God And Devil World Book 9 Chapter 1235

Vol 9 Chapter 1235: The Owner Of The Magic System

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Yue Zhong was galloping all the way, just like the **** of fire, when he passed, there was only a pile of ashes, and he quickly flew out of the nest of the Tandogula mother.

When Yue Zhong flew out of the lair, in the eyes, the earth and the sky, the dense and horrible Tandoorula beast. The Tandoorula beasts gathered in this area are counted in billions. The amount of this horror is not dare to be easily provoked even in the heyday of Amano.

After the Tandoorula beasts sensed the weight of the Yue, they opened their mouths full of blood, and the billion-to-blue beam directly hit the Yuezhong.

In the face of the hundreds of millions of blue beams, Yue Zhong turned into a golden light, and in an instant, the attack of the Tandoorula beasts flew into the interior of a nest of the mother of Tandogula.

Between a few breaths, Yue Zhong flew to the depths of the nest, and took a shot, directly smashing the huge mother of the Tango Gula.

After killing the mother of the Tandogula mother, Yue Zhong once again flew out of the nest and entered another nest where the mother of Tandogula lived, directly smashing the mother of the Tandogula The meat sauce completely absorbed the life of the mother of the Tandogula.

"It turns out that this can be changed between the Tandogula beast and the demon's body. With the vitality of these Tandogula king beasts, my power will be able to change again."

After absorbing the life of the last Tandogula mother, the heart of Yue Zhongs heart was filled with a sense of enlightenment. The life of the Tandogula king beast infused into the corners of his body, letting his demon body Once again, the change has become more perfect.

At this moment, a golden light column was lowered from the sky and directly penetrated the earth. In front of Yue Zhong, the figure of the artificial magic light of the demon system was formed.

Xiaoguang smiled at Yue Zhong: "Congratulations. Yue Zhong. Congratulations on killing all the kings of Tandogula, and evolving the body to the most perfect state. Now, you have the qualification to see my master, may I ask? Are you going to see my master?"

Yue Zhong thought for a while, Shen Sheng: "Yes!!"

Xiaoguang smiled and waved. A golden ray shrouded the body of Yue Zhong, and Yue Zhong instantly disappeared into the golden light.

In an instant, Yue Zhong immediately appeared in a strange world where the universe could see the endless stars.

Yue Zhong looked at the strange world around him, and he said in his heart: "Its so strong, this **** system is really terrible. I didnt even have the power to send it back. Its power is still above me."

At this time, Yue Zhong has been promoted to become a true god-level powerhouse. Extremely difficult to kill. However, if he was exiled to the depths of the universe, he would like to return to Earth without knowing how long he would fly. It is not impossible to find a way back to Earth for tens of thousands of years.

"Yue Zhong, don't you want to see me? Come on!"

Just then, in the void, a sound of Yue Zhongs unforgettable voice suddenly emerged. A golden ladder suddenly appeared and appeared in front of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong looked at the golden ladder. A slight glimpse of the heart, without hesitation, strode into the golden ladder.

Through the golden ladder, Yue Zhong appeared in a palace carved out of red crystal, and saw a scene that shocked him.

There are countless transparent red crystals around the palace of the red crystal, and among the red crystals are the creatures of the tyrannical races such as the real dragon, the unicorn, and the phoenix. Every race is a natural alien of a beast, as long as it is an adult. It can evolve into a true god-level powerhouse.

In the center of the red-red crystal-carved palace, there is a male head with a long purple hair and a handsome face. In the right eye of the skull was nailed with three black nails, a dark spear directly through the mouth of the skull, nailing the skull above the red crystal throne.

The magical system artificial intelligence Xiaoguang is quietly standing next to the male head with long purple hair and smiling at Yue Zhong.

The only one left of the Red Crystal King looked at Yue Zhong, flashed a touch of satisfaction, his mouth did not move, and a voice rang directly in Yue Zhongs knowledge of the sea: "Hello, Yue Zhong, first time met. I am Chi Jing. Wang. Play with your life. Let the earth mutate and let more than six billion human beings fall into the end of the world."

Yue Zhong looked at the head that was nailed to the throne. The brow wrinkled and slowly asked: "Chi Jingwang, why are you doing that?

do? "

Red Crystal King said an answer to Yue Zhongs accident: "Its very simple. To create a strong fighting weapon that can kill me and kill my enemy."

The red crystal king looked at Yue Zhong, and his eyes flashed a touch of hot color: "Yue Zhong, you are the strongest and most perfect combat weapon I have ever produced. I have the potential to kill me and kill my enemy."

