Genius Summoner Chapter 1081

Chapter 1080: Blue shot (3)

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Rongxins forehead was already sweating, and his breathing became very rapid. He wiped a handful of sweat from his face on the back of his hand. Rongxins heart trembled slightly, and his fingers lightly supported his contract ring. His heart sank, and it seemed that he was about to summon a contracted monster, otherwise this one would not be able to fight at all, he would be crushed all the way to the end!

"Wow!" The dazzling light hit again fiercely, Rong Xin narrowed his eyes slightly and saw the cold and handsome beauty in curly blue clothes through the white light. The black eyes seemed to be oozing with something terrifying. Rongxin's heart trembled inexplicably, and he did not dare to hesitate anymore, the contract ring worn by his fingers suddenly burst into light!

"This kid, finally knows that he can't hold on to his death, he must call out the contract demon." The fifth elder breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't intend to stop this competition. Such a discussion is not harmful to Rongxin, and the fifth elder also has a good idea. With him here, it is naturally impossible for Qu Lanyi to really hurt his heart, and there are usually not many such opportunities against such a master, especially with the light magician.

"Contracted Beast?" Yun Feng saw the earthy yellow dazzling brilliance. He was an Earth Summoner. What kind of contracted Beast was his sixth-level king? Yun Feng couldn't help but have some expectations, and the surrounding disciples couldn't help but cheer when they saw it, "Brother Rongxin has summoned a contracted monster!"

"Haha, summoning contracted monsters is one-to-two, and the light magician can't do anything!"

"Yes, this is where the summoner's advantage lies!"

"In this way, Brother Rongxin might lose!"

Qu Lanyi slightly stopped the offensive. The light element he used just now was obviously bounced out by some unknown object. Qu Lanyi's eyes narrowed slightly. After all the light disappeared, a huge monster stood in front of Rongxin! All Qu Lanyi's attacks just now were successfully blocked by this object!

"Look! Brother Rongxin's contracted monster!" The disciples on the sideline screamed, and the fifth elder also chuckled and looked at Yun Feng on the side, "Girl, although your friend's strength is strong, it is defensive. The famous earth element, especially in front of this monster, is a bit inferior."

Looking at Yun Fengs black eyes, what stood in front of Rongxin was a monster that was about to catch up with the elephant. He firmly guarded Rongxin behind him. The skin on the surface was a rough earth-yellow color, which looked like a giant tortoise. , Carrying an extra-heavy-looking shell on his back, but the shell is covered with khaki sharp blades with straight roots!

The giant tortoises neck stretched out of its shell and roared at Qu Lanyi. The scream was extremely unpleasant. The disciples on the side could not help but block their ears. Even Rongxin did the same. The giant tortoise roared, his limbs I stepped on the ground, causing the ground to vibrate slightly, and a pair of tortoise eyes looked at Qu Lanyi, "Boy, it's almost impossible to break my defense!"

"What kind of monster is this?" Yun Feng felt that this earth-type monster had an extraordinary origin, and the fifth elder smiled, "This is an earth-type monster, the rock king tortoise."

Hades... tortoise? Yun Feng quickly searched for information about this kind of monster in his brain. There should be a record in the master's book of monsters. Earth-type monster... Hades... Yun Feng once read Master carefully. The book of World of Warcraft I left behind, because she is a summoner herself, the more knowledge she has about World of Warcraft, the better. That book of World of Warcraft will be read by Yunfeng whenever she is free, although she didnt deliberately remember it, but She had already kept most of the World of Warcraft illustration books in her mind, and soon she found a description of the "Hades Turtle".

Rock King Tortoise, also known as Yama King Tortoise, is one of the strongest defensive types among the Earth-type monsters. The Rock King Tortoise is good at maximizing the defense of the earth element, but it also has the ability to attack. The sharp blade on its back is used to defeat the enemy. magic weapon.

Yun Feng clearly remembered a word from the master left under the rock king tortoise. Don't underestimate the enemy.

If you think that the offensive abilities of the earth-type monsters are all wrong, you are wrong. An element cannot focus on only one aspect. It has a variety of different functions at the same time, such as water element, which has healing power. It has functions, but it also has strong offensive power. It can also be used as a defense. The same element will have many different effects if the person to use the method is appropriate.

Although the earth element is known for its defenses, its offensive abilities are naturally different in the hands of different people. Yun Feng's black eyes sink slightly, will Qu Lanyi underestimate the enemy?

"Rock King Tortoise?" Qu Lanyi only raised the corners of her lips when she saw it, and Rong Xin couldn't help but probe from behind, "What! You know!"

The fifth elder was also shocked when he heard that, "This kid actually knows that this is the Rock King Tortoise! The Rock King Tortoise is not a common species... Girl, what is your friend's background?"

Yun Feng was also surprised, Qu Lanyi actually knew the Rock King Turtle! But it's not unusual for him to know, just relying on the old guy who lives in the white jade Perry, what else he can't know.

"What's the background...maybe I know a little bit more." Yun Feng said lightly, the fifth elder glanced at her strangely, obviously not convinced, Qu Lanyi's mouth was coldly provoked, "Can you have this Youre lucky with the contracted Beasts, but... dont think that I cant touch you!"

The Rock King Turtle who stood in front of Rongxin smiled suddenly, his neck stretched a little longer, "Boy, your tone is not small! I want to see how your light element can break through my armor!"

"Then give it a try!" Qu Lanyi smiled coldly, turning his palm up, and the dazzling light elements suddenly gathered in his palm. The shining light could hardly open his eyes. The Fifth Elder couldn't help sighing, "Yes. Using the light element to such a powerful state, he is many times stronger than those few."

The rock king tortoise suddenly arched his back, and saw the sharp khaki blades on the hard shell, unexpectedly, all of them came out in an instant! It's like a sword rain, it's overwhelming!

Qu Lanyi smiled coldly, and the light element in his hand waved again. The dazzling light rippled with ripples, which continued to spread out like a sea tide. The earth-yellow sharp blade that hit the sky, under the ripples, All were swept back!

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