Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2042

Chapter 2042: Stolen Design Draft

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Even more unexpectedly, Gong Shangze was actually thechief designer of Spirit!

It turns out the person who had been going against him was this fellow!

No wonder... No wonder!

No wonder Spirit's design style was so similar to Gong Shangze's. It had really been him! He was really lucky!

There was a fierceness in David's eyes. The initial shock and panic slowly turned into disdain and fearlessness.

Haha, Ah Ze, we haven't seen each other for two years, yet you are still naive as you have always been!

You think that just based on Spirit, you can topple me?

You think that just because you said Rainbow Feathers was your design, everyone would believe you?

Everything was just as David had expected.

Not only did the crowd look at Gong Shangze with odd gazes, even the Chinese fans in the live stream channels started to say blatantly mean things.

"Wow! Where did this person pop up from!?He's probably gone insane from wanting to be famous. Forget that they've always been copying History's style! Now, he actually straight up said that these clothes' designs are his and that he made them himself?"

"How shameless! If it were not for History exposing the Chinese style to the world, how would Spirit have a chance to leech on and be invited to an international fashion week?!"

"So humiliating all the way abroad! Quickly get lost from Fashion Week. Don't humiliate us anymore!"

Among the scoldings, some rational Netizens pointed out suspicions.

"Is there some kind of inside story? Even if Spirit's designer had the slightest common sense, they wouldn't have said such baseless things at an event like this, would they?"

"Actually, Spirit's clothes are quite nice too. This time they managed to get an invitation to Lorraine Fashion Week, which means that Spirit has been internationally recognized. There's really no reason for them to do something like this, is there?"

Discussions similar to those were very quickly been shot down by History's supporters.

"Do you think a counterfeit copycat designer would have a thing such as common sense? He's foolish himself, and he really thinks we're fools too!"

"He didn't design anything for a whole year. Recently, all their works have been following History's style. Even their design that won the Golden Award back then copied and referenced History!

"Once the counterfeit has had a taste of success, they won't be satisfied with small wins now. They straight up said that History stole his works! How can there be such a shameless person?"


At the moment, discussionwas abound at the venue too. They looked at Gong Shangze with strange gazes.

One reporter asked, "Mr. Gong, earlier you said that Rainbow Feathers is your design. What do you mean by that?"

Gong Shangze replied, "It means what it says. Rainbow Feathers is mine. David stole my work. Not just Rainbow Feathers, 'Spring Garden' was my design too."

"What did you say?" The journalist was utterly confused.

Did he just say that 'Spring Garden' that David had stunned the international fashion industry with two years ago was his design too?

"Lotus Flower Breaks The Surface, Forest, Late Autumn..." Gong Shangze listed out more than ten of History's themed series at a go, and every series' timeline of release. Finally, he said, "All of these were from the design drafts that David has stolen from me!"

In the corner, when David heard Gong Shangze's words, he almost laughed out loud.

That expression of his spelled pity and regretful as if he was looking at a pitiful creature making the final struggle even though he knew he was about to die.

Huh, he just knew that this idiot was not one to be afraid of. He did not even need to make a move. He could already play himself to death.

Today, this designer from Spirit named Gong Shangze had said things that were terribly shocking.

He was saying that the leading figure of Oriental style, the one that even the fashion guru had praised was a genius designer, David, and all of his classic works were actually stolen?

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