Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2031

Chapter 2031: I Believe You

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Han Zixuan glared at Yi Xudong. She was begging for forgiveness on the ground in desperation. "Mrs. Yi, it's my fault. I'm sorry... Please forgive me just this once"

Of course, Jiang Manli was not an easygoing person. She had someone get her a chair and she sat on it before she gestured to Yi Xudong to massage her shoulders as she ordered her henchmen to continue.

The fuss continued until the police got involved.

passersby took photos and videos of what happened and it was shared with every corner of the Internet.

Han Zixuan had no idea how she escaped the nightmare. Out of fear, she rushed into an underground car park.

A car came around the corner quickly and braked, causing a loud screech before it stopped right before Han Zixuan.

The driver quickly came out of the car to see what had happened, then he realized that it was a girl in a mess.

The man was taken aback when he saw the girl's face. "Han Zixuan?"

Han Zixuan was stunned when she saw that it was someone she knew. "C-CEO Su"

"You" Su Yan frowned.

Han Zixuan could not say anything. She broke down and started crying.

Su Yan looked at Han Zixuan who had scratches all over her body and somewhat guessed what had happened, but he did not point it out.

After all, if Han Zixuan had not decided to release the video of her conversation with Ning Xueluo, things would not have ended up like this. Ning Xi's misunderstanding of him would not have gone any further.

He certainly did not have a favorable impression of Han Zixuan.

Su Yan gave her his coat and then left in his car.

Han Zixuan clutched onto the coat tightly as she stared at the car with hateful eyes.

At Spirit Studio.

"Wow! Big news! Look at this, Boss. Han Zixuan was stripped naked and beaten up by Yi Xudong's wife in public! It's all over the Net now! How satisfying!" Han Momo skipped over to Ning Xi gleefully, her face brimming with a big smile.

Ning Xi only glanced at her and then looked away. Her eyes focused back on Gong Shangze's drafts.

"The two bastards, Ning Xueluo and Su Yan, are really frustrating. They still dare to post pictures of them being lovey-dovey!" Han Momo looked unsatisfied.

Ning Xi looked helpless. "Stop looking at gossip all day. Lorraine International Fashion Week is happening next month. Have you arranged the schedule?"

"It's all done. I'll never be behind on my work!"


"History is so shameless. They copied our style again and again, then even accused us of plagiarizing then. We'll defeat them for sure this time!" Han Momo said angrily.

Ning Xi put the drafts downand walked over to Gong Shangze as he was quiet the whole time and seemed unfocused. "Ze, what are you thinking about?"

Gong Shangze seemed like he wanted to say something, but then he shook his head. "It's nothing, Boss."

Ning Xi narrowed her eyes and asked, "Does David still have your drafts?"

Gong Shangze bit his lip. "I thought about it. There shouldn't be any left, but I can't be sure if I left something out."

Ning Xi understood Gong Shangze's worries. His biggest challenge was to surpass himself.

Gong Shangze pursed his lips, then helooked at Ning Xi. "Boss, will you be there?"

Ning Xi nodded. "Of course, how can I not be present at such a crucial moment? I should be at Lorraine filming at that time. I'll be sure to head over."

Gong Shangze's uneasy expression faded away after he heard Ning Xi's reply. His eyes brightened up. "Boss, I won't let you down!"

Ning Xi smiled. "I believe you."

Gong Shangze then asked, "Boss, during this time, is it alright if I stay over at your place in Deer Town for several days?"

Ning Xi replied swiftly, "Of course, you can! Your inspiration really flowed well there,didn't it? Even I miss that place a lot!"

Gong Shangze did not explain. He just nodded. "Mmm."

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