Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2063

Chapter 2063: Boss, You've Finally Returned!

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Just like that, Ning Xi and the rest held the gang leader and those rogues downbefore making their way towards Solomon.

On the way, Tang Ye muttered to himself, "If the Solomon they're talking about is the same one that I know, this Solomon should be the one that was once Europe's largest organization, but after that, they slowly waned. The current leader is the weakest one in the history of their chiefs. Back then, his assistant almost seized the throne. Tang Xi, how did you get involved with Solomon's people?"

Ning Xi shrugged innocently. "I'm really confused too! I don't know when could I have provoked them!"

On the side, Feng Xiaoxiao waved her hands indifferently. "Won't we know when we catch that idiot gang leader out to grill him?"

They reached the entrance to the headquarters.

Tang Lang kicked the man with the skull necklace on the door, making a huge sound.

Very quickly, there were sounds disarrayed footsteps. The people inside were startled and came out.

"Who is it!?" A hefty Caucasian guy at least two meters tall rushed out. When he saw the man lying on the ground twitch, his expression darkened. "Jason! What's happening?!"

Then, his gaze looked at Ning Xi, Tang Ye, and the rest at the entrance with hostility. "Who are you people!? You dare to even touch Solomon's people! Do you want to die?"

When Jason heard his words, he instantly trembled with fright."Joseph, softer... Softer..."

Then, he leaned into the guy's ear and muttered a few things softly, appearing terrified.


When he saw the two people keep muttering to each other, Tang Lang impatiently yawned. "Who's your leader? Get him to come out to speak!"

When he heard Jason's words, Joseph's gaze was much more cautious now. "Do you think you can just meet our leader as you wish? The few of you, who are you? Report your names!"

Feng Xiaoxiao waved the whip in her hands. "You don't have the right to know my name."

When Joseph saw the whip in Feng Xiaoxiao's hand, his expression suddenly changed. In the next second, after he noticed the gold-framed spectacles on Tang Ye, he turned a few degrees paler. After he saw Tang Lang's almost symbolic curly hair too, his knees started to give way. "You... Could you be... Could you guys be..."


Could these people be the legendary...

From their features, their aura, everything fit!

It seemed like they only missed the "Thousand-Faced Ghost Hand" Tang Xi...

Uhh, could that beautiful lady who looked weak be Tang Xi in disguise?

Who was that long-haired man beside the beauty then?

If they were really the four, then would the man traveling with them not have an even more terrifying identity?

Joseph almost did not dare to continue thinking about it.

Right at this moment, behind them came the pattering of heavy footsteps. A few people walked out with large steps.

The person who walked right in front was a middle-aged man, and beside him was a bald man.

"Boss!" When they saw the middle-aged man, Joseph, Jason, and all the rogues immediately lowered their heads to call out respectfully.

When Tang Lang saw their commander walk out, he raised his brows and asked, "You're Solomon's leader?"

The middle-aged man had a stormy expression as he skimmed the five people who were clearly here to cause a scene.

As he was about to speak, his gaze fell onto the girl who wore a pink dress and looked adorably delicate. In the next second, his expression suddenly changed.

It was as if the middle-aged man had been split into half by a thunderbolt. His eyes widened and stared straight at Ning Xi, then his initially vicious eyes unexpectedly teared up akin to an abandoned pet that had seen its owner. He was emotional as he stared at Ning Xi and gasped, "Boss! Boss, you've finally returned!"

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