Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2065

Chapter 2065: Which Idiot Hired You?

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Zeus took a glance at Feng Xiaoxiao whom he had seen once that day, and then looked at the others and said emotionally, "Boss, I'm sure that these few people beside you must be the legends from the Tang faction!"

The instant he finished, the group of rogues and the little gang leader were all dumbfounded.

What was going on?

The person they had attempted to kill was actually Solomon's leader, while these few bystanders were all Tang faction's legendary assassins?

Jason felt his legs tremble and he immediately knelt down. "S-sorry, Boss, I didn't know... I really didn't know it was you and these superiors..."

"Boss, what's happening? Did something happen?" The moment Zeus noticed Jason and the rest react in fear, he could not help but frown.

"Oh, it's nothing. Earlier, when we were eating, these people suddenly popped out of nowhere and wanted to kill us."

Ning Xi's single casual sentence shocked Zeus and Bardy silly.

"Boss, what did you say?!"

"These bastards wanted to kill you guys?"

Jason looked like he was about to cry. "Boss Zeus, listen to me explain! It's not what you think! I... I secretly took an order. The other party wanted the Chinese artiste, Ning Xi's life. I didn't know... I really didn't know this person's identity was actually..."

When Ning Xi heard him, her brows shot up. "Oh? Someone wants my life?"

"Y-yes, they offered $10 million. I... I was momentarily bewitched by the money..."

When Jason said this, Tang Lang clutched his stomach and laughed until he almost rolled on the ground. "Pfft, hahaha... I'm dying! Someone actually offered $10 million to assassinate the legendary Thousand-Face Ghost Hand Tang Xi and the assassin they hired was even of such a ranking!"

Damn! Thousand-Face Ghost Hand Tang Xi...

The way Jason looked at Ning Xi, one could tell he was horrified.

Was Tang Xi not a man?

When she saw Tang Lang rejoicing in her misfortunes, Ning Xi's expression was dark as the bottom of a pot. "That's enough from you! Is it so amazing that your head is worth more?"

"Heh, little sheep, which idiot hired you?" Feng Xiaoxiao asked with a giggle.

Jason looked troubled. "Well... Well... Superior, you know how the industry works..."

If he mentioned the client's name, he would not need to roll in the industry anymore.

The moment Jason said that, Bardy viciouslykicked him to the ground. "Shit! You idiot! Motherf*cker, do you have shit as your brains?!"

Jason was booted until his bones almost cracked. At the same time, he was finally clear-headed. He could barely save his own life. Who cared about the rules of this stupid industry?

Ning Xi waved indifferently and smiled. "Enough. He doesn't need to say it but I probably know who."

With Master Han Xiao keeping watch by her side, no one would be so stupid to still dare come for her.

These little fishes and shrimp might just be commoners who were not in the circle.

Lorraine Fashion Week had just ended not too long ago when she was attacked. Furthermore, she connected it to the incident in the "Thunderbolt" filming crew when the fake gun was swapped for a real one.

Ning Xi probed, "Let me ask you. Did your client once make you kidnap a Chinese student who was studying abroad, then threaten his sister to do things for you?"

Seeing that the previous incident had been exposed, Jason's little figure trembled. He was giving everything up! "Yes, yes... Boss, I don't dare anymore! I'll just send this offer back! I won't be involved with that person anymore!"

Ning Xi smiled mysteriously to herself. "There's no need for that."

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