"I am the owner of the Ai Zhuoma domain. The eight hundred worlds dominated by the Earth, the Great Gods, and the Demon System are affiliated with the Ai Zhuoma domain, which is my private property. But the Earth, the Great God World, and this The eight hundred worlds on the side are just a ridiculous abandoned star field relative to the Ai Zhuoma domain, and no one knows the wormhole coordinates here. It is a very secret and remote corner."

"A long time ago, I was concealed by a despicable villain and made it like this. I used the magic system to escape and fled here. But my body was destroyed by the villain, and my soul was shocked by him. I have to smash most of the time, and my head is also nailed to the throne by his use of shattered spears. Every day I suffer endless pain. I have already had enough of this kind of lingering pain and pain to live. I need to find someone. To solve my life and avenge me. So I used the magic system to start catalyzing humans in the eight hundred worlds and let you begin to evolve rapidly."

"Through constant adjustments, repeated failures, watching the soldiers I picked one by one, they were killed by various powerful monsters. I was disappointed and almost desperate. But fortunately, Yue Zhong passed me and set it down. The test is to become the most perfect ten-order powerhouse with unlimited potential. After you master my most powerful artifact system, you will be able to kill me. And have the potential to kill my enemy."

"Come on, Yue Zhong, as long as you are willing to kill me, and promised to avenge me and kill my enemies. Then I will give you the magic system, let you become the world of the gods and the world of eight hundred. The master has boundless power and infinite power. The demon system has the power of manipulating time and creation, even in the entire universe, it is a rare and precious treasure. In the long time, I still I didn't meet the second artifact like the demon system. After you mastered the magic system, you can become a big man in the future even in the universe!!" Chi Jing Wang looked at Yue Zhongs eyes and flashed With a burning glow, it screams.

Yue Zhongs heart was slightly moved, but he still asked carefully: "Who is your enemy? How strong should he be now?"

The Red King had only one head left, and he was seriously injured. He was nailed to the throne of the Red Crystal. Yue Zhong still felt the powerful power from the body like the sea. It is hardly weaker than the current Yue, and the strength of the guy who beats Chi Jing Wang so miserable can be imagined.

Chi Jing Wang Shen Sheng said: "My enemy name is the King of the Sea, is a secluded life of the universe. The original sneak attack on me, it should be the 12th-order peak of the galaxy's main powerhouse. The talents and the huge resources of the Ai Zhuoma domain, after years of cultivation, it should have been promoted to become the thirteenth-order star domain domain powerhouse."

The Red King said to Yue Zhong: "In the universe, the tenth-order power is called the star-level powerhouse. A ten-order powerhouse can generally rule a rich planet. An eleventh-order powerhouse can Known as the main star of the big star, it can rule dozens of rich planets of life. The 12th-order powerhouse is the strongest of the galaxy's main class and can rule a galaxy. The thirteenth-order powerhouse It is the strongest known as the main domain of the star domain, able to rule a star field. At the beginning I was the master of the Ai Zhuoma domain, the strongest of the thirteenth peak."

The king of Chi Jing: "With your current strength, you can compete against the eleventh-order star master. If you get my **** system, even if you are the 12th-order galaxies, you can take it easy. Get out of the way. As long as you give time to evolve, you can definitely kill the King of the Sea to avenge me. How? This transaction is cost-effective."

Yue Zhong thought for a while, Shen Sheng: "Good!! I promise you!!"

In the eyes of the King of Red Crystal, there is a flash of hot color: "Very good~wuxiaworld.online~ We will conclude the contract. As long as the contract is concluded, the magic system is yours. Xiaoguang!"

With a wave of light, a golden light directly fell into the sea of Yue Zhong, forming a mysterious contractual rune. On the contract rune, the transaction of Chi Jing Wang and Yue Zhong was truthfully recorded. If Yue Zhong defaults in the future and does not avenge the Red King, then this precious treasure of the demon system will leave Yue Zhong and find a new owner.

At the same time, the contract shows that the enemy of the Red King is not only the King of the Sea, but the King of the Sea is the object of the King of Red Crystal. The rest of the enemy Qijing Wang can replay the Yue, but the King of the Sea must be killed.

After Yue Zhong looked at the contract, after repeated investigations, the contractual rune was finally branded in his knowledge of the sea.

The contract rune was formed, and the artificial intelligence of the magic system immediately flew into the hands of Yue Zhong, and quickly formed a black-and-white sword that looked inconspicuous. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qn) to vote for the recommended ticket, the monthly ticket, your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile users please go to m.qn to read.)


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