Genius Summoner Chapter 683

Chapter 682: Don't mess with me (2)

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"Its not you who robbed it, I just said it. Im a pure outsider in this matter. The development of Red Maple has made many people feel dissatisfied. It will be inexplicably squeezed out in other places. Take today as an example. Soldiers, not the mercenaries of the mercenary group, they are all dissatisfied with Red Maple, shouldn't we think about the current situation?"

The meaning of Mu Qing's words here is already obvious, you can develop and grow! Feel free to develop in your own territory, but don't be so arrogant in other territories.

"This situation really needs to be changed." Yun Feng whispered, then stood up, "Where is the location of the Aowei Mercenary Union?"

Mu Qing was taken aback, "You, what do you ask this for?"

"Since Red Maple accidentally caused unnecessary misunderstandings to some people, it is natural to explain clearly in person to avoid endless troubles later!"

Mu Qing frowned. He originally thought Yun Feng would suppress the current development momentum of Red Maple, but he didn't expect that he would directly kill the mercenary union! "Are you going to make a shot?" Mu Qing asked with an unpleasant look. Yun Feng laughed, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth, "Shooting? Mu Qing, are you so afraid of me doing it?"

Mu Qing's expression was a bit awkward. This girl couldn't see through when she first saw it. Now she still can't see through, her strength, her mind, her personality, and everything she does. thing!

"At your level of strength, it hurts dignity to shoot." Mu Qing said lightly, and Yun Feng twitched his lips. "Dignity is not used to protect yourself, but to protect the people you love."

Mu Qing's eyes flashed, and Yun Feng had already walked to the door, "Just tell me the place, I will go by myself."

Mu Qing was startled, and then smiled, "The visitor is a guest, but I have to do my best for the friendship of the landlord."

Yun Feng didnt care about smiling, he didnt have a lot of trouble along the way, he just opened the door and was ready to leave, and saw a house servant swaying in, "Young Master Mu Qing, Mu Qing. Young Master!"

"What's the matter? So panic!" Mu Qing yelled a little, and the servant panted and hurriedly replied, "Someone, someone insists to break in!"

As soon as the voice fell, there was a roar not far away, "Get out of the way, don't force me to do it!" Mu Qing heard his brows frown, and he rushed out with a flash. Yun Feng heard this sound a little familiar, but I didn't think of it for a while.

"Don't go check it out?" Qu Lanyi whispered from the side, "I can't help but come to see you."

"Look for me?" Yun Feng raised his eyebrows. Who would come to her at this time? Moving in his footsteps, he rushed over with the demon monster and the meat ball, "This is also where you can run around! Give you five seconds and get out!" Mu Qing's roar sounded, and Yun Feng and his party also appeared at this time. When he saw the person who broke in, Yun Feng was surprised!

"Zhao Yan!"

Zhao Yan, who was just about to start his hands, saw Yun Feng, his eyes suddenly burst into a frenzy, "Miss Yun...Miss!" Zhao Yan immediately changed his mouth and shouted, Mu Qing immediately looked at Yun Feng when he heard it, "Your acquaintance ?"

Yun Feng nodded, "Sorry, it's my friend, it's a bit reckless to come to me in a hurry."

Zhao Yan wanted to say something but Yun Feng's eyes glared back. Mu Qing heard the wave of his hand, causing everyone around him to retreat, and put away his offensive, "Since it's your friend, don't care. Talk about it first, tell me when you want to leave." After Mu Qing turned and left, Zhao Yan ran over when everyone else had gone, standing in front of Yun Feng, looking from head to toe with his eyes. Looking back and forth!

Back, she finally came back!

"It's only been more than a year. I haven't changed much. You don't need to look at me like that." Yun Feng laughed, Zhao Yan's cheeks were a little red, but he saw Qu Lanyi just about to say something, and immediately looked at him with some caution. When Yun Feng saw Zhao Yan, she seemed to have something to say, and Qu Lanyi looked inconvenient, so she only glanced at Qu Lanyi.

"Okay, I got it." A gaze Qu Lan Yi understood Yun Feng's meaning, and she hugged the demon in her arms, "You demon, let's go somewhere else first." The demon nodded peacefully, one pair. Staring at Zhao Yan with big eyes, obviously minding him, Zhao Yan also kept looking at Yaoyao, as if confirming something. The meat ball, which was comfortable on Yun Feng's shoulder, was suddenly picked up by one hand.

Qu Lanyi picked up the meat ball's neck with two fingers, and walked outside with its furry body, "Space, I need a little space." The meat ball cried out dissatisfied, and Qu Lanyi took two with him. After leaving here, Yun Feng smiled in relief, he really understood her.

"Okay, what's the matter?" Yun Feng asked. In fact, Qu Lanyi is not an outsider, and Yun Feng thinks he has nothing to hide from him. However, Zhao Yan looked unwilling to speak. Yun Feng could only let Qu Lan. Yi left for a while.

"That...is it true?" Zhao Yan came out without thinking, and Yun Feng was puzzled, "What is true?"

Zhao Yan swallowed, "That's the rumor!"

Yun Feng was even more puzzled, "Rumors? What rumors?"

Zhao Yan's face suddenly dimmed, "It seems to be true, I didn't expect it to develop so fast... unexpectedly..."

"Make it clear! Don't hesitate!" Yun Feng was a little angry, "What rumors are clear!"

Zhao Yan sighed, "You and him actually have a child, and they are still that old... This is a good thing for you. The child is also very beautiful and looks a lot like you... Uncle Yun Jing must be very happy, you tell him Is this news? Do you want to give him a surprise?" Zhao Yan said, but Yun Feng's face was getting worse and worse. Zhao Yan suddenly didn't have the courage to continue speaking at the end, only that Yun Feng seemed a little angry.

"To, to, to, to, who, to say, that!" He gritted his teeth, his teeth creaked by Yun Feng, Zhao Yan was a little puzzled, "The soldiers of Hongfeng are telling you that you have a child. I didnt believe it at first, but I saw it with my own eyes now..."

"Bastard! You believe this too!" Yun Feng yelled angrily, grabbed Zhao Yan by the collar with one hand, and lifted it forcefully. Zhao Yan was already picked up by Yun Feng, and Yun Feng had already taken it in the next second. Let him swept forward like the wind! When Zhao Yan returned to his senses again, he saw Yun Feng suddenly open a door. As soon as Hongfeng's three mercenaries saw Yun Feng, they immediately shouted, "Miss early!"

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