Global Recovery Started To Become the God of Luoshui River Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Encounter the person who crossed the catastrophe by chance

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Soon, Li San chased into a secret forest, where the ghostly spirit was everywhere.

Li San panted and cursed the Three-character Classic secretly. I was so exhausted that I was so exhausted. I didn't expect that the ghost lady had very sharp legs and feet, but she ran very fast.

If it doesn't work, it's better to call some helpers.

Involuntarily speaking, Li San waved his hand directly, and a magic talisman of God Summoning appeared, and the divine light flashed.

"Two brothers, come and help me chase the female ghost."


Immediately afterwards, two figures flashed directly, one black and the other white, yes, they are black and white impermanence. They were guarding the gate at the ghost gate just now. They did not expect to receive Li Sans expedited magic charm, so they were immediately summoned here. Up.

Heiwuchang has a complaining expression on his face.

"I said, Brother Li San, what are you calling us to do in a hurry, we have a lot of errands at the ghost gate, and we must be blamed for delaying the king."

Li Sanbai glanced at the other party and laughed. After all, he was begging others, so he had a better attitude and lowered his attitude.

"Oh, it won't be long. Brother, I'll ask you to do something. It will only take a few minutes."

Bai Wuchang didn't want to waste time either.

"Come on, what's the matter?"

Li San doesn't talk nonsense, he will just make a long story short.

"Ghost Realm Tianzun, her girlfriend Song Qianxue, I told her to run away as soon as I was about to subdue her. If I didn't chase her down, there would be no shadow. I also asked two ghosts to find her ghostly.

As a ghost to resist, the black and white impermanence can still be more or less comparable to Li San in finding ghosts, and Li San has found the right person.

Black and white impermanence does not mean to refuse.

"Well, after the event is over, you, Li San, will give us the river magic weapon as a reward."

"Don't worry, you can have this."

After that, Li San saw the black impermanence and directly revealed a ghost tool such as a compass made of ghost bones in his black hand.

"What kind of stuff is this, it's so amazing? The spirit of ghosts is very heavy."

Impermanence takes the trouble to explain.

"This is the necessary magic weapon for us as ghost chasers, the ghost chasing plate."

Li Sanyi looked envious, this thing was good, better than the reward given by his own golden finger.

"Go, don't talk nonsense, go chasing female ghosts!"


A few people immediately turned into three light groups and flew away from the place to chase Song Qianxue's ghost.

After a while, several people flashed in another secret forest.

Li San constantly scanned the surroundings with his magic eyes looking for traces of Song Qianxue's ghostly energy.

"En? I didn't find it! What's the matter? Is there something wrong with my method?"

Bai Wuchang smiled, and the ghost chase disk in his hand appeared.

"Don't worry, try this magic weapon of my brother."

While talking, the ghost chaser was under the mana blessing of the two white impermanences, and the ghost needle in the middle of it kept spinning frantically, east and west for a while, and finally it froze in the direction pointing to the north.

Bai Wuchang chuckled.

"The evildoer should have fled to the north!"

What's more, Li San and the others galloped to the north again.

Soon, the three of them flew to the northernmost edge, but none of them saw a little ghost. Li San was a little angry.

"Bai Wuchang, is there something wrong with your ghost chasing disk? There is nothing here."

Bai Wuchang was also puzzled. Its ghost claws kept shaking the ghost chasing disc in his hand, really thinking that the disc was broken.

The two of Heiwuchang cast ghost tricks again, and they kept spitting out a series of ghost chasing spells.

Li San saw that the ghost chasing compass had been spinning, almost never stopped, and it took a full minute to stop slowly and slowly in the east direction.

"at East!"

Several people flew away and flew eastward.

When they arrived at the eastern border, a few people settled down to inquire around.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise and the sky thunder fell, scaring Li San and several people cleverly.

"what's the situation?"

Upon seeing this, the white impermanence and the black impermanence took a few cold breaths, and yes, they can't produce heat by themselves.

Li San realized something and exclaimed directly at the direction in midair.

"I'm lame, there is a sky thunder, it seems that someone is crossing the catastrophe here, and I feel that the guy should be a big ghost close to the strength of the ghost, but it should not be Song Qianxue."

White impermanence and black impermanence are shocked, so what kind of ghost is making such a big noise here?

Li San sighed secretly.

"This guy is here to cross the thunder and robbery, almost destroying the entire mountain!"

Heiwuchang looked disapproving.

"Li San, let's go, just leave it alone, it's important to chase that female enchantress."

Li San looked stubborn and refused to leave, he wanted to see the other person's real body.

Before Bai Wuchang could persuade Li San, Li San had already flew to the side of the thing that was crossing the catastrophe to watch.

At this look, Li San's pupils shrank and couldn't help but startled.

"It turns out that it is a fox demon crossing the robbery. It is going to transform into a human form. It is amazing my little fox!"

At this time, a ten-tailed fox fairy was struggling to fight the sky thunder with its tail. It used its tail to resist the sky thunder again and again.

However, that was the sky thunder, no matter how powerful the fox fairy was, two tails were still scorched by the lightning.

Seeing Xiaohuxian so hard, Li Sandun felt compassionate.

"It's really not easy for this little demon to cross the robbery. The original **** can help it."

The two of Bai Wuchang next to him felt that Li San was just being nosy.

As he said, Li San waved his hand directly.

"Rain of the River God, come!"

Immediately afterwards, the rain fell ticking, extinguishing the burning fox's tail, and at the same time reducing the power of the sky thunder.


Little Fox Fairy was taken aback. Just now, the hair of his whole body was ignited and he couldn't get through the catastrophe. How could it suddenly rain? God helped him.

Without further ado, Little Fox Fairy speeds up the transformation.

Minutes later, with the help of Li Sanshenyu, the opponent escaped the catastrophe.


In a whirl, the little fox fairy turned into a girl in a white robe fairy, who was more beautiful than a fairy.

For a while, Li San and the two black and white impermanence looked dumbfounded.

Heiwuchang almost came out of Haraz.

"This fox fairy is too immortal, just to be a lover in the ghost realm!"

Li Sanbai glanced at the black impermanence.

"Hey, buddy, take your halazi, you didn't ask me to help her just now, and now you have to get involved with others."

"Who are you who actually peeped at this immortal crossing the robbery!"

Suddenly, a lihe interrupted Li San's laughter.

No, it was discovered by the fox fairy.

Li Sanjian smiled and walked out with a light cough.

"Well, fairy fox, we are not peeping, I am Li San, the **** of Luoshui River, and the ghost chasing banshee is here. I met you fairy by chance. It's really fate."

What kind of **** fate, the fairy cursed secretly, seeing the shrunken appearance of these stinky boys is not a good thing.

Also, this man named Li San also called a river god, and he looked just like a young kid.

The Fox Fairy didn't look at Li San directly.

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