Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2087

Chapter 2087: Like Something So Exciting

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When she saw Lu Tingxiao's attitude, Ning Xueluo's expression changed abruptly. Her fists balled in an iron grip. In the next second, when she looked up, she already had an expression of extreme sorrow on her face.

"CEO Lu, I understand that based on your relationship with Sister, you'll naturally be biased towards her. But I really hope that you can take a clearer look at the people beside you. Maybe she's not even who you think she is.

"It was I who wronged Sister first. No matter what Sister does to me, I can take it, but what about Mother? What did Mother do wrong!? I definitely won't allow anyone to harm my family, even if it's Sister! CEO Lu, if you don't trust us, you can ask the police to investigate! When you find out the truth, I believe you'll definitely have a fair judgment!"

Ha! Ning Xi, your hands are stained with the blood of two lives. I would like to see whether you can stay secure in your position as the head lady!

Ning Xueluo's words made everyone nod in agreement. At the same time, they lamented Ning Xueluo's filial piety.

Lu Jingli stroked his chin and he clicked his tongue in disgust. His view of the world had broadened. He had never seen someone this shameless. No wonder she could coax the two fools of the Ning family despite having no blood relations. Someone so lowly wasunrivaled.

In fact, with Sister-in-law's drama this time, it was a little tricky...

Ning Xi looked up and exchanged looks with the man beside her.

Next up is my battle.

Just one look and the man understood what she meant, so he nodded slightly.

Facing everyone's gazes ready to punish her, Ning Xi acted like she was in her own garden. She seemed calm and at ease as her glittering eyes looked towards Ning Xueluo on the sick bed who was demanding justice for her mother with righteous indignation. She said unhurriedly, "What a coincidence! I have some things here that I also wanted to let the police have a look at."

When she heard Ning Xi, Ning Xueluo's eyes squinted slightly. However, she very quickly returned to feeling secure in her demands. "Sister, you can just be frank. I think everyone would like to hear your explanation too."

Huh, what explanation? No matter what she came up with in this situation, it would only make things worse.

"I just found something... interesting..." Ning Xi faintly smiled and revealed a surprised expression. "I never thought that Ms. Ning, who's always such a proper lady, would like something so exciting like riding a motorbike?"

When Ning Xueluo heard that, her gaze tensed up.

Ning Xi continued, "Not too long ago, I got to know a well-known retired racer. I was chatting with him when I unintentionally heard him mention that Ms. Ning had actually learned to ride motorbikes for quite a long time."

Ning Xueluo reacted as if something sad had been brought up. She looked heartbroken as she caressed her flat underbelly. "For pregnant people, no matter our tastes of hobbies, there will be some very weird changes that even we don't understand ourselves. I was bored at home all day then. Suddenly, I saw it on television and thought that riding a motorbike looked quite cool, so I just casually wanted to learn about it. I wonder why you'd suddenly bring this up."

Ning Xi only smiled slightly. "Is that so?"

The surrounding ladies who were married before all indicated that they agreed and nodded at Ning Xueluo's words. At the same time, they did not understand why Ning Xi would suddenly change the topic to something completely unrelated.

Zhuang Lingyu looked at the way her daughter was so melancholic and instantly frowned. She shot Ning Xi a glare. "Ning Xi, don't change the topic here and stall for time!"

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