Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2015

Chapter 2015: Indescribable Scene

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Han Zixuan finally got to release her anger as everyone was taunting Ning Xi.

She faked a disappointed expression as she watched Ning Xi. "Ning Xi, I respected you as my senior. I didn't want to do this, but I didn't expect you not togive everyone an answer. Don't you think that it's a mistake for you to become a mistress and destroy someone's family? I really feel disgusted about being in the same room as someone like you."

Han Zixuan was assuming the role of a moral officer, being on Ning Xueluo's side and criticizing Ning Xi. No one would feel her words were too harsh, and many even agreed with her.

Ning Xi still remained seated. She supported her head with an arm as she looked at the Han Zixuan who was fuming in the name of justice. She simply smiled and put on a sympathetic expression. "You want an answer? Then, I'll give you one."

Ning Xi thensignaled Xu Tao.

Xu Tao was already impatient. The moment he finally got permission from his queen, he happily dashed up on-stage like a bird being let out of its cage.

Everyone was revealed expressions of doubt and whispered to each other when they saw Xu Tao going up on-stage.

"What trick is Xu Tao trying to pull again?"

"Xu Tao is the best at brainwashing the fans. Could he claim that it's true love between Ning Xi and Su Yan? That'll be disgusting!"

"Wanting to save your reputation after being a witch?"

"Or maybe he'll announce her retirement right away?"

Off stage, Han Zixuan and Zheng Anru looked at Xu Tao coldly as he went up on stage. All the reporters had their cameras aimed at Xu Tao as well.

At this moment, Xu Tao spoke with the host, then he fiddled with the projector.

Soon, the big screen lit up again.

Without any preparation!

Without any warning!

An extremely X-rated, indescribable video entered everyone's line of sight.

"Mmm... Ah... Quicker... Deeper... Deeper... You're the best, CEO Yi... I want more"

"Pfft!" A certain reporter who was in the midst of drinking water spit it all out on the reporter in front of him.

A female artiste who was touching up her makeup dropped her compact mirror on the floor. The host who had just wanted to see some gossip almost had his eyes pop out of their sockets.

"Oh my God! Filthy! What is Xu Tao doing? Is he mad?"

"Did he get the wrong drive? Xu Tao's taste is pretty heavy! Does he like such a wild idol?"

As everyone was laughing and reprimanding the video, no one noticed that in the corner

Han Zixuan stood there as if thunder had just struck her.

Fueled by the moaning from the video, Han Zixuan's face turned pale very quickly. Even her makeup could not hide her greenish face now.

How did it become like this!?


Stop it!

Han Zixuan was roaring internally, but as the crowd was watching the video, her blood froze. She felt her whole body stiffen and she could not even make a sound.

Shut it down! Quickly!

God did not listen to Han Zixuan's wish. As the next scene came on, a familiar face appeared in the video.

Clad in a sexy black lingerie and with long waves of hair tumbling down, the one who was enjoying herself... was Han Zixuan!

The man from the video was clearly identified as well. It was the ex-CEO of Glory World Entertainment, Yi Xudong!

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