Global Recovery Started To Become the God of Luoshui River Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Escaped

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It was not a dream!

Liu Cuiping's pupils shrank, and she couldn't help but mutter.

In that case, I really saw the rumored Luoshui River God just now!

Oh my god, it was a bit unexpected!

And when Li San said that her daughter Song Qianxue was no longer a human or a ghost in the ghost domain, Liu Cuiping shuddered, and subconsciously aimed at the direction of Song Qianxue's bedroom.

Liu Cuiping hugged the quilt and shrank into a ball.

What else does this mean? Liu Cuiping immediately cautiously placed the ghost-suppressing talisman and the ghost-shocking tripod in accordance with Li San's instructions. After all this was done, Liu Cuiping was relieved to go back and pretend to sleep like a okay person.

Under the curtain of the night, those ghost-suppressing talisman and ghost-shaking tripod unconsciously exude divine light that is not easy to be noticed. At the same time, the ghost energy near Liu Cuiping's house is slowly being sucked, but these Song Qianxue can't notice it.

Just waiting for the day to pass, Li San intends to slowly consume the ghostly spirit of Song Qianxue, wait until her strength is weakest, and then subdue her in one fell swoop.

After that, Liu Cuiping finally stayed in her bedroom for three full days and couldn't get out of the door.

And every day, Li San would observe the changes in the house nearby. Seeing that the ghost aura became less and less day by day, Li San gave a secret compliment.

"It seems that the ghost-suppressing talisman and the ghost-shaking tripod are working. It's very good. It's only a day before the female ghost king can be cleaned up."

Finally came the third night.

The cold wind outside the window made Liu Cuiping panic, and she didn't know when Li Sanhe would come. Now she can only wait.

As time passed, Liu Cuiping's heart became more and more anxious.

"Why hasn't Li Sanhe come yet?"

At this time, in the other room, Song Qianxue was already weak. On the first day, she just felt exhausted. She didn't take it seriously. She thought it was because she had lost her breath in the past few days. No one could think of it. That Li San made it famous.

And by the third day, Song Qianxue's ghost energy was sucked by the shocking ghost cauldron almost half, and now she was struggling with the ability to move.

Song Qianxue's eyes are sharp, and the secret path is not good. It should be because of some magical vampire in her own way!

"It must be the shameless Li San!"

Song Qianxue only wanted to understand at this time, but it was too late.


Suddenly, the door was blown open by a powerful divine power.


Sen-cold air blew into the room, and then, a young man in a long robe strolled in from the door.

Yes, this person is Li San.

Li San had a smile at the corner of his mouth.

"How? Song Qianxue, you are so powerless and ghostly scattered, isn't it easy to feel! Haha."

"Oh it's you!"

Song Qianxue suddenly became violent, grinning and pointing angrily in Li San's direction, but no matter how she came up with ghost power, it was of no avail. At this time, she couldn't even beat an ordinary vixen.

There was a constant air of spirit emanating from those few tripods shaking the ghost tripod, and constantly sucking the ghost aura from Song Qianxue's body.

Song Qianxue secretly said that it was not good, that she was going to die, is it really going to be in the hands of Li San today!

She would never allow this to happen.

However, it was difficult for her to call out a ghost slave now, not to mention that it was too late to send a ghost letter to the ghost domain **** to save her.

Li San suddenly gave a cold voice with a serious expression.

"Song Qianxue, I advise you to get out of that girl as soon as possible, I will directly subdue you, or I will make you go soulless!"

Song Qianxue snorted with scarlet eyes.

"Huh! Impossible, I want you to pay the debt!"

Song Qianxue is still very stubborn, she is too obsessed with reincarnation ambitions.


Li San sighed.

"That's good, then don't blame Benhe God for not being affectionate."

When he spoke, Li San had already moved his hands, and he directly summoned his own magic weapon from the river **** space, collecting the ghost bowl with merit.

This bowl is the size of a bowl, don't look at its small size, but it has boundless mana, enough to conquer tens of thousands of little ghosts and thousands of ghost king level things.

The merit-receiving ghost bowl was radiating endless divine light under the operation of Li San's meal, and a pool of golden liquid flashed in the middle of the bowl. That's right, it was the ghost water of the river god. Once the ghost is destroyed After daring to take it, this water will directly play a role in transforming ghosts and charms into divine water within a few days, which is a bit greasy and harmful than the dispersal of souls.

When Song Qianxue saw the merit bowl, her pupils shrank.

Li San really wanted to subdue himself!

As her eyes flew, Song Qianxue had an idea, and it was the best policy to run first.


Unexpectedly, Song Qianxue directly knelt down and kowtow to Li San.

"Please calm down the anger of the river god, the little ghost knows that I am wrong, I will come out of the human body and return to the ghost realm to concentrate on Dao and no longer come out to cause trouble."

Is it so fast? Li Sanyi was stunned, as he thought, how could Song Qianxue's temperament be so easy to persuade, then there is only one possibility that Song Qianxue is using tricks.

Li San frowned.

"Song Qianxue, don't want to pretend to be weak, I don't want to eat this set, I will soon be subdued by my merits!"

Seeing this, the corner of Song Qianxue's eyes cold, horse, this kid is not stupid, she was spotted by Li San, and it seemed that she could only run away.

Haven't waited for Li San to start the magic of bowling.


"Take my old lady a palm!"

Suddenly, Song Qianxue used almost all the ghost energy in her body to strike out the ghost palm. She had only one purpose, and she could only find a chance to escape before considering the long-term plan.

I am lame, I flash!

Li San was in a hurry and had to dodge, fortunately, to dodge fast, otherwise he would really be poisoned by ghost palms. Song Qianxues ghost poison is different from the poison in the hands of ordinary ghost slaves, but it is a hundred times more poisonous. Fortunately, Li Three as the river **** did not get hit.


But when Li San stood firm, that Song Qianxue had already flashed out of Song Qianxue herself to escape.

"Humph! I escaped!"

Li Sanyi looked angry and helpless, but she shouldn't be far away.


After first settled down for the girl Song Qianxue who was limp on the ground at this time, Li San called Liu Cuiping.

"Sister Liu Cuiping, your daughter should be fine. No one will be allowed to enter your house for ten days. Remember."

With that said, Li San directly called out a few resurrection talismans to put them on Song Qianxue's forehead, and at the same time the surrounding ghost talismans were also plastered, so Li San was relieved.

"Thanks to the **** Li Sanhe."

Liu Cuiping looked grateful and didn't know how to express it.

"Don't thank me, I'm afraid that ghost will not give up. If you want your family to be safe, you can do as I tell you within ten days."

Liu Cuiping nodded again and again. This life was too exciting. When Li San said that the female ghost would come again, she almost fainted.

"Okay, Sister Liu Cuiping, I'm going to subdue the female ghost, remember my words!"

Before Liu Cuiping could say anything, Li San had already turned into a white air and flashed out the door and disappeared into the night.

That's right, Li San went after the ghost domain Song Qianxue.

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