Genius Summoner Chapter 684

Chapter 683: Don't mess with me (3)

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"The three of you... did you spread the news that I have a child?" Yun Feng asked with a gloomy face. The three of Hongfeng's three nodded unconsciously, and couldn't help but cried when they saw Zhao Yan, "Master !How did you come!"

Zhao Yan understood a little bit, and his heart suddenly relaxed. He originally thought that he had no chance at all. After all, both of them had children, but now it seems that none of this is true! "You three, how can you talk nonsense about this!" Zhao Yan scolded, and the three of Hongfeng looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

"I'm only a teenager, how could it be possible to have such a big child!" Yun Feng said unbearably, and the three fighters were taken aback, "Can't there be? If it's a young lady, it's impossible, right..."

Yun Feng really couldn't laugh or cry when he heard this. Zhao Yan smiled awkwardly. He rushed to see her in a hurry. The other was because he heard the news and wanted to know if it was true. Make sure with your own eyes! When he saw the demon, Zhao Yan only felt that the world was dark, but just now, it turned on again!

"I really want to have a child of this age. It's better to be like Xiao Fengfeng." The lazy voice appeared again, Qulan collared the demon demon, and the other was standing at the door with the meat ball in his hand, and the meat ball screamed. With a cry, he ran towards Yun Feng's shoulder, and groaned at Qu Lanyi very annoyed. Qu Lanyi didn't care, and looked at Zhao Yan, Zhao Yan excitedly greeted him.

"The relationship between me and Xiao Fengfeng is a pure relationship between men and women." Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows and smiled and looked at Yun Feng when he said this. Yun Feng was a little at a loss. The pure relationship between men and women is at a loss for what he said! Zhao Yan was not happy to hear that Wei Wei, but he is not qualified to say anything now, his strength is below this person, it means that he is not qualified to fight for anything!

The light bulbs in the heads of the three soldiers of Red Maple suddenly lit up. The three of them stared at Yaoyao in amazement, and then at Qu Lanyi. The three knew how oolong the news they were delivering, but Now I want to save it for a while, but Red Maple is boiling over the whole news! Otherwise, the young master can come so quickly?

"Well, miss, it's good if the young master is here! We still have a task in our body, we...we will withdraw first!"

After the three people finished speaking, they fled out embarrassedly. Yun Feng shook his head helplessly, and Zhao Yan chuckled, "It's okay, just clarify the news."

Yun Feng nodded, feeling a little headache, the truth of this news is very low, okay! It depends on her age to know how she could have a child as big as Yaoyao! "It happened that you came, so just walk with me." Yun Feng said to Zhao Yan, Zhao Yan wondering, "Where to go?"

"Go to the Aowei Mercenary Union, some things need to be clarified."

"It's about Red Maple?" Zhao Yan suddenly felt guilty. He didn't know that Red Maple was inexplicably excluded in other empires, but he really didn't have the ability to change this situation. Yun Feng just came back and was about to become Red Maple. Worry, Zhao Yan felt a little incompetent.

"Don't take it to heart. Uncle Zhao and Uncle Wang can't solve it. You don't have to force it." Yun Feng smiled slightly and patted Zhao Yan on the shoulder. Nevertheless, Yun Feng and Zhao Yan are quite old, Zhao Yan Pulling the corners of his mouth bitterly, once again realized the gap between the two.

"Don't make this expression, there are a lot of places you can help." Qu Lanyi said, Zhao Yan raised his head, the expression on his face was shaken, can he help Yun Feng?

Yun Feng smiled, "It does help me a lot, the young master of the Red Maple Mercenary Corps, this name is help."

"Miss, what are you talking about!" Zhao Yan was a little embarrassed, he didn't dare to call himself a young master, the core of the Red Maple Mercenary Group was Yun Feng! The pillar of the Red Maple Mercenary Group is also Yun Feng!

"I have said it, call me Yunfeng."

Zhao Yan was taken aback. Yun Feng patted Zhao Yan on the shoulder again and walked out. Qu Lanyi saw Yun Feng go out and walked slowly to Zhao Yan. Zhao Yan's expression tightened. He knew that he also liked Yun Feng. And he is the person who has been by Yun Feng's side, this person's strength is much higher than himself!

"Scared?" Qu Lanyi said faintly, Zhao Yan was startled, then shook his head, Qu Lanyi smiled, "Since you are not afraid, just chase it, one, two or three. That's a lot."

Zhao Yan didn't understand, Qu Lanyi chuckled again, "Lets go, didnt you always want to help her? This time you can be regarded as getting what you wanted." Qu Lanyi also walked out, and Zhao Yan suddenly felt that this man was very It's hard to understand, he and him should be rivals in love, aren't they, why does he still encourage himself so generously? Zhao Yan stopped thinking about it and chased it out. Indeed, as Qu Lanyi said, this time it was his chance to help Yunfeng. He always thought he could not help much, but now he can help too. He can Help her!

Several people set off on the same day to Nayuan City, where the Aowei Mercenary Union is located. This is a city similar to Geyuan. It is famous for its military strength. Aowei's mercenary union is stationed here. It is also the city where mercenaries gather the most. There are a large number of mercenaries coming in and out every day, and it is always full of **** power.

It took a few people three days to come to Nayuan. If the speed of Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi was followed, it would only take half a day. However, they had to worry about the speed of Mu Qing and Zhao Yan. Mu Qing had been wondering why Yun Feng was in fact. If he didn't summon a beast, he remembered that she had a wind-type beast. Yun Feng didn't call Mu Qing and it was not convenient to say anything. Arriving in Nayuan, Mu Qing and Zhao Yan were a little tired. The distance between the two places was very far. They didnt have a rest during the three-day journey. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were naturally not tired. Mu Qing arranged a few peoples accommodation and took a rest first. After going, Zhao Yan said that he was fine, but he obediently went to rest under Yun Feng's order.

Yunfeng and several people were in the residence of Nayuan City Lord. Mu Qing's arrival caught Nayuan City Lord by surprise. Fortunately, there were enough empty rooms in the City Lords mansion, and the arrival of a few people caused quite a stir in this mansion. , Mu Qing is one of the reasons, and another reason is because of Yun Feng.

"You're the Yun Feng? Summoner?" Looking at the strong-hearted children in front of him, Yun Feng had a headache. This should be the child of the city lord, otherwise he would not dare to go in and out of this place casually. Guests, Yun Feng can only nod his head, and one of them immediately shouted out excitedly, "It's great, it's really her!"

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