Gardenia Of Blooming Desire Bl Book 6 Chapter 286

Volume 6: After Story Chapter 286 Ten Years Later

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"Your Highness, you are overtraining. You will strain your body," General Irion urged the young Crown Prince to rest, he had been training for the whole day and only rested for two hours for lunch and dinner. Although his body was strong, the Crown Prince's body might not be able to endure it and he would get sick.

And if Crown Prince Ardent got sick he would probably manipulate the Emperor to pity him and give him more resources.

Irion shuddered. Prince Ardent was thirteen this year. His appearance resembled the late Emperor Charles more and more, his chiseled facial features had made him a stunning youth that was popular among the ladies and few perverted gentlemen. He was also talented in all aspects, governing, and military and martial arts. But Prince Ardent didn't seem to like anyone.

Well, except one person. However, rather than like, it was more like rivalry.

"I won't stop," Ardent said determinedly. "Arya still beats me over and over, I won't stop until I can beat her, so she would stop targeting my Emperor father."

Irion was stunned. It was true that Prince Ardent was not close with anyone except his Emperor father, Aster, and Princess Arya. Although, with Princess Arya, there was some weird entanglement between these two.

Ardent loved his Emperor father so much, even after he knew that Aster was just his uncle and his parents had passed away during the war. However, Arya also seemed to get fascinated by the mature Emperor Gardenia.

She loved how elegant, gentle, and eloquent the Emperor was, unlike her uncle Sun King Rama, who was rough and ignorant to what happened in his own kingdom. Sun King Rama's ignorance cost Arya's father, Prime Minister Arjun, with the help of Emperor Aster to constantly observe Sun Kingdom's administrations.

Ardent seemed to get jealous that Arya tried to covet his father and solely focused her attention on him. She even daringly said that she will take Emperor Gardenia after Sun King Rama stepped down from his throne. It triggered the king so much. However, Emperor Aster always scolded the Sun King whenever he glared or threatened Arya, much to Arya's delight.

'You are her uncle! She is obviously just playing around! Why are you glaring at her!' Aster scolded and hit Ramuja's head.

'Wu' Ramuja covered his head, although he didn't feel anything when Aster hit him, his pride still got hurt, 'Wife, she is not a good girl. She will covet you someday'

'You dare talk nonsense again!' Aster scolded harshly.

Ardent didn't like it. He didn't like how Arya only focused her attention towards his father. He wasn't sure what this feeling was, but he felt aggrieved whenever he thought about it.

Maybe he loved his Father Aster so much, so he didn't want anyone to covet his father. But he was obviously happy when Father Rama married and lived a good life with his Father Aster.

Whenever Arya looked at his father with worship, there was a fire in his heart. He hated it when Arya looked at anyone except him. Ardent tightened the grip on the sword and swung it hard.

Irion was afraid that Ardent would turn out to be like Charles. That would actually do a blasphemous thing, such as trying to marry his first cousin. If Prince Ardent really had the same obsession, then it would be very dangerous. He would do even bigger blasphemous acts, marrying his own father.

Thus, Irion excused himself and left to find the Emperor. Seeing that General Irion had left the training ground, Ardent finally stopped swinging the sword and called someone in low voice, "Helene."

A shadow guard appeared immediately, the shadow guard was obviously a woman with her smaller build. Helene came to Ardent once Ardent was ten years old, at that time, Ardent hadn't thought much. Because he was closely guarded by his father, now that his father's watch had been lowered, he could move by his own.

Helene truthfully said that she was the previous Emperor's shadow guard. But Emperor Charles told her to leave before he went to war, and she had been waiting until Ardent was ten years old to return back as a shadow guard, serving her duty to the golden bloods.

"What is the current situation in the Sun Kingdom? I heard that Arya is actually trying to challenge Father Rama to a duel," Ardent asked.

"Yes, Your Highness. Princess Arya seems to be eager to replace Sun King Rama as the new king, even though she is still thirteen years old."

Ardent clenched his fist, "Keep a tight watch. Arya cannot be the Sun King before I do."

