Gardenia Of Blooming Desire Bl Book 6 Chapter 285

Volume 6: After Story Chapter 285 Grand Wedding

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"How is sash?" Aster asked Ramuja who had been staring at him for so long. Today was the day of the Grand Wedding between Sun King Rama and Emperor Gardenia, Aster Di Arlingdon. Everyone was busy to make sure that nothing would go wrong during the grand wedding.

Meanwhile, Aster and Ramuja were busy with the wedding garment.

Because they were both men, they were supposed to use the Sun Kingdom's traditional wedding garment for men, a golden silk sash across their bare chest, knee length pants and knee length golden kilt that covered their buttock and thigh.

Of course, it was proper for a fully built man like Ramuja to use this, he looked very majestic and exuded masculinity. But to Aster

Aster wore the same thing and Ramuja's hot gaze didn't leave him, Aster felt that Ramuja's hot gaze stripped him n.a.k.e.d, "Stop staring at me!"

"Change it," Ramuja protested. Aster's slender, pale bare chest with a pair of cute pink n.i.p.p.l.es made Ramuja's manhood stand straight, but he wasn't happy. If Aster attended the wedding with only sash covering half of his bare chest, everyone will be able to see his beautiful body.

"This is the same thing that you wear, what do you mean?" Aster was unwilling. Of course, he felt a bit uncomfortable exposing so much skin, but this was the traditional apparel for the occasion in Sun Kingdom.

"You are showing too much!" Ramuja protested. He took the woman's top and put it on Aster, but it showed Aster's slender waist and cute navel. Ramuja felt even more aggrieved. After so much noise inside the changing room, Aster finally settled by wearing a white shirt and still used the sash.

Then, Ramuja saw Aster's exposed knee and beautiful legs. He became aggrieved once more, "You should use long pants!" Ramuja said restlessly while desperately fetching long pants from Aster's drawer.

"Goddamn it, Ramuja! It's only my leg! No one will get aroused by looking at my leg!"

"I do!" Ramuja was stubborn. He picked the safest long pants from Aster's drawer and handed it to Aster.

"That's because you are a pervert!" Aster pouted. But he took the pants and changed his short pants. After it had been done, Ramuja was relieved. At least, nobody would dare to stare at his wife's beautiful body.

"You were not this picky when I attended the Autumn Banquet in Golden Palace back then, you even picked an alluring set for me!"

"TThat's because you asked me to recommend something that I like, of course I like you to be s.e.xy," Ramuja blushed, "I thought you asked me my preference just between us. Had I known that you were going to use it during the banquet, I would not let you use that!"

The maids and servants outside the changing room sighed when they heard the fight between the king and queen of Sun Kingdom. They had long known about Emperor Aster's prideful nature, and Sun King Rama's insecurity. The pair often fought because of this.

The changing room was suddenly silent for a moment, then the maids heard a low m.o.a.n from Emperor Aster and the sound of squelching. The maids blushed, 'They are kissing passionately right after a long fight, what a weird couple.'

Aster and Ramuja finally left the changing room with a blush permeated on Aster's cheek. His lips were a bit red, and Ramuja was grinning happily. They left their room and were greeted by Aster's father, Lord Harion.

"Father?" Aster was surprised. His father said that he wouldn't be able to attend the wedding because of his health. But he actually came today.

There was a trace of exhaustion on Lord Harion's face, but he smiled in carefree nature, much different to his usual serious attitude, "My son, today is your official wedding day, I will escort you to the altar."

Aster blushed, "II am a man, I don't need to be escorted to the altar. Your health is not good, father. You shouldn't have come."

"I'm fine, it is my son's wedding day. Whether you are a man or a woman, I still want to escort you to the altar. Your mother once said to me that she doesn't mind whether you'll marry a man or woman. As long as you can be happy and your life will be secured with your spouse."

"Mother really said that?" Aster was surprised. He always thought that his mother always opposed him marrying anyone. Even went as far as tormenting him and Ramuja.

