Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2130

Chapter 2130: Surfaced

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The European King's forces had finally surfaced.

The origins of the Rothschilds, Europe's oldest aristocratic family, could even be traced back all the way to the Middle Ages of Western Europe.

From the 17th century onwards, every one of the Rothschild's clans head held the title of "European King".

This clan controlled almost all of Europe's underground imperial governments. They were even the ones behind some of the war-torn countries.

The Rothschild family was incredibly mysterious, even today, in an age where media was all over, none of the channels had ever reported any news related to the clan.

Not just the common people, even some of those forces with strong backing might have never heard of the Rothschild clan.

But the Rothschilds existed after all, and they were like a tall mountain that reached through the clouds; they were insurmountable.

Even Lu Tingxiao had never had any interaction with the Rothschild clan.

"Sigh, Annie the cutie..." Feng Xiaoxiao sighed, suddenly not knowing what to say.

Lu Jingli looked grave. "This time, the Rothschilds aree clearly coming with ill intentions!"

Lu Tingxiao's deep eyes did not show any change in emotions. "Address."

"Heavenly Spring Resort," Lu Jingli answered.

When Lu Jingli received the news, he had already done his investigation.

The entire Heavenly Spring Resort had been booked by someone, who did not leave any traces behind, so he could not find out whose forces it was.

But now it was clear as day that the Heavenly Spring Resort had been booked by the Rothschilds.

"They only invited our two parties," Lu Jingli continued.

After all, as long as the Lu Corporation and the Yi Lan Innovative Investment Group were toppled, then they could advance into Asia unopposed. They could march right in as some of the little fish in there would not be worth noticing.

"What are we afraid of? If it doesn't work out, then we'll kill of them. They won't come out alive!" Tang Lang scoffed.

Tang Lang's real idea was that since Han Xiao was here anyway, when the time came, they could just drag him along. Even if it were a Feast at Hongmen [1], there was nothing to be afraid of.

Before Lu Jingli could speak, his phone started to ring incessantly.

The Lu Corporation's large and small companies as well as all of the many listed companies that had collaborations with the Lu Corporation were about to bombard his phone from all the calls with regards to the economical impact this time. Everyone felt insecure and they all wanted to see Lu Tingxiao.

Yun Shen's end of the situation was similar.

While Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen were discussing the details, Ning Xi and Tang Lang exchanged a look, then with the both of them taking a side each, they dragged Han Xiao to a corner.

"What are you doing?"

Han Xiao hugged his KFC family bucket with grease all over his mouth and he looked quite upset at Ning Xi and Tang Lang for disturbing his meal.

"Hehe..." Tang Lang rubbed his hands gleefully. "Grandfather, let's go to Heavenly Spring Resort to eat tonight. What's so nice about these chickens?"

"Why? Afraid of the Rothschild clan?" Han Xiao shot the two of them a look. That thought of theirs could not be hidden from him.

"Hehe, with Grandfather around, we'd feel more secure..." Tang Lang smiled flatteringly.

Han Xiao sneered with madness in his eyes. "Of course, I'll go... It's rare for the Rothschild clan to be willing to step out of their old lair."

It was also time to settle the new and old grudges between Han Xiao and the Rothschild clan.

Years ago, Qin Youge's death and the Rothschild family were largely related. This was an old grudge.

In the recent years, the Rothschild family was afraid that Han Xiao would take revenge. They sent out numerous assassins to ambush him, which led to the new grudges.

"Grandfather, do you and the Rothschild family... have previous grudges?" Tang Lang could see from Han Xiao's expression that there was something out of the ordinary.

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