Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2004

Chapter 2004: Trash Man Cheap Woman

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[I really didn't think that Ning Xi would be such a slut. Ning Xueluo has already quit her career for a long time, and she's still not letting her off!]

[Back then, didn't Ning Xueluo quit because Ning Xi used lowly tricks to force her out? Now that I think about it, Ning Xueluo has really endured quite a lot. She hasn't done anything outrageously harmful, and being carried home wrongly from the hospital isn't her fault. In the end, a certain someone keeps arguing about this point to death, forcing her until she can't even stay on in the entertainment industry. Now that I think about it, their social circle is really scary!]

[Look at Ning Xi's vixen face. just one look and it's obvious she's up to no good. Doesn't she have a lot of scandals? Now, she's even more shameless. She's even seducing Ning Xueluo's husband! I feel bad that Ning Xueluo was persecuted to the point of forfeiting her past successes. Now, she just wants to be a good wife and be distant from worldly affairs, yet even that's hard to do. She already has to suffer nine months of pregnancy, and now even her husband's being seduced!]

[Not long before, weren't there rumors that Starlight wants to poach Ning Xi? If I remember correctly, Su Yan's shares were already transferred to Ning Xueluo. Ning Xueluo is company's Vice CEO, but not long before Ning Xueluo was suddenly pushed out of the company for no reason and Su Yan took over. Now, Su Yan had taken over, yet he wanted to poach Ning Xi. Tsk tsk, it's really scary when you think about it!]

[Trash man and cheap woman!]


Rows and rows of name calling covered the entire comments section at the speed of light.

Under the popular keyword searches, all sorts of hurled abuse and scoops emerged.

Ning Xi's fans exploded too. There was no way that they would believe that Ning Xi would do such a thing. When they saw the hurled abuses online, the true fans that supported Bro Xi immediately rolled their sleeves up and entered the battleground to tear things apart.

It was just one morning, and the entire Weibo had been turned into a battlefield by name callers and true fans. Despite the true fans' intense fighting of pitting one against ten, they still could not block the hoards of astroturfers and masses who were unaware of the truth that kept bombarding them like mad.

The hashtag '#GetLostFromEntertainmentNingXi' had, in a flash, risen to number two on the rank of trending topics!

Ning Xi looked at the rows of name calling and true fans protecting her on her screen. Her expression was suddenly... a little bemused.

Her and Su Yan?!

Lu Tingxiao had walked up to Ning Xi from behind. His profound eyes skimmed across the swear words on the computer that were an eyesore. He raised his hand and was ready to shut the laptop.

"Don't pollute your eyes."

"Darling, did I wake you up?" Ning Xi immediately reached out to hold the screen. She first caressed Lu Tingxiao's neck and asked for a good morning kiss without saying anything, then she indifferently smiled. "I've seen all sorts of storms. This is child's play."

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything, yet he kept his hand on the laptop.

Ning Xi leaned back slightly and leaned against Lu Tingxiao's long legs. She raised her hand and pointed at the comment thread that survived in the gaps among the hurled abuses.

[Nonsense! Would our Bro Xi fancy Su Yan, that soft egg? Does he think that he's invisible just because he has some stupid money? He really thinks that he's a rich man and loved by all!]

[Ning Xueluo acted so horribly. No wonder back then, she couldn't continue in the movie and television industry. What else does a woman occupying someone else's place know apart from some crocodile tears to get sympathy? Just say if you're jealous of my Bro Xi. She's really going all out by using her husband to defame someone else!]

"Look, these are my true fans. This fighting strength, this sharpness... Tsk tsk, they're tough!" Not only was Ning Xi not angry because of the hot topic, she was unexpectedly contented and started admiring her fans' fighting spirit in tearing the idiots apart.

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