Genius Summoner Chapter 1083

Chapter 1082: I don't owe you anything (1)

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Even if Rongxin summons the Rock King Turtle again, it is useless. This light element can penetrate the Rock King Turtles armor. If the Rock King Turtle can escape, its moving speed is very slow. Qu Lanyi also grasped this point. Using this trick, as long as a beast with speed, this trick is not threatening.

Now the situation has taken a turn for the worse, and the contracted Beast of Heart cannot be used, just because he himself is not an opponent of Qulanyi, the little ball of light in the air is so powerful, if he is not careful, it is not as simple as scorching flesh. Sweat can't help but sweat on his forehead. I don't know when he has prepared this move. How many steps can this kid see? If this is a game of chess, Rongxin feels that he has no chance of winning at all!

"Okay, that's it!" The fifth elder suddenly jumped out and said, Rong Xin took a breath, Qu Lanyi stood in the air and smiled coldly, and didn't bother to get entangled. After falling to the ground, it was just a cold light sweep, no After paying attention to Rongxin, he walked to Yun Feng's side.

Yun Feng smiled at the fifth elder, "Master, is Rongxin okay?"

Rongxin wiped his sweat with his hands, and smiled, "I lost this time, this kid really has a few tricks."

Seeing Rongxin's attitude, You Yue couldn't help sighing helplessly, and handed over to the Fifth Elder, "Master, let's leave first and don't disturb Master."

The fifth elder nodded, and the three of Yun Feng left, and were taken aback for a moment, "Master, have you received another one?"

The Fifth Elder knocked Rongxin's head fiercely, and Rongxin yelled out of pain. He covered the place where he was knocked and shouted aggrievedly, "Master, why are you knocking on me!"

"I don't knock you, who is not careless, who I will knock! Your kid has nothing to do and fights leisurely with others? Your tortoise was almost cooked by someone and you don't have a long memory!"

Rongxin didnt listen to the others, and when he mentioned his monsters, he suddenly became energetic, Master, what is the background of that kid! What kind of person is this little junior sister? Isnt the light element famous for healing? How could there be such a powerful explosive force? And..."

If the fifth elder didnt say anything, it was another violent thud, and he looked at his master with aggrieved heart. The fifth elder sighed, You bastard, if you cant even beat that person, dont provoke you. Little Junior Sister!"

Rong Xin was completely stunned this time, "Master, what you mean is...Little Junior Sister is even more powerful than the one just now!"

The fifth elder chuckled, "I don't know this, but I know that your junior is very capable, and where can someone who can walk with her be weak?"

Rong Xin seemed to understand and nodded, and the fifth elder said again, "This time the ranking has only been two months, you bastard, don't hurry up and consolidate your strength!"

Rongxin smiled, and said in a big way, "Master, don't you never care about this, but I will try to make the top five!"

The fifth elder sighed helplessly and turned to leave, shaking his head and muttering to himself as he walked, "Fortunately, that girl is here, otherwise it's not a careless one, hey..."

The Yunfeng trio returned to their courtyard all the way, and all the onlookers outside the door were also scattered, but everyone's faces were surprised, and they all felt uncomfortable because they had despised Qu Lanyi earlier. In their eyes, the light magicians were all kind of nurses, but they didn't expect to be so powerful. Those in the Stars Academy should really learn from others and see how they use the light element!

The three of Yun Feng approached the courtyard, Qu Lanyi's complexion was still a bit bad, one was the name of Rongxin's desperate little junior sister, and the second was that he didn't hold his breath, and he actually did something with the lack of heart. Qu Lanyi continued to reflect on herself after the incident. Her emotions have never been so easy to be teased by others. Once involved with Yun Feng, her endurance seems to be zero. This is a very serious problem. .

Fortunately, it is not the enemy that is facing. If once it is an enemy and exposes his weakness to the enemy, then he will be more restrained and even lose his chances of winning. Qu Lanyi can't help but frown whenever he thinks of this. , If this is put in the future... how should he be good, if the scene he envisioned really appears, what should he do at that time?

"Qu Lanyi, what's the matter?" Yun Feng called Qu Lanyi several times, and found that he did not answer to himself, but blindly immersed in his own emotions. Yun Feng would not think that Qu Lanyi was still thinking about it. Of things, naturally when he is thinking about other things.

Qu Lanyi returned to his senses, and his expression warmed, "It's okay. By the way, Xiao Fengfeng, what did the fifth elders tell you? Is this little old man asking you something or something else?"

Hearing this, You Yue couldn't help but care. Yun Feng smiled at the expressions of the two. "The Fifth Elder said something and some requests, but it didn't conflict with my original intention, so I just did it by the way. "At the moment, Yun Feng explained the events of the friendly exchange competition among the three major colleges and universities, Qu Lanyi and You Yue were both silent after hearing this.

"The three academies have always said it together. It seems that there is not much communication with each other. This time, why did the teachers mobilize the crowd to make such a large-scale exchange competition?" You Yue frowned, always feeling that things would not be too simple.

Qu Lanyi smiled coldly, "There must be a reason for what happened. Who knows what the other two islands are doing? Speaking of this, I don't know what happened to Peach Blossom Eye and Mu Canghai."

Yun Feng couldn't help sighing. Since Mo Changge arbitrarily stepped into other islands, Mu Canghai has not been in contact since he caught up with them. Yun Feng also doesn't know the condition of the two, but Yun Feng firmly believes that the two will have nothing. Dangerous, Mu Canghai inherited some of Yaoguang's skills, and this skill is also well-developed in the middle domain. As for Mo Changge, I believe he is not a soft persimmon.

Two and a half years have passed. No news from Mu Canghai can only show that Mo Changge has not been found. Yun Feng's mood can't help but sink when he thinks of this. Before returning to the Yun family headquarters, will Mo Changge be able to find it? ? Will something happen in the middle?

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