Gardenia Of Blooming Desire Bl Book 6 Chapter 287

Volume 6: After Story Chapter 287 A Life Worth Living Afterstory End

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"Ramuja! Go dress up yourself! I'm busy with Javier!" Aster was busy dressing his son to attend the coronation of the new Emperor of Golden Camellia.

"Wife, Javier peed on my suit" Ramuja showed the pee-stained suit to Aster.

Aster glanced at Javier who was laughing as if it was funny, "Go and ask the servant to prepare another suit for you."

Ramuja pouted, he felt wronged again. Javier was already three years old, but he was like a little demon that knew no boundary. Ramuja had to endure days and nights of his son crying, pestering, tantrum and many more inside the palace. Five years had passed and Aster was pregnant with Ramuja's child four years ago.

Although everyone was shocked with the sudden news of Emperor Gardenia actually conceiving a child, the Emperor bravely announced that he was a man that got i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed by the Sun King. It was a sensation across the continent, this was the first time a normal man could conceive and give birth a healthy child.

Three years ago, the son of Sun King Rama and Emperor Gardenia was born. He was a miracle from a young age, he had the signature golden circle eyes of the golden blood from Emperor Gardenia, but there was an obvious sun emblem of Sun King on his back from King Rama.

He had Emperor Gardenia's mesmerizing, somewhat seductive eyes. But other than his eyes, their son was basically a perfect copy of King Rama. From his handsome masculine features, slightly larger built since he was a baby, to his somewhat unrestrained and lazy nature. He was like little King Rama 2.0.

The new prince's official name was named Javier Di Arlingdon, and his official title was Javier of Sun Kingdom. But he was also called Little Prince of the Golden Sun, due to his amazing talent.

Prince Javier was gifted with extreme brute force since he was just a baby. It was proven when General Irion offered his thumb for the baby Javier to grasp, it was all fun and games until Prince Javier tightened his small grip around General Irion's thumb. After that, General Irion had to be treated by the doctor, because Prince Javier actually snapped his thumb joint.

Prince Javier was also a good student. He was talented like his father, Emperor Gardenia. He could understand and read well at such a young age. He could also read Emperor Gardenia's complicated doc.u.ments, although he didn't know much of the content, he could read it well at such young age.

The Emperor often invited the best teacher to teach Javier, similar to what his late duchess mother's method when he was a little kid. However, true to Prince Javier's innate lazy nature, he always slept and slacked off during his study session. He could answer the question from the teacher well though. So, there was no complaint from the teacher.

Prince Javier was only enthusiastic when he was around his beloved Papa Aster. Papa Aster was a man, but he was the most beautiful of them all, he was also the most dazzling, yet the gentlest soul Javier ever sensed in his small life. Javier was drawn to his Papa like a duckling following its duck mother.

Prince Javier was King Rama 2.0 after all. It was no surprise that he was very sticky to his Papa Aster. He hated when everyone was trying to take his papa, he even had a rivalry with his Papa Rama.

Javier was hostile to Papa Rama, because every time he tried to sneak in to sleep with his Papa Aster, his Papa Rama would lock the door and then a faint sound of his Papa Aster crying and groaning was heard from inside, also the bed creaking.

Thus, Javier concluded that Papa Rama was bullying Papa Aster every night.


Ramuja hated this little demon spawn, but then, he remembered that he was the one who f.u.c.k.i.e.d Aster until his wife became a pregnant man.

He glared at Javier, but Aster always hit him whenever he glared at their son. He felt wronged, really wronged. His wife didn't love him anymore, Aster was busy with work, teaching Ardent the better way of golden blood, and also taking care of the little demon, Javier.

There was no time for them to enjoy a sweet life together.

He was going to hit forty soon, and Aster was already thirty-seven years old. They were not young, and the sign of aging started to show up in Ramuja's face. He had fine lines at the end of his eyes, his hair also started graying.

However, Aster still looked like he was just a mature man in his mid-twenty. He was still stunning without any sign of aging and the number of admirers around Aster never decreased. His beauty was well known across the globe.

There were many people who yearned to get Aster, they even sent gifts to steal his heart. But Emperor Gardenia was very loyal to his husband, King Rama.

Aster's loyalty never ceased Ramuja's insecurity though. The guy who had been worshipped as a demigod in the Sun Kingdom and a small part of Golden Camellia was still very insecure about everything relating to Aster.

He even asked whether Aster felt disgusted with his fine lines and graying hair.

