Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2107

Chapter 2107: She Was A Phoenix

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When they heard Yan Ruyi, all the ladies from prestigious and wealthy families, who had bragged about how their family backgrounds surpassed a certain someone, were well and truly stunned.

"Elder... Elder Zhuang's granddaughter?!"

"Ning Xi is actually Elder Chief Zhuang's granddaughter?"

"What!? How's this even possible!?


Ning Xi had not flown up a branch and become a phoenix [1]!

She was actually already a phoenix?

This was Imperial's number one aristocrat family. They were first-rate aristocrats in the army and the government for generations. Which of the heiresses present could compare to her status?

Eliza claimed that her maternal side had the blood of Country F's royalty running through her veins, but everyone knew that the so-called royal family sounded more like a tiger's roar. However, they did not actually have any real authority. The ones with real authority were the military!

As Eliza listened to the discussions around her and how her name was being compared to Ning Xi, her initially insufferably arrogant expression had, at this moment, completely transformed into disbelief.

This woman... and the Zhuang family... How was this possible!?

No one would have thought that this girl, who had encountered crisis after crisis since she debuted and had climbed one step at a time to her position today, would have such a powerful identity and background. Furthermore, she had even married into a family like the Lu family!

"This Ning Xi is really unpredictable! She's been hiding a little too securely, hasn't she!"

"Exactly! Who would've thought that she and the Zhuang family would have this layer of relationship?!"

When they said this, the heiresses looked at her with a renewed expression.

If Ning Xi had wanted to use her connections a little to make her way to the top, it would have been easy, yet she had maintained a low profile up till now.

Just as the words Ning Xi had once said at Noble perfume's audition.

"True elegance and nobility aren't about the luxury brands between her words. It isn't the precious jewelry on her wrist or boasting about their own good looks, knowledge, and accomplishments. True elegance is that even if in ragged clothes, with messy hair and a dirty face, the aura of elegance cannot be concealed.

"True elegance, is that even if she conceals her identity and never highlights it, the bloodline in her bones cannot be erased."

Some of the ladies and dames in the circle who were present that day seemed to have known about the relationship between Ning Xi and the Zhuang family. At that moment, they were making small talk with Meng Linlang and Ning Xi. They were very amiable and good-natured to Ning Xi, seeming as if they were close to her.

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan also loved their daughter-in-law dearly; that went without saying.

As matters stood, those heiresses were all done with their temper. "Enough, everyone, stop sulking. They're truly the ideal couple with families that are well-matched. They are a match made in heaven!"

Yan Ruyi's words earlier had calmed Elder Zhuang's fury, but he still looked a little cross.

Once this elder, who had been in the military for half his life, got angered, no one could calm him down.

Just as Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan fidgeted awkwardly, when even Ning Xi, Lu Tingxiao, Zhuang Keer, and the rest were at a loss, from the side came a soft voice. "Great-grandfather!"

When the elder saw the obedient and cute little baby, his anger instantly evaporated and he beamed broadly. That cold face turned warm and loving. "Little Treasure! Come, quickly come to Great-grandfather!"

The fully automated portable fire extinguisher, baby Little Treasure, walked over obediently. The old man and the young boy started to chat happily, and it was an extremely harmonious atmosphere.

When they saw that the elder was finally not angry anymore, Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao exchanged a smile in relief.

Zhuang Rongguang was grinding his teeth with jealousy. Why did this little child from a previous relationship get to be doted on!?

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