"Your mother wants your happiness, it's just that, nobody would give you the safety she wanted you to have. Since Charles had his eyes on you, nobody in Golden Camellia was strong enough to protect you. But now, there is someone"

Lord Harion glanced at Ramuja. Ramuja bowed deeply at his father-in-law, "I entrusted my son to you, King Rama. He is a bit prideful and can be stubborn many times. But he is loyal and hardworking, he also has the beauty that everybody ever dreamed off, does that convince you enough?" Lord Harion said jokingly.

"Father!" Aster glared at his father. But Ramuja nodded solemnly.

"It is me who is lucky here. I got to marry someone as mesmerizing and talented like him. I may have a great deed in my past life to ever be graced to marry him."

Aster elbowed Ramuja's waist, urging him to stop with such embarrassing words. Ramuja smiled deeply.

"Papaaaa!" Ardent ran towards Aster with tears on his face. He hugged Aster's leg. He hid behind Aster when Arya came to them. They were the flower girl and boy with flower baskets on their hands.

However, Arya seemed to like playing with Ardent so much in her own way. As in right now, Arya was holding a flower crown and forced Ardent to wear it.

"Wear this! You'll be cute!" Arya said. Ardent cried even harder behind Aster.

"Papa! Arya said that I will be a girl if I wear that! I don't want to be a girl!"

Aster sighed and crouched, he wiped Ardent's tear gently and took the flower crown from Arya and wore it on his head, Papa is now wearing the flower crown, does papa look like a girl now?"

Ardent sobbed, "Nobut papa is very beautiful"

Aster nodded, "Wearing something like this will not make you a girl, you are still my handsome boy."

Aster put the flower crown on Ardent's head and Ardent smiled while wiping his tears. Arya saw this for a moment and grinned proudly, "See, I told you, you look really cute!"

Ardent blushed when Arya praised him for the first time. He nodded and smiled sheepishly to Arya.

Ardent and Arya stood in front of Aster and Ramuja, ready to scatter the flowers across the aisle. King Chandra finally arrived and stood beside Ramuja. While Lord Harion stood beside Aster, they escorted their sons to the wedding.

When they arrived at the scene, everyone was ready to welcome them. Ardent and Arya walked first and scattered the petals alongside the aisle full of flowers. The rain of flower petals fell upon them and continuously, and the people threw scentful flowers on them, the aisle became almost like a flower road.

In Sun Kingdom custom, the bride walked first to the altar, and waited for the groom to take her to the bride chamber. Since Aster was supposed to be the bride, Lord Harion and Aster walked first. Aster glanced at his left, he saw Arjun-Anya, also Irion and Esther on his left, and when he turned to the right, he saw Mariette and Tuskan. They were all smiling and Mariette even said, "Congratulations, I'm waiting for my cute nephews and nieces!"

Tuskan had seemed to let go of his heart after three years he tried to chase Aster during Sun King Rama's deep slumber. But Aster did not budge at all. He didn't let anyone enter his heart, because he only had one love and lover in his life. Thus, Tuskan came with his fiance, a beautiful noble girl from Great Arctyr who happened to be one of the Aster's cult members. The cult that worshipped Saintess Celine and all his descendants.

Aster felt that everything was surreal. He saw the flower road leading to the altar, he nodded determinedly and walked to the altar. Lord Harion stood behind Aster, and they were waiting for the groom to take the bride.

Ramuja signaled his subordinate to bring him the bouquet. Ramuja was given a bouquet full of pink-white gardenias, with one very familiar gardenia in the middle. Everyone was shocked when they saw the bouquet on King Rama's hand. It was a bouquet full of extremely rare Gardenia of Blooming Desire, and a legendary Gardenia of Blooming Desire in the middle.

Aster was also surprised, but what made him surprised was that Ramuja still had the long lost first Gardenia of Blooming Desire that Ramuja had given to him in the Great Arctyr.

