Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2062

Chapter 2062: A Bunch of Sheep

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As the four of them were watching the Master eat, there was suddenlya loud sound at the entrance. Someone kicked the door in.

A group of big and muscular American men in black sleeveless shirts came into the shop. They surrounded Ning Xi's table and then yelled fiercely at others, "All you unrelated people, get lost!"

They held guns and the other customers all left screaming while the staff hid under the tables.

Ning Xi had a chicken wing in her hand. She blinked her eyes and looked at them. "R-Robbery?"

Tang Lang was eating an ice cream. "Of course not, they are here for you!"

"Except this woman, all of you get lost! Don't butt into this! If not, don't blame me if you're hurt!" The man who looked like the leader had a skull necklace around his neck. He kicked a nearby chair away and threatened them.

Tang Lang licked his ice cream while Feng Xiaoxiao put on an eerie smile. Tang Ye just sat there emotionlessly, and Han Xiao was still focused on eating, not even looking up.

Their reactions angered the guy. "Messy hair! Yellow pig! Weakling! And you, sissy! I'm talking to you guys! Did you hear me! Do you want to die?!"

Messy hair Tang Lang, yellow pig Feng Xiaoxiao, weakling Tang Ye, and sissy Han Xiao were all speechless.

"Pfft! Cough" Ning Xi choked on her cola and started coughing.


You're really tough, bro. You just offended four gods of death

The atmosphere around the table changed the moment the man said those words.

"Messy hair" Tang Lang touched his curly hair that he was proud of. His eyes were as sharp as knives at the moment.

A cold light glinted off Tang Ye's gold-framed glasses.

Feng Xiaoxiao slammed the table hard. "What the heck did you say just now?!"

Han Xiao was the most relaxed one. He was focused on eating his second family bucket.

The man looked ferocious as his bloodlust had become stronger. "Since all of you are asking for it, don't blame me for not warning you guys! Get them!"

Ning Xi ducked beside the Master, then shecovered her eyes.

Probably because Tang Lang seemed annoying, the man attacked Tang Lang first.

Tang Lang did not move an inch until a punch swooshed right before his forehead, then he grabbed it tightly with his palm.

A terrifying bone-crushing sound came from under his knuckle.

"Ah!" The man roared painfully.

On Tang Ye's side, the others attacked him because he wore a pair of glasses and looked weak. The end result was so bloody that Ning Xi did not even want to glance at it.

Screams came from all over the shop. It was chaotic hell.

The group of men knelt on the floor and begged for mercydesperately. The man with the skull necklace was kicked far away by Tang Lang, but Feng Xiaoxiao received him and kicked him back. The man was being played like a football.

Ning Xi shook her head.

These people... Could they be idiots?

They were just like a bunch of juicy sheep walking right into the wolves' den

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