Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1994

Chapter 1994: I'll Definitely Be Responsible

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"Don't worry about Xueluo. As for Ning Xi, I'll talk to her personally," said Su Yan, his voice tightening in a way that was not easily discerned.

When Wang Haojun heard him, his eyes instantly lit up. "If you make that move, then that would be awesome, CEO Su! As long as Ning Xi is willing to come over, we can promise to give her all the best resources the company has. We can even establish a standalone studio for her. Her manager can come over too!"

Even though Glory World had progressed very quickly recently, they still could not compare to Starlight, plus if Su Yan personally talked to her, their odds of success were still quite high.


The next day, Xu Tao rushed into Liang Feixing's office very angrily. "Wang Haojun, f*ck you!"

Liang Feixing raised his brows. "I didn't know you had such a unique taste."

 "I'm not kidding! Bloody hell! I just got insider news that that bastard Wang Haojun is trying to poach my Ning Xi!"

"Ah, poach Ning Xi?" When Liang Feixing heard this, he revealed a rather subtle reaction.

"Bloody hell! Now, what do we do? What if... What if the queen really gets poached?! Then, I don't want to live either!" Xu Tao looked like he would kill himself if Ning Xi left.

Liang Feixing's mouth twitched. "Can you calm down? Do you think Ning Xi is someone like that?"

"Of course she isn't! The main point is that Wang Haojun's team has too many underhanded tricks. Bloody hell, they poached so many of the seedlings that I raised one after another. I'm traumatized now!" Xu Tao was about to fall apart.

Liang Feixing said in a relaxed tone, "Don't worry, anyone can be poached, but in no way will it be Ning Xi."

"How can you be so certain?" Xu Tao's eyes were gleaming with tears.

This guy now viewed Ning Xi as being even more important than his own life, plus with the betrayal by so many of the artistes under him, he probably had been traumatized.

Liang Feixing speechlessly rolled his eyes when he saw his aggrieved manner as if afraid of being abandoned again.

Of course, he was certain about the fact that Ning Xi was not only Glory World's artiste, but she was also Glory World's Lady Boss.

Have you ever heard of someone poaching someone else's Lady Boss?

"Whatever it is, just trust me. Rest assured and go do your thing. Don't let your imagination run wild," advised Liang Feixing.

Xu Tao still looked upset. "Then, if the queen abandons me, will you be responsible?"

"I will, I'll be responsible! If you get abandoned, I'll definitely be responsible, ok? Get lost! I still have things to do!"

Liang Feixing spoke until his mouth was about to fall off. Finally, he managed to send away the vociferous Xu Tao.


At the YLD fashion banquet.

Ning Xi was present by invitation. Mid-way, she was taking a breather in the garden when she unexpectedly bumped into Su Yan whom she had not seen for many days.

The last time after meeting her once at the Imperial University, Su Yan did not look for her again. This was actually within Ning Xi's prediction.

Su Yan could not beat Ning Xueluo.

She recently heard that Starlight had been taken over by Su Yan, which was the reason Ning Xueluo was so under the weather.

She knew Ning Xueluo very well. There was nothing that would make her hand over her power.


It was a cool night. Ning Xi wore a long, silver-white gown, and her jet-black hair was twisted in a loose bun on the back of her head. She looked contented holding a glass of red wine and sitting on the swing.

The scene before him was so beautiful that it was surreal.

Su Yan's heart beat crazily. "Xiao Xi..."

As if worried that the person before him would avoid him once again, he quickly said, "Xiao Xi, this time I'm looking for you for an official matter."

"An official matter?" Ning Xi tilted her head slightly. There was a hint of insobriety in her misty eyes. She was clearly so innocent, yet she could seduce him like an alluring spirit in the dark of the night.

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