"Yes, Your Highness," Helene disappeared again.

Ardent stared at the ground, somehow, he could see Arya's mirage on the ground. He shook his head, trying to dispel that face out of his head.

"Hah, don't kid me. Arya is not ladylike at all. She is a fierce beast, how could I like such a rough, unrelenting girl!" Ardent said stubbornly. But slowly, his golden circle flickered.


Aster was in his office, busy reading the doc.u.ments as always. He was not with Ramuja right now, he forced his husband to at least do something. So, Ramuja was now busy attending the party to represent Aster.

'Do you want to attend the party or do the administration?' Aster asked maliciously.

'Wu wife I don't want to do both' Ramuja whimpered, whenever Aster was commanding him to do something, he would do it no matter how much he didn't like it. Ten years had passed since their wedding and nothing had changed.

The relations between Golden Camellia and Sun Kingdom had been stable and close. The countries, alongside Great Arctyr, were trade partners, training the military together and overall in great condition.

His father, Lord Harion, had been retired and living in seclusion. Spending his life fishing with the villagers and planting fruits and vegetables, very different from that business emperor Grand Duke Harion.

Tuskan had married his fiance and Aster abdicated from his position as Great Queen. Although everyone opposed it, including Tuskan's wife, he felt that he was not qualified for it. He was still worshipped in Great Arctyr though.

Mariette married her boyfriend and had two daughters. While Esther married the barbarian king because they fell in love and ruled North Fort together, ironically.

Meanwhile, Helene

"Helene, you can come," Aster said.

Helene appeared in front of Aster. She kneeled deep and said, "Your Majesty, this guard has the news about Prince Ardent's growth."

Aster nodded, "Tell me."

"Prince Ardent seems to take the matter about Princess Arya from Sun Kingdom seriously. There is a possibility that Princess Arya is Prince Ardent's golden circle."

"As expected," Aster smiled, he was relieved that his deduction was correct, "Ardent needs to control his feelings. I know that Arya actually likes Ardent too, but she is unruly and a bit childish even for her age. I've guessed that Arya likes to see Ardent's jealousy whenever she says that she loves me."

"Alright then, Helene, try to set up a meeting between them. Of course, you have to make it less obvious. I don't want Ardent to be like Charles," Aster said.

"Yes, Your Majesty," Helene said.

"Also thank you for your dedication, Helene," Aster smiled. Helene was silent for a moment and replied:

"I just feel sad that Charles had wasted his talent and deranged himself because of his uncontrollable obsession. I know that Prince Ardent can be ten times more dangerous than Charles. Since I've failed to protect Charles, I will protect Ardent from himself," Helene said, and she disappeared.

Not long after, Irion came to his office and talked about his worry about Prince Ardent. Aster heard everything and said, "Irion, it's okay. Everything is under my control. Trust me, I am not his golden circle."

Irion was unsure whether he should let go of his worry or not, thus he warned, "Milord, Prince Ardent has a similar personality and talent as Charles. I can personally value that Prince Ardent can be ten times more dangerous than Charles. Because Prince Ardent naturally knows how to play the game without being detected by me. He is way too dangerous for his own good."

Aster knew about this too. Ardent was more dangerous than Charles, because Charles' emotion was detectable. Although he was indeed a perfect golden blood, his overflowing emotion was his weakness. But Ardent inherited all Charles' ability and temperament, except his blatant emotion.

Ardent was like a deep lake, because nobody knew what was in his mind. He had learned how Aster could smoothly handle things without using too much force, but he also learned from Ramuja that enough pressure could make everyone bow down even if you didn't say anything.

Ardent got the best out of Aster and Ramuja, and he had Charles' ability. He was a force to be reckoned with.

"Trust me, I will teach him how to be a good Emperor. I will not let another Charles happen," Aster reassured Irion again. Finally, after getting this answer twice, Irion left with a bit of relief in his heart. At least Milord Aster wasn't ignorant about Ardent's growth.


