Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2036

Chapter 2036: Why Don't They Die?

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"Boss, the airplane wasn't good. I'm so hungry!" Han Momo said with teary eyes.

Ning Xi rubbed the little girl's hair. "Let's go. I'll take you to eat something yummy first!"

After they put their luggage into the car, Ning Xi drove the three of them to a local famous Michelin restaurant.

"Wow! Three Michelin stars! Will it be very expensive?"

Ning Xi broke out into laughter. "Don't worry, your boss won't go broke from your eating just yet!"

The four of them found a quiet corner by the window to sit. Han Momo started to order with full focus, while Qiao Weilan started to report about work to Ning Xi.

Gong Shangze looked out of the window at a corner not too far away. Suddenly, he said, "That place used to be mine."

Ning Xi turned to where Gong Shangze stared at and saw a black beggar lying there asleep, sprawled out on his back.

Ning Xi was stunned for a moment, then she smiled. "What a coincidence! Geez!"

The first time she met Gong Shangze was right there. Less than 300 meters away was a History boutique.

That day, she had finished shopping for clothes from History when she met the nitpicking Gong Shangze on the streets.

"What, what? That's the place when Boss picked up our Director Gong?"

When Han Momo heard this, she immediately became interested and started to ask Ning Xi and Gong Shangze for details of when they first met. Qiao Weilan looked over with interest too.

"Exactly, too long has passed. I didn't remember immediately..."

The four of them were speaking happily when the restaurant door was pushed open. A line of seven to eight people walked in one after another.

The leading one was a sly-looking, squat, old man of about thirty odd years. Following behind him was someone in an Armani couture tuxedo with a Patek Phillipe on his wrist. It was someone familiar.

"Whoa! Isn't that David? Enemies really meet on narrow roads! How did we even bump into them like this?" Han Momo was suddenly emotional.

Those people were History's design team.

The person leading them was called Liu Minghui, he was David's right hand man, History's vice director of design, to use Han Momo's words would be to call him David's henchman.

David and the rest were speaking to each other, so they did not notice them. Then, the few of them sat down in a half-closed room not too far away.

Even though they could not see them, their loud arrogant voices could be clearly heard by Ning Xi and the group.

"This time the Boss's work is amazing. You can definitely amaze those foreigners!" One of them exclaimed in an excited tone.

"Boss is amazing. You actually came up with such a creative idea! It will definitely become very popular!" The person who spoke was Liu Minghui.

"The workmanship and skills are top-notch! There's no way it could be made without at least a year or more! The boss must've prepared in advance, yet he hid it from us and didn't tell anyone!"


When she heard those pompous praises from across, Han Momo pouted in disdain. "They're so good at bragging! Why don't they just die?!"

Ning Xi smiled and did not say anything.

Seeing David once again, Gong Shangze was no longer as emotional as he was in the past.

However, when he listened to those isolated phrases, his brows had knitted slightly.

When he went back, he had gone through all of David's released works and compared it with his design drafts that had been stolen to confirm that there was nothing he missed.

He knew that apart from this design team that David had to show, he had personally recruited a group of people, including many experts. He was not sure how David had gotten them to be used willingly. Otherwise, there was no way David would be able to survive till now.

The works that he would be exhibiting this time would probably be the handiwork of that group of people.

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