Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2017

Chapter 2017: Eye-opener

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One wave had barely subsided when another rose.

Everyone would not have thought that Xu Tao would release shocking news that was a hundred times more shocking than the one Han Zixuan had exposed.

Even more unexpectedly was that in just a few short minutes, all of those things Han Zixuan had said stripped her naked, thoroughly exposing the unknown side of her under the sun.

After Ning Xi retired, Han Zixuan had replaced her and became famous at the speed of light. She had always sold her image as being "unique", parading herself as a "fresh drink of water in the entertainment industry", and for being a super popular and encouraging goddess. The history of her rising to fame was so "marvelous and outstanding" that in reality, it may be compared to a melodrama.

"Today's trip was really worth it! It really was an eye-opener!"

"Yi Xudong is a married man. Han Zixuan should know better about selling her body and sleeping around as the third party, yet she could still demand fairness for Ning Xueluo in such a justified manner! The funniest thing is that earlier, she actually said that she hated third parties who wrecked homes the most!"

"It turns out that she had intentionally imitated Ning Xi back then, stolen Ning Xi's resources, and stepped on Ning Xi to make it to the top. However, she keeps telling the others that she's unique, and doesn't care about being compared to Ning Xi."

"I really gained some knowledge and experience today! There are mountains beyond mountains! Her face is really as thick as the city walls!"

"Who said that Han Zixuan's acting skills aren't as good as Ning Xi's? Han Zixuan is practically the "queen actress" in the entertainment industry who deserves an award!"


At the same time, all of the reporters had left Ning Xi's side to rush to Han Zixuan.

"Miss Han Zixuan, is the person in the video you?"

"May we know if you really seduced your superior who's married, and relied on dirty tricks to rise to the top?"

"Do you know that Yi Xudong already has a wife?"

"You pose yourself as righteous, yet you did the thing that you kept saying was shameless. What do you have to say about this?"


Earlier, all of the questions that had been thrown to Ning Xi were now being asked to Han Zixuan.

Han Zixuan bit on her lip. There wereinsanity and darkness in her eyes. The deathly gaze she shot Ning Xi said that she wished she could swallow her whole.

She took a deep breath and used up all of her energy to force herself to be calm. Then, she said with an expression that feigned a clear conscience, "I don't know what you guys are talking about. The woman in this video isn't even me!"

Zheng Anru quickly echoed, "Where did they find some despicable porn star? How dare they pretend to be our Zixuan? Ning Xi, I want to sue your people for slander and infringement of the right to one's reputation! Do you think that smearing Zixuan can get you in the clear? No matter what, it doesn't change the fact that you're dirty and lowly!"

Xu Tao seemed to have expected that they would say this, so he unhurriedly sneered, "Huh, earlier the video was clear enough. Han Zixuan and Yi Xudong did such indescribable things in Glory World Entertainment's office, and in Han Zixuan's company car. Entering Glory World Entertainment requires fingerprinting. We don't need any further explanation for Zixuan's private company car either. Can this be a fake? You should fake it for me to see!"

As Xu Tao spoke, a few extremely clear screenshots appeared on the huge screen instantly. There was a picture was of Yi Xudong's office, while another was the car plate number of the company car, and the scene of Han Zixuan holding the car key to open the car door.

Shining evidence had once again slapped their face hard. At this moment, everyone's gaze at the two people had reached the peak of contempt.

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