Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2011

Chapter 2011: Just Worried That You Would Not Pretend

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The night passed. Across all the huge websites' popular content, in all the magazines, and splashed in the newspaper headlines were Han Zixuan's expos.

In just one day, the gossip of Ning Xi stepping in as the third party and coming in between Su Yan and Ning Xueluo was like an atomic bomb, startling the entire entertainment industry.

"Hey, have you heard of Ning Xi's scandal?"

This almost became the first thing on everyone's lips when people in the industry met each other.

"Of course, I did. Is there anyone who doesn't know about it right now?"

"I really never would have thought that Ning Xi would have such a relationship with Su Yan! Initially, I still quite pitied and admired Ning Xi, but it turns out that she's not all that good either. I thought that everything she has today was achieved on her own. Alas, she's just another person who sells herself!"

"Don't insult those who sell themselves. She's going after someone else's husband. She won't let go even after they got married, and even secretly made Su Yan push his actual wife out the company to let her in! Besides, she clearly knew that Ning Xueluo was pregnant! Such people are so disgusting!"

"Ning Xi just received the role as the female lead of 'Assassin'. The shoot is already halfway through and something like this had happened. I think she definitely won't be able to keep that female lead role!"

"You're joking, right? The female lead? Once something like this is out, would she still want to continue in the entertainment industry? She can forget making a comeback forever!"

"Speaking of which, once Ning Xi falls, Han Zixuan will make a comeback, won't she?"

"Who can she blame? You can only blame Ning Xi for her own bad morale and in turn, let someone else's seize the great opportunity!"

"Tsk, tsk, this entertainment industry is going to change again!"


At a certain charity banquet, everyone gathered around to chat.

As they were gossipping intensely, someone suddenly looked excitedly towards the entrance.

"Quickly look! It's Han Zixuan!"

With Han Zixuan's manager accompanying her, she wore an elegant champagne fishtail evening gown and was entering the banquet hall slowly.

Han Zixuan had just appeared when she immediately attracted a huge group of reporters.

Everyone lifted their cameras and instantly surrounded Han Zixuan.

A reporter asked, "Zixuan, may we know what you think about the news of Ning Xi seducing a married man?"

Another reporter questioned, "Zixuan, why did you decide to expose this scandal?"


Facing the questions of the reporters, Han Zixuan paused her steps, a hint of disdain filling her delicately made-up face. "Ning Xi's matter has nothing to do with me.Miss Ning Xueluo is both my superior and my friend, and what I hate most in life is third parties that wreck other people's home. This time, I just really couldn't stand to see it, so I decided to come out with it."

"Zixuan, can you reveal a little about how's Miss Ning Xueluo currently doing? She's pregnant right now. Wouldn't this news affect her pregnancy?"

Han Zixuan did not answer right away. Instead, she said, "I believe that to any woman, something like this is a fatal strike. I just hope now that even if it is just for the sake of the child, a certain someone can stop while they can, and not continue to hurt innocent people!"


Han Zixuan did not continue answering the questions after that. With the protection of her bodyguards, she quickly entered the banquet hall.

Yin Youyou followed closely after Han Zixuan, standing not too far away and silently watching as Han Zixuan was revolved by the crowd of reporters. While she listened to her justly condemnations, she sneered on the inside.

Huh, continue pretending! I was just worried that you wouldn't do this!

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