But Aster only rolled his eyes and always said the same thing, 'Ramuja, I only love one man in my life, and that man is you. Even when you're gone, I will not marry anybody else. Stop with your useless insecurity! We are going to hit our forties soon!'


Aster, Ramuja and their son, Javier, were heavily guarded and escorted to the Lantern Palace main hall. The palace had been renovated, it was now three times bigger than its initial size.

In the main hall, Ardent was standing near the throne with his regal clothing. Ardent was already eighteen, he had met the requirement to be the new Emperor.

Crown Prince Ardent was not without achievements. Aster knew that Ardent was similar to Charles in terms of talents, thus, he sent Ardent to the military. Ardent learned a lot about the power of the military through his Papa Rama.

Papa Rama was not a good strategist, but he was so charismatic that the soldier would follow him to their doom fearlessly. Through Papa Rama, he could see how Arya would look like when she grew older.

Majestic, laid back, and powerful.

Since Ramuja was ordered by Aster to praise Ardent whenever Ardent did something good in the military, Ardent had long changed his way of thinking. He admitted that he fell in love with Arya, and Arya only loved someone that was on par, or higher than her.

So Ardent worked hard in the military to be a powerful man, just like his Papa Rama. He wanted to show Arya that he was also worth her consideration.

Aster and Ramuja, as Emperor Gardenia and Sun King Rama, abdicated together when both Ardent and Arya hit eighteen years old. Arya was crowned first, because she was a few months older than Ardent.

"Big brother!" Javier jumped from Aster's hand and ran towards Ardent. Everyone was watching the Little Prince of Golden Sun run towards the new Emperor.

Ardent smiled and picked Javier up, "Javier, you are getting heavy."

"Hehe, that's because you give Javi many foods!" Javier replied. Besides his Papa Aster, Javier also liked his big brother Ardent. Because big bro always coaxed him with various foods that he got from his expedition and campaign to other countries.

Ardent chuckled, "You are good with Papa Aster while I'm away, right? Papa Aster is very busy, you shouldn't disturb him."

Javier pouted, "Papa Rama always bullied Papa Aster in bed every night! Papa Aster cries and begs Papa Rama to stop, but Papa Rama is a bully! Javi hates Papa Rama so much!"

The main hall was full with nobles and kings across the nation. Of course, they knew that the little prince said, although the little prince was oblivious.

Aster's face blushed tomato red, while Ramuja grinned shamelessly. Aster elbowed Ramuja's belly and walked faster to take Javi, "Javi, go play with Uncle Irion. Maybe you can also play with Layla and Lyon, Uncle Tuskan brings them today," Aster said, mentioning Tuskan's twin son-daughter who was about the same age as Javier.

"Really?" Javier jumped from Ardent's hand and landed on the ground smoothly. He looked at his left and saw Layla hid behind her father, blushed when Javier looked at her. Lyon already waved his hand, calling Javier to join them.

Javier happily played with the twin.

Aster sighed and focused his attention on Ardent, he rubbed Ardent's head gently, "Sorry I'm a bit late, your little brother and your father can be handful sometimes."

Ardent smiled and nodded.

After Crown Prince Ardent and Emperor Gardenia already stood side by side in front of the audience, the usual ceremony with dancers, bands, and cavalries filled the huge hall. After everything had been finished, the Prime Minister started the coronation:

"Thank you for the honorable ladies and gentlemen, our honorable kings and queens who attend the coronation of the next Emperor of Golden Camellia. The coronation will be done by the previous Emperor, Emperor Gardenia.

The Prime Minister presented the crown and the ruler staff to Aster. Ardent was sitting on the throne, waiting for his father.

Aster took the crown and the staff, he gazed upon it for a moment.

'I never want to be an Emperor anyway. I did everything because I have to.'

'I think, back then, what I wanted was just to live comfortably with someone I love, I was too green back then, not knowing what it really meant. I also hesitated because I thought I would never find someone in my life.'

'But now that Ramuja is by my side, I hesitate no more.'

Aster had ruled for eighteen years, he was already tired with so much administrations he needed to handle every day. He was not young anymore.

During the period of his and Ramuja's rule, Golden Camellia, Sun Kingdom, and Great Arctyr had reached their peaceful state. There was no war, no tension, and they opened the trade between three countries and other countries at ease.

It was indeed the renaissance era of Golden Camellia.

Aster handed the staff to Ardent, and then put the crown on Ardent's hand slowly, "I, Emperor Gardenia of Golden Camellia, hereby announce you, Ardent Audric Camellia, as the new Emperor of Golden Camellia."

