Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2103

Chapter 2103: I Lost

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No one really noticed anything odd at first, but after the sixth shot, everyone was starting to be doubtful.

Was it not too much of a coincidence that Ning Xi was always 0.1 points lower than Eliza?

By the seventh shot, Eliza was probably affected psychologically, so she only got 3.4 points, and Ning Xi quickly fired a shot, earning 3.3 points.

Everyone was speechless.

Was it their imagination? Or was Ning Xi losing on purpose?

It must be a mistake! Hitting 0.1 points lower every time was much more difficult than hitting 10 points every time!

The competition went on

Eighth shot: Eliza, 9.8 points; Ning Xi, 9.7 points

Ninth shot: Eliza, 5.5 points; Ning Xi, 5.4 points

On the tenth shot, Eliza made a mistake and only got 1 point. Ning Xi shot out of range and got 0 points!

On the tenth shot, everyone saw Ning Xi just fire into the air.

Everyone was speechless.

They were probably blind if they had not seen that Ning Xi was losing on purpose.

Ning Xi turned the safety lock on and handed the gun to a waiter beside her before she looked over at Eliza and shrugged. "I lost."

The girl in the red dress then left.

"You! You did that on purpose!" Eliza was frustrated and her face turned red.

Li Muyan just remained stationary. His worked-up feelings had now fizzled out and the fire inside him was extinguished.

Lu Jingli was impressed as he streamed the whole scene for his brother. "Damn! Sister-in-law was amazing! Even though she lost, it's a complete victory over that Eliza!"

"I'll be there right away." Lu Tingxiao left him with these few words and then hung up the call. He did not want to wait any longer; he just wanted to see her.

The sky turned dark and almost all the guests had arrived. The atmosphere was getting more and more lively with fairy lights starting to light up on the grass, resembling stars in the sky and filling up the venue with a sense of fantasy.

"Wow, so beautiful! Lu Tingxiao's birthday banquet used to be usually organized in hotels, which were so rigid and boring! It's suddenly so romantic this time!"

"It's probably for Mrs. Lu!" One of the girls said with an envious expression.

"I heard Mrs. Lu is appearing tonight too. Is that true? I don't believe it. I can't believe it! Could it be that Lu Tingxiao is really married?"

"I didn't want to believe ittoo, but my sources are reliable and it shouldn't be mistaken. Actually, there were rumors for a very long time ago before. It's just that the Lu family has been so low-profile that until now, no one knows who Mrs. Lu is! I tried to find out from Lu Jingli. He told me personally that his sister-in-law will be coming tonight!"

"God! I'm going to be heartbroken!"

"It's not just you. Do you know how many more other women are going through heartbreak? I wonder who's so lucky, or who's so powerful to tame a man like Lu Tingxiao. Rumor has it that Lu Tingxiao was really doting to that woman"

Eliza was still angry about being embarrassed just now, so she ignored Li Muyan's actions to stop her and she stomped up to Ning Xi angrily. "Ning Xi, what were you trying to do just now? Are you insulting me and Bro Muyan?"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows, acting confused. "Insult? You're the one who won, Ms. Eliza. How is that an insult?"

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