Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2151

Chapter 2151: Its A Massacre

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The reaction from the Lu family was even more exaggerated than Lu Tingxiao's. Even Little Treasure was involved.

"Mommy!" Little Treasure dashed over when he saw a familiar figure by the entrance.

The little guy would usually pounce onto Ning Xi for a hug. However, he stopped several steps away from her out of consideration for the baby in his mother. He stared at Ning Xi's stomach earnestly. "Mommy, is there... really a sister inside?"

Ning Xi chuckled. "We still don't know if it's a sister or a brother."

"I'll like it as long as it's Mommy's child!"

After a while, Yan Ruyi, Lu Chongshan, and the other elders such as Jiang Muye's mother all came out.

"Xiao Xi's back! Come in, be careful"

Moments after Ning Xi went into the house, a military Jeep swiftly parked outside the entrance of the Lu residence.

"I don't think the Lu family is very reliable. There was no prior preparation for Xiao Xi's pregnancy. Just how dangerous was the situation today? If Xiao Xi got injured" As Meng Linlang was complaining, she then noticed that everything around the Lu family's home was padded with soft mats. Even the chairs and tables were covered with a layer of leather.

Zhuang Liaoyuan coughed lightly. "Xiao Xi only received her results today. The news was probably leaked before she could tell anyone."

"Stop talking so much. I want to see how Xiao Xi is now!" Zhuang Zongren urged.

The two families gathered in the living room.

"Do you feel terribly unwell?" Meng Linlang was worried when she saw Ning Xi looking rather pale.

"I'm alright. I'm feeling much better now. The nausea comes in short waves!" Ning Xi had a headache when she saw so many people in the house. She was just pregnant. Everyone was simply too tensed!

Ning Xi looked over to Lu Tingxiao for help. However, it was obvious that Lu Tingxiao was on their side.

"Xiao Xi is even having her second child now, so when is the Lu family arranging the wedding?" Zhuang Zongren grumbled.

Yan Ruyi quickly said, "Don't worry. We've been preparing for it since a year ago. Everything is already done and can be arranged anytime. Xiao Xi doesn't have to worry about anything. As long as her work is alright, we can have the wedding anytime she says so."

Zhuang Zongren's expression softened when he heard Yan Ruyi's words. "What do you think, Xiao Xi? Your wedding can't be delayed any further! If anyone dares to say anything about it, I'll have a word with them myself!"

Ning Xi quickly said, "It's okay, Grandfather. My company will deal with it. Actually, I've been preparing to announce it to the public. It's just that a little accident happened today, but it's fine. Why don't we make it next month?'

Meng Linlang thought about it. "Next month is fine. Have your wedding before the new year. If it's delayed further, your pregnant belly will make you more uncomfortable."

Yan Ruyi was immensely glad. "I've checked the calendar. The eighth of the next month is a good day! What do you both think?"

"As long as Xiao Xi is fine with it," Lu Tingxiao said.

"Sure, I don't have a problem with it," replied Ning Xi.

"Alright, it's decided then!"

At the same time, in the backyard of the Lu residence.

A little koi fish was squatting on the stone staircase. He slung his arm over a certain blondie who was beside him. "This isn't just torture anymore. It's a massacre! I want to run away from home. Do you want to join me?"

"It's okay, Second Uncle," replied Jiang Muye.

"Are you sure?" Lu Jingli was surprised.

"I've already booked my flight ticket."

Lu Jingli was speechless.

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