Global Recovery Started To Become the God of Luoshui River Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Tracked

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"Since I am passing by chasing evildoers, I immediately leave here, don't disturb this fox fairy's cultivation!"

Nima, this is to drive people away!

Li San has a long black line. I just helped this little lady through the catastrophe. It's true that you don't say a few words of thank you, but you still utterly hurt the gods.

Heiwuchang is displeased and directly stretches the black face.

"I said, hello, you fox fairy, if it wasn't for the **** Li Sanhe to use the rain to help you through the catastrophe, I am afraid that you little demon would have been chopped into pieces by the sky thunder, and you actually drove us away, presumptuous! "


After hearing this, Little Fox Fairy was taken aback, she looked at Li Sanyi with an incredible expression on her face. It turned out that he had just helped herself, but how does this kid look like a person with god-level spells, but a little bastard. child.

Little Fox Fairy received his arrogance.

"Little fairy Hu Xianmei, thank you Li Sanhe for your help, please forgive me for your offense just now!"

Li San stared at each other's beauty and smiled.

"This is easy to talk about."

Li San suddenly became serious.

"Oh, by the way, Hu Xianmei, did you see a ghost-domain banshee passing by when you just crossed the Tribulation? She is a scourge, and I dare not accept it."

Hu Xianmei thought for a moment, she searched for the memory fragments in the fairy consciousness, and suddenly seemed to think of something.

"Li San, when you said that, I remembered it. There was indeed a black air flying past me. At that time, I was only trying to avoid the thunder, and I didn't pay attention to what kind of monster it was."

So, Li San secretly said that it must be Song Qianxue's ghost.

"Then Qianxue Song should be nearby, and, Hu Xianmei, if you don't mind, you can walk with us. I can help you cultivate into an immortal body."

Hu Xianmei succeeded in becoming a human form after the catastrophe, but the foundation of the fairy body was still shallow, so Li San wanted to help the fairy, and one more thing, Li San was pitying Yu Yu.

Bai Wuchang and Heiwuchang look demented.

"Yes, Hu Xianmei, meeting here is a good fate of cultivation in previous lives. Let's go with us. We can take care of you, practice together and chase ghosts together. This life is so fragrant, isn't it."

Li Sanbai glanced at the two idiots, cursing secretly, shit, this **** and Hu Xianmei are good fairy fate, and you two ugly ghosts are just bad fate.

Hu Xianmei thought for a moment, and no one in Zhengxu pointed herself to the right path of cultivating immortality. No, I met the ghosts of Li Sanshenren and the two underworlds. Then with their company, I believe that her own path of cultivating immortality should be possible. Speed up and save a lot of trouble.

Hu Xianmei was hunted down by many demon collectors before she became a man. This time, it's okay. Don't be afraid after having Li San.

"Well, Li San, I'll go with you."

Li San was overjoyed. He didn't expect to come out to chase and conquer a female ghost and encounter a beautiful demon. This was an unexpected gain.

So several people continued to look for Song Qianxue's traces together.

At this time, the ghost domain is here.

A kid rushed in and stammered.

"Report, report Ghost Domain Tianzun, it's not good, Lord Song Qianxue has an accident!"


The ghost domain Tianzun's pupils tightened, and he slapped the chair made of human bones and skeletons. The skull broke directly, showing how annoyed the ghost domain Tianzun was at this time.

"What the **** is going on?"

After the report of the little ghost, the ghost domain Tianzun realized that it was Song Qianxue who had to enter the third reincarnation to find Li San to pay off the debt. Now it's all right, and Li San did not let Song Qianxue go.

Ghost Domain Tianzun looked anxious.

"Quickly, how is Song Qianxue's situation now, where is the person?"

The kid shivered tremblingly.

"This, it's hard to say, Song Qianxue's ghost-shaking technique by the god-man named Li San directly sucked Song Qianxue a lot of ghostly energy, and then he was almost subdued by some of the opponent's soul-removing artifacts, but Tianzun can rest assured, Song Qianxue Has escaped, and now Li San hasn't chased him yet."

That's good, Ghost Domain Tianzun was relieved.

However, the most urgent thing is to find Song Qianxue immediately.

Ghost Domain Tianzun sat down angrily and patted the skeleton chair.

"What are you stupid? Send me a thousand ghost missions to find Song Qianxue for me!"


The little ghost didn't dare to neglect and immediately called all the ghosts who could go out to look for Song Qianxue. If they can't find it, I am afraid that the ghost domain Tianzun will directly **** their ghosts and disappear in anger.

Ghost Territory Tianzun frowned and thought, it seemed that he couldn't be idle anymore, Ghost Territory Tianzun planned to go out and search for it himself.

Seeing the ghost domain Tianzun was about to leave, the cronies next to him frowned.

"Master Tianzun, what are you?"

Ghost Domain Tianzun snorted.

"Of course it's Song Qianxue!"

The confidant rolled his eyes.

"My lord, you can't go, but I heard that Li Sanshenren has a good practice, I'm afraid you will be in trouble."

Ghost Domain Tianzun cursed inwardly, hum, afraid of a fart.

"It's just a hairy boy, this Tianzun is afraid that he won't succeed! This deity must find Song Qianxue!"

Hearing the ghost domain Tianzun had decided to leave, the cronies didn't dare to say anything, so they had to follow along.

In this way, the ghost domain Tianzun and a few higher-level little ghosts flew towards the mountain.

The ghost domain magic weapon in the ghost domain Tianzun's hand was shining.

"Yes, it should be around here. According to my ghost plate's instructions, Song Qianxue's ghost spirit should look eastward."

As a result, the ghost domain Tianzun led the little ghosts to speed up the search.

The Heavenly Venerable Ghost Territory is thinking that there can be no Song Qianxue in the north and west. This is because Song Qianxue is the banshee of the ghost territory for ten thousand years, she will not go to the place with deep yang energy, and the east side is different. Song Qianxue should find a place where she can cultivate and hide.

Moreover, the ghost domain Tianzun believed that Song Qianxue should have left herself a ghostly trace signal.

When he thought of this, the ghost domain Tianzun led people directly to the east to search for ghost energy, but he did not encounter any trouble along the way.

The ghost domain Tianzun approached the confidant beside him.

"Did you just ask you to send someone to follow Li San?"

The cronies nodded.

"Don't worry, my lord, the one I sent is a ghost. It's okay to follow a Li San, and it will send us news in time."

That's good, the ghost domain Tianzun nodded with satisfaction, so he led a group of little ghosts to continue searching for Song Qianxue.

At this time, Li Sanzheng and Hu Xianmei were moving forward.

After walking for a few minutes, Li San suddenly realized something, and he stopped.

"En? There is a faint ghostly atmosphere nearby."

Bai Wuchang stopped a few people.

"Li San, why aren't you leaving?"

Li San whispered a few people with his eyes.

"Shhh! A kid is following us!"

Bai Wuchang and Heiwuchang were taken aback for a moment, and the ghost chasing plate in Bai Wuchang's hand turned continuously with a reaction.

At the same time, Hu Xianmei did also smell a faint ghostly air. As a fox demon, Hu Xianmei's nose is extremely sensitive.

"I noticed that too."

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