Late at night, Aster was on the bed, reading a book. Then he heard the door had been opened, Sun King Rama had returned from another party with exhaustion.

He took off his shirt and hurriedly snuggled himself with Aster on the bed. Aster smiled and pinched Ramuja's nose, "Go take a bath first."

Ramuja sighed and he obediently took a bath and then returned to snuggle with Aster again. The past ten years had been good, Ramuja was not good at governing and he was practically lazy doing anything except taking care of Aster and THAT unspeakable thing.

However, his presence was powerful enough to bring peace to three nations, thus, nobody felt wronged with King Rama's lazy behavior.

There was only one thing missing though

Aster hadn't been pregnant yet.

Well, it was mostly because Ramuja didn't tell Aster about it. He had inquired about it with the elder from Sun Kingdom. They said that Aster could get pregnant if they did it seven days nonstop until Aster's stomach bulged out with his seed.

It was practically impossible to do so, since Aster was incredibly busy every day. Even though their honeymoon was only two days, then Aster immediately returned to Golden Camellia to govern again.

Ramuja didn't dare to tell Aster about this secret, because Aster had been working tirelessly for their nations. Also, the prideful Aster became a pregnant man? Ramuja thought that Aster would probably hate him if Ramuja really did i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e him.

Thus, Ramuja bore it and often relieved himself in the bathroom, since Aster would only give him three times a week at most.

However, Ramuja was practically fed up with the parties he had to attend. He hated those pretentious nobles and their wretched perfumes. Those noblewomen who were like witches trying to get his attention and those worshipping gaze from the soldiers that forced him to act tough, it made him sick.

All he wanted to do was stay with Aster, simply.

He grieved over this and finally said, "Wife, how long until we can live on our own?"

"Hm? Ardent and Arya are yet to hit eighteen. We will have to wait for them for five years," Aster said. He felt a bit guilty forcing Ramuja to attend the parties, but Ramuja needed an activity other than staring at him in his office every day.

"You are already thirty-two now, and I'm already thirty-five. In five years, I'll hit forty, I'll die at that age, I want you to bear my baby." Ramuja said truthfully.

Aster paused, then stared at Ramuja seriously, "What did you say?"

"I'll die in forty and I want you to bear my baby before I die, Ramuja repeated seriously.

"Are you joking right now?" Aster's hand trembled as he held Ramuja's hand tightly, "DDon't joke about something like that, I don't want to lose you"

Ramuja felt guilty. He felt that he would not die when he hit forty, but he was unsure. If he really died at the age of forty, then he would want Aster to have his baby at least. If he didn't well, treat that as a bonus. Aster would have his child and they would live well together.

'Forgive me, wife. I may trick you for this one.'

Thus, Ramuja took the shot and said, "First, when I turned berserk in Golden Palace, I was actually dead, but I got revived with the cost of half of my lifespan. I will die at forty, Aster."

"That is why I feel sad, because practically, a man can get pregnant under the Sun King. As long as you are willing to be a pregnant man I can fill your belly with my s.e.m.e.n for seven days and night, you will bear my child," Ramuja said, there was a hit of begging in his voice, "Aster, I don't know whether I will die or not five years from now, but I want you to have my baby. So, at least, you will not be alone after I died."

After Ramuja said it, Aster didn't move for a few minutes. There was a trace of loss and sadness in his face. Then, he immediately unbuttoned his pajamas and was shirtless in front of Ramuja.

Ramuja was stunned, "WWhat are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Aster hurriedly tried to find the lube in the drawer and gave it to Ramuja, he slid his pants down and offered his body in front of Ramuja, "We need to do it seven days nonstop, right? Do me then, quick! I need to have your baby!"

Ramuja was stunned.

Had he known that it would be this easy to get Aster willingly submitted himself, he would've done this since years ago.

It was not too late though.

Ramuja ripped his pajamas and pounced Aster, he kissed Aster deeply and said in a low, hoarse voice, "Dont regret this, Aster."


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However, Gardenia will end with the last chapter, which will be released on Sunday.

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