Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2165

Chapter 2165: My Little Heart

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"Second Uncle, Second Uncle... Put me down..." Little tangyuancried out in her baby voice.

Lu Jingli looked determined. "No way! I'm telling you even if God were here today, He wouldn't be able to save you!"

Little tangyuanbegged pitifully, "Second Uncle, I know I'm wrong! Please don't be angry, okay?"

Lu Jingli was not moved at all. "Don't come at me with this. You've already said such things over eight hundred times!"

Little tangyuanthen said, "Second Uncle, you can't be angry!"

Lu Jingli then replied, "Why can't I be angry? I'm about to be angered to death by you!"

Solemness filled thetangyuan's delicate little face as she said earnestly, "Even though you look very handsome when you're angry, Second Uncle, you look even more handsome when you're not angry!"

Lu Jingli's fury had calmed down a little although he was still angry as he shot her a side look. "Are you telling the truth? How handsome?"

Little tangyuanimmediately said without hesitation, "More handsome than my father!"

Lu Jingli's fire of fury was instantly extinguished by half. "At least you've got good judgment! But don't think that I'll let you go this time just because you said that. Your father and your mother can't bear to hit you, but this time I will still give you a lesson. You're too naughty, do you know that? You won't be able to escape my spanking this time. Give up!"

Little tangyuanwas so frightened that her neck shrunk. "Then... then before you spank me, can you help me find something, Second Uncle?"

Lu Jingli glanced at her with alarm. "What do you want to find?"

Little tangyuananswered weakly, "There's something I left at your place, Second Uncle!"

"Who told you to run around?! It'd be weird if you didn't misplace anything! What did you leave at my place? Is it something very important?" Lu Jingli asked unhappily.

"Very important!" Little tangyuanblinked her big, teary eyes and nodded vigorously. Then, she used her little hands to make a little heart-shaped sign as she said in her baby voice, "My little heart... I left it at your place, Second Uncle!"

Then, she kissed Lu Jingli's cheeks lightly. "Tangyuanlikes Second Uncle the most..."

Lu Jingli was speechless.

Half an hour later.

Lu Jingli sent all those vegetables that the little demon wrecked to Lu Tingxiao's place. Then, he happily led the little tangyuanto his other vegetable garden.

Inside the villa, when he saw the duo walk out happily, Little Treasure sighed helplessly.

Sigh, why was his Second Uncle so forgetful?

He knew it was useless...

Ning Xi held her forehead with dread. "Who does little tangyuanactually take after? She's so good at seduction!"

Lu Jingli had already been tortured by her thousands of times, yet he still treated her like a little baby. It was not only Lu Jingli; she subdued almost everyone around.

Beside her, when Lu Tingxiao heard his wife, he looked at her meaningfully.

When she received her darling's meaningful look, Ning Xi cleared her throat awkwardly. "Okay, okay, it's my fault, my fault..."

Lu Tingxiao walked slowly to his wife. He leaned forward and kissed lightly on her forehead. "My wife gave birth to such a cute pair of son and daughter. How are you at fault?"

Ning Xi was speechless when she was caught off-guard by this flirt.

Hehe, this little tangyuan's genes were definitely not her fault alone!

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