Ramuja walked confidently to the aisle with his father, King Chandra by his side. He stopped for a moment in his step, he gazed at his wife, his Milord, his beloved Aster, who stood at the end of the aisle with the same beautiful smile like seven years ago, when Aster was just fifteen years old.

Aster was standing in the middle of the garden, Ramuja walked slowly on a flower road leading to his master. The scent of various flowers wafted upon his nose, tempting him to go further and approached this beautiful, untouchable flower in the middle.

'I am glad that I followed my instinct to approach you, Aster.'

Ramuja walked again with determined steps and stood before the small stairs. He looked up to Aster and smiled.

The groom and bride could say anything to each other at this moment before the groom took the bride. However, to everyone's surprise, Ramuja actually recited the Oath of Camellia from Golden Camellia. The sacred oath that bound two people together. With this, his life is within Aster's hand.

"Aster Di Arlingdon, by the Oath of Camellia, I, Sun King Rama of Sun Kingdom, swear my fidelity to you. I give you my life and death and I give you everything I have. Under the Oath of Camellia, you are my only one and I will die withered by my lie if I dare to violate the oath."

Ramuja raised the flower bouquet to Aster. Aster nodded and took the bouquet from Ramuja's hand. Aster also recited his Oath of Camellia, "Sun King Rama, by the Oath of Camellia, I, Aster Di Arlingdon, Emperor Gardenia of Golden Camellia, swear my fidelity to you. I entrusted everything I have, my life, my love and my heartbeat to you. Under the Oath of Camellia, you are the only one and I will die withered by my lie if I dare to violate the oath."

Ramuja took a step and walked in front of Aster. They stared at each other for a moment. Ramuja took one step in and closed the distance between them. Their gazes fell on each other, together, their lips moved and recited another oath, the Oath of Gardenia.

To my loved one whom I would give my passion and purity,

Hold me tight until I lost my sanity,

Only with you I could be happy

Only to you, I swear my fidelity.

Ramuja took the legendary Gardenia of Blooming Desire in the middle of the bouquet and put it on Aster's lips gently. He lowered his head and kissed Aster's lips. Their soft kiss turned into a more passionate kiss, their lips tried to invade each other and the petals of the gardenia between their lips slowly fell one by one.

In the end, the Legendary Gardenia of Blooming Desire finally lost all its petals. Aster and Ramuja's lips finally met and they had a long, passionate kiss in front of everyone.

Everyone held their breath, trying to record the beautiful moment in their eyes. They could feel the passion between Emperor Gardenia and the Sun King. After the kiss finally ended, they were still craving for more. After the kiss, the guests cheered enthusiastically.

Ramuja grinned ambiguously at Aster and swept Aster's leg with his arm and carried Aster in bridal-carry style. Aster dr.a.p.ed his hand on Ramuja's neck and stared at Ramuja coquettishly.

Seeing that the bride and groom seemed to be impatient, King Chandra immediately took over the wedding and said to the people, "The bride and groom will go to the chamber, my honorable guests, please enjoy the banquet, thank you."

Ramuja carried Aster and walked on the flower aisle again to go to the wedding chamber.

Ramuja stared at the flower aisle with the rain of petals from above. Somehow, for Ramuja, it felt very novel. Because at first, he only saw Aster as an untouchable flower that he wouldn't be able to touch, maybe he could only admire from afar.

But the flower was now in his arm, leaned on him and whispered many unruly, perverted words in his years. It made him even more impatient, really.

'Ramuja, when I met you for the first time in that garden. I have a feeling that we will be entangled for a long time. Now we are entangled forever, as husband and wife. I regret nothing, husband,' Aster whispered in Ramuja's ears.

Ramuja's ears turned red, he walked faster to leave the scene.

After they left the banquet and headed to their chamber, Ramuja's perverted grin finally showed up again and he whispered in Aster's ears, 'Let's have a lot of babies.'

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