Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2157

Chapter 2157: Wedding Night 1

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After the wedding, the guests started to leave.

However, it was not all over yet. Feng Xiaoxiao had a little bit too much to drink and she brought a big bunch of friends to have some fun in the bridal room.

As the groom Lu Tingxiao arrived at the door, a group of girls led by Feng Xiaoxiao gathered there and blocked the path.

Feng Xiaoxiao crossed her arms and laughed. "I'm sorry, CEO Lu. On behalf of the Little Junior Sister's family, if you want to enter this room, you have to pass our trial!"

Lu Xinyan went along. "That's right! It's not going to be so easy to take our Bro Xi away!"

"Agreed," Annie said.

"Damn! Annie, why are you messing around with Feng Xiaoxiao!?" Tang Lang was speechless.

Lu Jingli was speechless as well. "Xinyan, shouldn't you be on our side?"

Lu Xinyan stuck her tongue out. "I'm always on Ning Xi's side!"

On Feng Xiaoxiao's side, there were eight girls including Zhuang Keer, Ning Tianxin, Annie, and Lu Xinyan. All of them were hardcore fans of Ning Xi, and some even thought of Lu Tingxiao as their rival. On Lu Jingli's side, there were Lu Jingli, Jiang Muye, Tang Lang, Mo Lingtian, and Qin Mufeng.

"What's the trial?" Lu Tingxiao smiled, probably because it was a happy day, so he did not seem to mind them messing around and just let them be.

Feng Xiaoxiao then said, "There will be three levels in total! You need to pass all three levels to get the girl!"

"What's the first level?" Lu Jingli asked cautiously.

Feng Xiaoxiao had an evil grin. "The first level is called 'Take A Guess'. We'll give you three questions. You'll pass if you get all correct. The first question is what am I thinking about right now?"

Tang Lang then complained, "You're really too much! Do you know how important it is of a day like this to a man? I can't continue this anymore!"

Lu Jingli frowned. "How are we suppose to guess? You can just deny anything we say!"

Jiang Muye and Qin Mufeng nodded in agreement. "This question is bugged!"

"As long as she doesn't say that our answer is correct, then we'll never pass!"

All of them looked over at Lu Tingxiao.

Feng Xiaoxiao acted cheekily. "What now? Are you guys giving up on the first question already? If that's the case, we'll have fun with Little Junior Sister tonight!"

"You're thinking about men!" Tang Lang tried.

Feng Xiaoxiao wagged her finger. "Wrong!"

"You're thinking about marrying someone?" Lu Jingli tried as well.


"Damn! Give it a try, Qin Mufeng! Aren't you a psychiatrist?"

"So what if I'm a psychiatrist? Even if I can read her mind, she can just deny whatever I say!"

"What should we do? The first question is already so tricky"

Suddenly, the quiet Lu Tingxiao spoke up, "You're now thinking that you don't want to let us in."

Feng Xiaoxiao was smiling. Just as she was about to call his mistake out, she was stunned when she realized what was Lu Tingxiao saying.

"CEO Lu! You're trying to trap me!"

If she said that it was wrong, then it would mean that she wanted to let them go in! They could just skip the rest of the levels and she would then have to let them in.

If she said that it was right, then they would pass this question

Lu Jingli laughed. "As expected of my brother!"

Feng Xiaoxiao clenched her teeth. "Fine, you're right!"

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