Genius Summoner Chapter 685

Chapter 684: Don't mess with me (4)

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"I heard that a distinguished guest came here specially." A gentle voice sounded, Yun Feng looked up, a pale middle-aged man walked in, and one of the children shouted in surprise, "Teacher !" Yun Feng's black eyes narrowed slightly, looking at the middle-aged man, leading the rank.

"Summoner Yun Feng?" The pale middle-aged man raised his eyebrows and said, Yun Feng chuckled, "It's true, the distinguished guest is someone else, I will leave first." Yun Feng got up and left, and then the next second , A arrogant battle spirit suddenly hit from behind, Yun Feng's eyes were cold, his body was slightly slanted, his battle spirit suddenly fell into the sky, and he slammed directly into the ground!

"What does this mean?" Yun Feng turned his head slightly, and the pale middle-aged man laughed, "That's what you understand, how powerful the legendary summoner Yun Feng is, let me understand!"

The children immediately stepped back with keen footsteps. They did not see the slightest tension in their eyes, but there was a lot of excitement. It seemed that they had expected it to be normal. Yun Feng frowned and looked at the man who provoked her on the opposite side, but didn't want to After all, there is no need to take action here, and every provocation must respond. Her mind is as naive as these people.

"Do you think that the teacher can give this Yunfeng some power?"

"It's a little bit, isn't the teacher's strength also very strong?"

"Yes, don't think that Aowei is so bullied!"

The whispers of a few children passed into Yun Feng's ears, and he sneered in his heart. A group of fart children still wanted to give her a slap in the face? It seems that the relationship between Aowei and Hongfeng is somewhat incompatible, so what about Shengyao and Kasaba? The two countries must be no better. If the three countries are linked together because of the development of Red Maple, what actions they take against the Fengyun Empire is really worth the loss, but the mercenary union will naturally not sit idly by, after all, mercenaries. The regiment is a relatively independent part. To take advantage of the mercenary group, the royal family still needs courage.

However, Red Maples situation in the mercenary world is subtle. If there is no shocking action, standing on the cusp of the storm would become everyones goal. Yun Fengs mind suddenly flashed an idea that Uncle Zhao and Uncle Wang could not. It was the latter who pushed Yun Feng. The two did not have such big ambitions. Not to mention Zhao Yan. The character and mind of this young boy are very simple. If it is a type of person like Yan Ming, this is possible. Action, but Yan Ming will not leave such a red maple alone and let it be attacked!

Yun Fengs black eyes squinted slightly, and some unremarkable things were quickly magnified in her brain power infinitely. Thinking that Red Maple is in such a dangerous state may be deliberately caused by someone deliberately, the anger in Yun Feng's heart gradually rose, Red Maple Just like the Yun family, Yun Feng is guarded by Yun Feng. If someone wants to make Red Maple's idea, she will not let it go!

A fierce aura burst out of his body in an instant. Yun Feng, who was thinking about the red maple problem, was not depressed. Such a fierce aura made the children who were ready to watch a good show turn white. Several of them were obviously unable to bear it, and they were short of breath. , And the middle-aged man who was about to fight Yun Feng suddenly changed his expression.

Yun Feng thought about it in his heart, and then noticed that there was another person who was not afraid of death waiting there, as if waiting for her to take action. Yun Feng's dark eyes lifted, and the pale man seemed to have a worse complexion. Seeing Yun Feng's eyes swallowed and he couldn't help swallowing.

Yun Feng's lips moved slightly, and the man saw his pupils suddenly shrank, and he rushed over with a loud shout. Yun Feng couldn't help but sneered when he saw the unconcealed panic and tension on the man's face. Come, Yun Feng's speed is impossible for a man to have a chance to attack her. The children were dazzled looking at her, all of them were dumbfounded!

"Which one of you can see where she is?" A child widened his eyes and watched vigorously, trying to capture the trajectory of Yun Feng's movement, but in vain.

"I can't see clearly at all, it's too fast!"

The attacking middle-aged man felt the same way. Yun Feng's speed was too fast. There was a black shadow flashing in front of him. He couldn't capture any trajectory at all, let alone an attack, even if he wanted to determine where she was! The man stood there a little panicked, his self-righteousness just now was just like an inflated balloon, and the fighting spirit that was still burning in his heart at this moment has all died down!

"Swish..." There was a faint sound in the air. Everyone couldn't help holding their breath. Yun Feng didn't seem to have a teasing mentality, and finally appeared, appearing in front of the middle-aged man like a ghost!

"Appeared!" The children who were hiding from the scene suddenly shouted, and finally they all covered their mouths and hid them again.

Those black eyes that were as dark as a deep pool looked at the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man felt that his soul was about to be sucked away by these eyes. He took a sharp breath and opened his face and said, "I...you..."

Yun Feng just looked at him like this, as if standing at a high place and looking down at a small creature. The pity in his eyes made the man ashamed but unable to refute it. Yun Feng gently opened his eyes, "I don't want to do it." Qing Qing In a word, the man is about to be amnesty, knowing that he will have his life back, and now he dare not say much, he can only leave quickly with his tail in his hands.

Although the few children hiding by the side did not see much fighting, and although they did not give Yun Feng a predicament as before, they clearly felt the power of Yun Feng. The speed of movement that could not be captured just now has made these children. Understand, this girl who is not much older than them is so... powerful!

"Little ghosts." Yun Feng walked over slowly, and the children hiding by the side couldn't help but step back a few steps, all of them were critical lips, and their teeth were trembling inexplicably! Yun Feng glanced at the children, his eyebrows raised slightly, "Not everyone can provoke."

The children nodded desperately, Yun Feng turned and left without saying anything. When the children saw her leaving, they couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief, and looked at each other at last, "She has a pretty good personality..."

"Yeah, if we change to other people, I think we have to learn something."

"The Red Maple Mercenary Group shouldn't be as annoying as others said."

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