Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2035

Chapter 2035: Not Alone Anymore

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With long and straight jet-black hair, the figure strutted in in a black sequinned skin-tight dress paired with aleather jacket. Dashing and confident in Dr. Martens, without deliberating using femininemake-up, Ning Xi only deepened theeyeliner slightly and adjusted the lip color.

Even though it portrayed the image of a female, it maintained Jiang Muye's own characteristics, his wildness, andhis unruliness.

When Jiang Muye opened his eyes, this waswho he saw as himself.

It was unexpectedly not as hard to accept as he had imagined.

Ning Xi held her chin and looked with glittering eyes at this beauty before her. "Oh, my! Jiang Muye! The way you look right now makes me willing toclimb a mountain of swords or plunge into a deep fryer for you!"

Jiang Muye glared helplessly at this girl who was using a tone that she used to pick up girls with him. "Shut up!"

"The way you look when you say 'shut up' is so cute!"

"Ning Xiao Xi!"

The good thing was that with Ning Xi messing around with him, he actually felt much more assured. His masochism was becoming more and more severe!

Ning Xi suddenly thought of something. "What now? Let's go test out this result!"

Jiang Muye looked alarmed at the way she looked like she was up to no good. "How do we test it out?"

"Let's make a trip to the bar! If any man hits on you, that means you've succeeded!"

"No thanks! From your gaze, I can tell that I've already succeeded!" Jiang Muye firmly rejected.

Ning Xi found his comeback regretful.


In Lorraine, America.

Lorraine's International Fashion Week was near. Ning Xi had rushed over in advance because she was shooting "Assassin".

A few days after, Spirit's team had also flown to this city of fashion, preparing to face the upcoming week of their most important battle.

Lorraine was renowned for its beauty and fashion This city was the sacred place in the hearts of women all over the world who chased fashion. It was also the birthplace of many excellent designers.

Fashion Week was part of the history of the city of Lorraine. Up till now, Lorraine's Fashion Week was still highly influential to all top designers from all over the world.

Lorraine Fashion Week possessed the supreme position in the fashion world. It decidedfashion trends for the year and the next. Every year, designers from all over the world would appear in close to hundreds of fashion shows within seven days, delivering the latest in fashion trends to fashionistas globally.

Now, one of the most symbolic brands of oriental fashion, History, had made their name when they radiated brilliance on the Lorraine Fashion Week stage back then. They instantly became a representative of the Oriental style in the international fashion circle, revered by all fashionistas in China.

Last year, History had participated as well. Even though it was not as breathtaking as the first time, their performance was worthy of praise too.

As for Spirit, this would be their first time appearing on an international stage.

This time, in Lorraine, most of the scenes were Jiang Muye's.Ning Xi's shooting schedule in Lorraine was very easygoing.

On the day after she finished her shoots, she rushed to the airport to greet them.

From afar, she saw Gong Shangze, Qiao Weilan, and Han Momo.

"Boss! Here!" Han Momo waved vigorously with both hands amidst the crowd as she rushed over to Ning Xi cheerfully.

Gong Shangze was a few steps behind. He pulled a trolley with him and looked blankly at the sky above them in Lorraine, lost in thought.


This city that had given him unlimited life and hope was the same one that had thrown him into the abyss.

He had finally stepped onto this land again. He had finally returned.

"Ah Ze, let's go!" A warm voice was heard.


Gong Shangze looked at the people beside him as his floating thoughts started to come back, turning into an unlimited force.

This time, he was not alone anymore.

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