doctor Death smiled and said.

At this moment, Tang Lang's eyes widened and he shouted, "Grandfather! Someone's not giving you face. Bloody hell, they've come to challenge you!"

Very quickly, with one hand holding a drumstick and a greasy mouth while wearing Ning Xi's slippers on his feet, Han Xiao ran to the door as he ate.

"Old guy, if you have the guts, don't run. My grandfather is coming. Just wait!"

When Tang Lang saw the man in slippers going over, the solemn expression on his face finally dissipated. He started to chew on the remaining watermelon in his hand.

"Who's it?!"

Han Xiao walked to Ning Xi's side.

"This black guy and this old fart!" Tang Lang chomped on his watermelon as he pointed at "Doctor Death" and "Bacteriophobic Ripper" Yorick.

"You two, who are you?"

Han Xiao snatched a piece of watermelon from Tang Lang and asked as he ate.

When she saw Tang Lang and Han Xiao eating melons like spectators, Ning Xi was completely floored.

Bloody hell! These were Original Sin's top ten assassins. Could they give people some dignity?! Just a bit of dignity!

When he saw Han Xiao appear, the perverted madness in the European elder's eyes instantly faded away.

Especially Yorick, who quickly put his submachine gun away. His initially grave and stern face suddenly had a flattering smile, "Oh, Master Xiao! How come it's you, Senior?!"

Yorick's forehead broke out into a cold sweat.

This... Were the higher-ups playing an international joke?!

No one had told them that the madman Han Xiao was here!

"Who are you?" Han Xiao ate his melon and asked.

"Master Xiao, look at your memory... I'm Yorick..." Yorick quickly smiled obsequiously.


Han Xiao thought about it for a while, but his memory failed him.

"Last time, I didn't know and offended you, but you were merciful. You broke one of my legs. After that, it was fixed by a friend." Yorick looked nervously at the European elder beside him.

About two years ago, he and "Doctor Death" had received an assassination mission. On the way, they had met Han Xiao.

In the end, they had almost been beaten to death by Han Xiao.

Yorick had had one of his legs broken, and later on it had been fixed by "Doctor Death".

"You're pointing at me with the surgical blade, so what are you implying?" Han Xiao looked at the European elder.

"Oh... I..." The European elder's body wavered, then he quickly swept the surgical blade across his chin. "Master Xiao, don't misunderstand. I'm just shaving..."

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