Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2155

Chapter 2155: Wedding 1

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The man frowned at his exhausted wife the moment he stepped in. "Are you alright? Should we postpone the wedding to another day?"

What was he saying now? A whole island full of guests were outside and he wanted to delay the wedding?

Ning Xi sighed, "Darling, can you please calm down?'

Lu Tingxiao leaned over to his beautiful wife in her wedding dress. "I can't. When I think about how you're having my baby, about how we're going to be together forever"

Ning Xi giggled. "Kiss me."

Lu Tingxiao would never reject such request. He kissed the girl's forehead tenderly.

Ning Xi smiled. "I'm all fine now. I'm not tired anymore!"

Lu Jingli saw this exact moment when he came in and his manly tears fell. "Bro, are you done now? All the guests are waiting!"

"Are First Senior Brother and Third Senior Sister here already?" Ning Xi asked.

Lu Jingli shook his head. "I didn't really see them."

"Oh." Ning Xi seemed disappointed.

She had contacted Tang Ye and Feng Xiaoxiao. Tang Ye's bunch was wandering somewhere as their schedule was always unstable, while Feng Xiaoxiao was probably carrying out a mission at the moment and was most likely not able to come.

"Don't worry. They'll be here." Lu Tingxiao patted the girl's head.

At that very moment, there was the sound of a loud chopper outside the window as a helicopter slowly descended from the sky. A person jumped straight out of it, not waiting for the helicopter to land. The figure came into the room through the window.

With a sexy body, long, wavy hair, and a cool style, the person greeted, "Baby!"

"Third Senior Sister!" Ning Xi was surprised.

Feng Xiaoxiao started complaining the moment she saw Ning Xi. "Damn, Little Junior Sister! Your husband is really something. He sent someone to take out my target and abducted me on a helicopter. I was dumbfounded and thought I got betrayed! But they told me that I was invited to your wedding! How exciting!"

Ning Xi glanced over at Lu Tingxiao. "Uhh" She thought that Lu Tingxiao was just comforting her when he said that they would be there.

Feng Xiaoxiao went over and gave Ning Xi a big hug. "Happy marriage! You look really beautiful today!"

"Thank you!" Ning Xi felt a warmth spark in her heart.

She did not have many friends, but each and every one of them was extremely important.

After resting for a short while, Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao went outside to greet the guests.


"Congratulations to the both of you!"

The friends and families of both parties, Xu Tao, Liang Feixing, Qin Shuang, Qin Mufeng, Jiang Muye, and Mo Lingtian arrived one after another.

"Xiao Xi, where's your brooch?" Ning Tianxin looked at Ning Xi's chest and asked.

Ning Xi looked down. "Uhh...It was still here just now!"

"Maybe you dropped it somewhere, but it's alright. There are some spares in the house. I'll go and look for one."

Ning Tianxin quickly went back to get another brooch. In her haste, She accidentally bumped into a person with a strong tobacco smell.

Ning Tianxin quickly apologized, "I'm sorry"

The person she bumped into did not say a thing.

Ning Tianxin looked up and was stunned.

Mo Lingtian's cigarette fell to the floor as he looked at the girl in front of him. "Tianxin"

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