Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2164

Chapter 2164: My Heart Belongs To You

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Summer arrived and the long-awaited little princess was finally born.

In the end, Ning Xi thought of a name herself after she lost all hope in the others.

The mountain was covered in trees and branches were all over. My heart belongs to you, yet you have no clue.

When Ning Xi read this poem to her husband, his eyes were charmed with affection.

Their lives were really full of challenges. Her husband had put in so much effort to get closer to her, yet he did not know Ning Xi had already fallen for him a long time ago. She had just avoided revealing herself because of her past.

"Lu Yuexi" indicated Ning Xi's path and also her love towards her husband, killing two birds with one stone.

After the name was set, they were troubled by her nickname. They thought of "bun", "steamed bun", and "spring rolls", but they could not decide on a suitable one.

However, as the little princess grew up, everyone thought of one word:tangyuan[1]!

She was fair and round just like a tangyuan! How cute!

There was a point that Lu Tingxiao, Ning Xi, and the Lu family were very worried about. Little tangyuan seemed a little too quiet.

The two elders were especially afraid that little tangyuan would become like Little Treasure, so they always tried to make her laugh.

Nurtured by their concern and love, the little princess turned three years old.

No one in the family was worried about little tangyuan having autism anymore.

On a certain day with clear skies.

There was an enraged voice of a man coming from within Platinum Palace

"Lu Yuexi! Come out! I promise I just want to talk!"

Lu Jingli was holding a destroyed carrot and looked furious. He stepped into his brother's house. "Where's tangyuan? Where's that little demon?! Bro, Sister-in-law! Don't hide her. Give her to me!"

Lu Tingxiao was not even surprised by Lu Jingli's behavior.

Ning Xi sighed as she was sipping on tea on the sofa, "What now?"

Lu Jingli caressed his carrot. "What now? Look at this! My carrots! My cabbages! They were all ruined by your little demon! I want compensation!

"This little bastard broke my multi-colored glazed glassware a few days agoand killed half of my koi fish yesterday. Now, even my vegetable farm has fallen! Come out! Tangyuan! Show yourself! I know you're home!"

Ning Xi was helpless. Did he really have to come here every day?

Back then, she had been worried thattangyuan was too inactive. Now, she wished she could lock tangyuan up with a chain.

She could not stay still for even a second and she had conquered everyone at home.

Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao worriedly when she saw Lu Jingli going upstairs to look for tangyuan."Lu Jingli treasures his vegetable farm the most. Tangyuan will really get it this time. Don't stop Lu Jingli later. Teach the girl a lesson!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at his wife calmly. "Mmm, I won't."

Ning Xi was surprised. Lu Tingxiao doted on little tangyuan the most, but now he agreed not to stop his brother?

Lu Jingli went around the whole house until he finally found little tangyuan in Little Treasure's room.

When Little Treasure saw Lu Jingli grab his sister away, he did not try to help at all. He was as calm as his father.

  1. Tangyuan - glutinous rice balls

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