"May the flower of prosperity bloom under your rule, our golden emperor," Aster smiled and kissed Ardent's forehead.

The Prime Minister announced the new Emperor, "Golden Camellia's new ruler, Emperor Gardenia II has been crowned, esteemed guests, please show your respect."

Ardent stood tall while everyone bowed deeply on him, including his fathers, Aster and Rama. However, one person didn't bow at all, and that was Sun King Arya of Sun Kingdom.

Arya giggled and winked at Emperor Ardent. She gestured something with her mouth, 'Meet me in the garden tonight.'

Ardent blushed. He nodded slightly and cleared his throat, Ardent commanded with his magnetic voice, "Rise."

Everyone was happy with the coronation, and expected more from Emperor Gardenia II, because the previous Emperor was an amazing ruler.

The party was held until late at night, Aster was already tired, and Javier was already sleeping in his arms. Ramuja pulled Aster out of the party and they headed to their own palace.

Ramuja carried Aster while Aster carried Javier, it was like a stack of books.

"Wait, I have to put Javier to his bed first," Aster said. He put Javier to his own room and closed the door, their son was sleeping soundly.

Aster and Ramuja entered their room, locked the door and prepared to sleep. Aster was actually anxious, because tonight, it was Ramuja's birthday. He would turn forty soon.

However, Ramuja himself was not worried at all.

They cuddled together on the bed, Ramuja kissed Aster's ears and whispered, 'Go to sleep, beauty.'

Aster was prepared for the heartbreak he might not be able to endure. If Ramuja really died tonight, he would raise Javier until Javier was fifteen years old and then followed Ramuja to the afterlife.

He was anxious, but Ramuja seemed to have accepted everything. He closed his eyes comfortably.

The time ticked, Aster kept glancing at the clock, he placed his ears next to Ramuja's heart, he didn't want to miss Ramuja's last heartbeat even for a mere second.

When the time finally hit the mark, Aster closed his eyes. He clenched Ramuja's body tightly, unable to let go.

'I love you, Ramuja. Please wait for me in the afterlife.'




Aster opened his eyes slowly, instead of the imminent death that Ramuja talked about. He only heard Ramuja snore loudly.

Aster could still hear Ramuja's heartbeat beating steadily. Aster checked the clock, and he stared at Ramuja in disbelief. He shook Ramuja's body and yelled at him, "Ramuja! Ramuja! Wake up!"

"Hm huh hu what?" Ramuja opened his eyes hardly. He was so tired today, he needed his sleep.

Aster's body trembled, "YYou are not dead? You said you'll die when you hit forty!"

Ramuja finally opened his eyes wide, he gulped and avoided Aster's gaze, "Uhm I forgot to say this, but it seems that when that purple light got separated from my body, the contract between me and that purple light has been broken."

Ramuja felt guilty. He practically forgot about this after Aster was pregnant with his son and their life was like an old married couple with their children.

Ramuja was afraid that Aster would hit him again, he lowered his head, "II'm sorry, Aster. I did not mean"

Ramuja halted his apology when Aster suddenly hugged him tightly. Aster's face burrowed on Ramuja's shoulder. Aster cried while hugging Ramuja.

"Thank god. Thank god I didn't have to bury you. Ramuja please don't leave me, I beg you. I cannot breathe if you die," Aster said truthfully.

Ramuja patted Aster's back and head, "Aster, I said, I will never leave you alone."

Aster was really clingy this night. They were stuck in this position with Aster still burrowing his face on Ramuja's shoulder. Ramuja caressed Aster's head gently, his eyes looking at the bright moon on the sky tonight. It was indeed a beautiful night.

'Aster, I'm glad that you took me in that slave market. Even if I have to endure countless tortures, as long as I can be with you in the end, it is worth living for. Aster, this life is worth living for.'

Two buds bloomed together in the garden of desire.

Through ire and mire, they are fated to be together.

Like an immortal fire, their feelings guide each other

This is the tale of Gardenia of Blooming Desire.


Hi ForeverPupa here! ^u^

Whaaaa, Gardenia of Blooming Desire ends now. TuT

It's been a long journey, but I hope you are satisfied with the ending!

Though this is the end, I do not leave without a good news! Author has published a new novel!

(BL) Quick Transmigration: Being A Homewrecker to Save the World! (QT:HWSW)

Please kindly check it out!

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Lots of luv from author!

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