Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2010

Chapter 2010: Impatient

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The current Glory World was not the same as the one before. Even if Ning Xi went down, all of Glory World's resources right now would not vanish.

If she exposed that secret and toppled Han Zixuan, even if Starlight wanted to ban her, if she could return to Glory World again, she would not have any worry at all!

The standard of Ning Xi's current resources were quite a few ranks higher than Han Zixuan's at her peakin Starlight!

Once Ning Xi fell, Glory World would be without a leader. With her qualities, as long as she turned back, there was no one in Glory World who could compare to her. In order to topple Starlight, Glory World would definitely raise a new A-lister in the shortest amount of time, and no one would be more suitable than her!

One after another, the visions for the future crossed Yin Youyou's mind. She looked at Xu Tao who sighed in despair with greed in her eyes. Her delicately made-up face suddenly broke with a gentle smile. "Bro Tao, you've been having it hard in this period of time too. I remember the way you treated me well in Glory World back then. It was all thanks to Glory World's cultivation back then that I have today. I won't forget that. Even though we're not in the same company right now, we can keep in touch more in the future. After all, the bond is still there."

Xu Tao was filled with disdain, yet his face showed a deeply moved smile.

"Youyou, with these words of yours, I feel contented. It's late now. You had better get going. Let's keep in touch more in the future!"

Yin Youyou consoled Xu Tao again, then she pretended to leave reluctantly.


After she went home, Yin Youyou almost immediately threw her bag aside to rush to the villa attic.


After she locked the door, Yin Youyou anxiously overturned trunks and boxes until she finally took a safe box out from a hidden drawer.

Yin Youyou keyed the password in and took out a little silver USB.

Yin Youyou stared at the USB and the look in her eyes was unpredictable. After momentarily hesitating, she held the USB tightly in her hand and her gaze became increasingly sinister.

You have pushed me down for so long. It's time you moved!


On the other side, Xu Tao hummed a song and swung his car keys as he reached his apartment. He felt refreshed as he showered and sashayed to his study room to switch his comput at on.

Because of the second video that Han Zixuan had posted, all of the abuses hurled at Ning Xi online had completely drowned out all the other voices.

Scandalslike being the third party in a relationship attracted the most hate, especially when Ning Xueluo was pregnant too. Furthermore, previously Ning Xueluo ending her career had some relation to Ning Xi as well. The discussions online already exhibited a one-sided state. Any passerby who did not know the truth had also joined the battlefield because of Ning Xueluo's image as the weakling.

If they did not have enough strong evidence, it was hard for Ning Xi to turn the situation around.

Xu Tao was leisurely catching up on those comments when suddenly, on the bottom right of his computer, there was an email notification.

Xu Tao moved his mouse and then clicked it open.

After he had a good look at the email contents, Xu Tao's eyes suddenly lit up and the side of his mouth curved up.


He had thought that he would need to wait till the next morning atthe most before Yin Youyou would make a move.

Who would have thought that she would be this impatient?

It seemed like Yin Youyou's hate for Han Zixuan was no less than her scorn for Ning X. He guessed that she must have really been suppressed a lot by Han Zixuan in Starlight.

Actually, whether or not Yin Youyou would take the bait this time relied on whether the bait was huge enough. This time, the bait he had thrown out was definitely tantalizing enough.

There were two videos in his inbox.

One was shot in the office while another was in the car.

The shock factor of this was enough to make the old driver gasp in amazement.

Tsk tsk, Yin Youyou did not let him down!

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