Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2116

Chapter 2116: Calling Father For The First Time

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Lu Tingxiao squatted down and patted his son's head. "It's true. You're the child of your mother and me."

The eyes of the little guy sparkled when he received an affirmative answer from his father. "I knew it! Since the first time I saw Mommy, I knew Mommy was really my mother!"

Ning Xi teared a little as she looked at the adorable little bun. She gave him a big hug. "Baby, quickly pinch me and tell me that I'm not dreaming! How could I have given birth to such a cute and smart child that's loved by everyone!? I'm so amazing!"

The little bun did not pinch Ning Xi. Instead, he just kissed Ning Xi on her cheek. "I think I might be dreaming too. The mother who's as sparkling as a princess and as beautiful as roses is actually my mother! I'm really happy! I'm amazing too!"

Lu Tingxiao grinned as he looked at the mother-son pair, then he smiled with a gentle expression.

As for Lu Jingli at the corner

He felt horrible. Damn! That was really enough! Did you guys have to say it out loud?

He was so worried that he was fully prepared for an emergency rescue, yet this had happened

Well, there were two more fires back at home waiting for his rescue. He had better go and report the good news now!

Late at night in the bedroom.

Ning Xi sang and put the little bun to sleep. The little guy grabbed onto her shirt and was not letting go.

Ning Xi kissed his forehead. "Go to sleep.Mommy will stay by your side. Good night."

The little guy mumbled, "Mmm, goodnight, Mommy"

The little bun rubbed his eyes and turned over to look at Lu Tingxiao. Then, he mumbled again, "Goodnight... Father"

Lu Tingxiao was stunned when he heard Little Treasure call him "Father". He did not seem to expect it.

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows and laughed when she saw Lu Tingxiao's awkward reaction. "Darling, don't tell me that's the first time Little Treasure has called you 'Father'?"

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

That was the first time indeed!

Ning Xi could not stop laughing. "Really? The first time?"

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything.

Yes, he was in such a terrible state.

Ning Xi held her laughter in and kissed Lu Tingxiao. "Get over it. I'm sure Little Treasure will start calling you 'Father' from now onwards!"

Lu Tingxiao kissed her back. "Mmm, thanks to you."

Ning Xi blinked as she looked at the man beside her. She suddenly said, "Lu Tingxiao, let's go public about us."

Lu Tingxiao was a little taken aback.

"Mmm, I mean exactly that. Let's tell everyone about it."

Lu Tingxiao seemed nervous. "Are things alright on your end?"

Ning Xi analyzed, "My fans are pretty stable now and I can start changing my style soon. Announcing my marriage now wouldn't have too much of an effect on me, and it'll help in my change of style too."

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Okay."

Ning Xi grinned and kissed her darling's cheek. "Then, I'll start preparing now. Without any issues, we can plan it after I've signed the movie contract with Chen Mian!"

"Thank you for the title."

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