God Emperor Chapter 1998

Chapter 1999 Slaughter

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Chapter 1999: Slaughter

Shang Ziyan’s eyes were locked onto Zhang Ruochen, his eyes could not help to be a little gloomier.

The disquiet and faint unease he had felt earlier had actually came true. Something wrong had happened in Shengming City.

Even he could not understand what actually went wrong. With the forces he had deployed in Shengming City, how could Zhang Ruochen even get out?

At this moment, when Zhang Ruochen asked for Chi Kunlun, that made Shang Ziyan even more pissed off. It was because of Chi Kunlun that he was wounded by a Yanluo-cnal elite, and had his top-level Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light snatched away, and he was still nursing a massive rage in his heart.

All other powerhouses of the Heavenly Realm faction all frowned, Zhang Ruochen’s appearance in the Peacock Manor had indeed surprised everyone.

From the fresh blood on Zhang Ruochen’s armor, plus Zhang Ruochen asking for Chi Kunlun, it was certain that Zhang Ruochen had not just escaped from Shengming City, but had also went through a brutal fight.

It was just that since something had indeed happened in Shengming City, why did they not receive any communications?

Clearly, the situation in Shengming City was far more complicated than they had expected, and many things beyond their seclusion had happened.

“Who is Chi Kunlun?” Jin Yu asked curiously.

He had just got out of the dimensional canyon, and was still unclear of what had happened in the outside world. He had never heard of the name Chi Kunlun before, let alone Chi Kunlun’s relationship with Zhang Ruochen.

But out of instinct, Jin Yu had no good impressions of anyone with the surname Chi.

If it weren’t for the Chi clan, how could first senior brother die? Why would they need to hide inside the dimensional canyon?

It was not just Jin Yu who was curious, even Bao Lie and Luo Chen were also very puzzled as they did not understand why Zhang Ruochen would ask Shang Ziyan for a person with a Chi surname.

Kong Lanyou sighed a little, and then whispered. “Chi Kunlun is the son of cousin and Chi Yao.”

“What? How could”

Jin Yu and the others opened their eyes wide, and found it unbelievable.

They all knew that Zhang Ruochen was killed by Chi Yao eight hundred years ago, and that time, both of them were still very young, and in was impossible for them to cross that line.

But eight hundred years later, Zhang Ruochen and Chi Yao should still at each other’s throat, so how can they have children together?

Kong Lanyou shook her head gently and said. “The matter is very complicated, and is not something that could be explained in a sentence or two. In any case, Chi Kunlun is indeed cousin’s and Chi Yao’s son.”

In fact, no one could clearly explain what happened between Zhang Ruochen and Chi Yao, but Kong Lanyou could vaguely guess what had happened, and this should be the reason why Zhang Ruochen would kill his way to the outside of Ziwei Imperial Palace in a maddened frenzy.

Hearing this, Jin Yu and the rest said nothing else. They did not want to upset Zhang Ruochen, and now was also not the time to talk about such things as after all, the enemy was right before them.

On the warship, Si Han appeared beside Shang Ziyan, asking loudly. “Zhang Ruochen, where is senior brother Feng and the others?”

Seeing Zhang Ruochen rushing over to the Peacock Manor, and yet Feng Gudao and the rest were nowhere to be seen nor was there any news about that, that gave Si Han an ominous feeling in his heart.

“Si Han, what are you so nervous for? Do you think Zhang Ruochen is a match for Feng Gudao and the others? Feng Gudao and the others must have been delayed by something, nothing will happen to them.” Di Feng fanned his jade fan and said calmly.

Hearing this Si Han’s heart calmed down. Feng Gudao, Zi Linglong, Chi SHeng and Gu Tianyin, the four of them were top-tier elites, and was at the third strongest level of those beneath a Supreme Saint. Zhang Ruochen alone would have never be able to be their match.

Even if the situation had changed somewhat, Feng Gudao and the others should not be in any trouble.

After all, once one strength was at their level, even Di Feng or Xing Yuan were to intervene, they could not deal with them. If one could not fight them, running away was still possible.


For Saint Binding Ropes appeared in Zhang Ruochen’s hands, and each of them bound a person in place.

And upon seeing the four person bound by the rope, Di Feng’s eyes instantly sharpened and then became extremely gloomy. This was because the persons bound by the rope were Feng Gudao, Zi Linglong, Chi Sheng and Gu Tianyin.

He had just told Si Han that nothing would happen to Feng Gudao and the other three, and the next moment Zhang Ruochen put the four on display, which was a veritable slap on his face.

Si Han’s expression changed drastically as he could not believe his eyes.

“How can it be”

All other Heavenly Realm powerhouses all could not help but frown.

This situation was something they had never even thought of.

Zhang Ruochen clasped the for Saint Binding Ropes and stepped on Feng Gudao with one foot as he said coldly. “Shang Ziyan, hand over Chi Kunlun. I won’t repeat this for the third time.”

The corner of Shang Ziyan’s mouth twitched slightly, and his eyes became even gloomier. At this moment, how is he supposed to find Chi Kunlun?

On the surface, Shang Ziyan said indifferently. “If you want Chi Kunlun, then let the four of them go first.”

A cold light appeared in Zhang Ruochen’s eyes, saying. “Shang Ziyan, are you taking me for a fool? If you don’t hand over Chi Kunlun now, all four of them will die.”

“Ziyan, hand Chi Kunlun over.” Feng Gudao looked at Shang Ziyan pleadingly.

He did not want to die, especially not a ignominious death like this.

Shang Ziyan looked calm on the surface, but his heart was in turmoil. If Chi Kunlun was still in his hands, he would had definitely exchange Chi Kunlun for Feng Gudao and the others.

After all, these four persons had very significant backgrounds, if they were to die in Kunlun Realm, the powers behind them would be furious, and even he will face a significant troubles for it.

But the problem was that Chi Kunlun had been taken away by that Yanluo-clan powerhouse, and Shang Ziyan was naturally unwilling to speak of such ignominous thing, especially when he was unwilling to bow to Zhang Ruochen.

All of the main powerhouses of the Heavenly Realm faction had been given an order of silence by SHang Ziyan, and no one was allowed to speak of the matter.

Seeing that Shang Ziyan did not respond, Zhang Ruochen’s eyes became colder and colder, as he hissed icyly. “It seems like you really don’t care about their life and death. Moyin.”


Moyin immediately appeared out from Zhang Ruochen’s spine.

There was no need for Zhang Ruochen to say anything as Moyin unleashed dozens of roots and stabbed into Feng Gudao’s body.

“AHHH!! Save me! SAVE ME!!” Feng Gudao screamed as he cried out for help in terror.

At this moment, he had really felt death was creeping up on him. His spirit and essence were being drained rapidly and uncontrollably away from him.

“Ziyan. What should we do?” Si Han had a panicked look on his face.

At this moment, even King Daxi was frowning at this moment. After all, the one facing the threat of death was a top elite from their Soul Realm. If Feng Gudao died, it would be a big blow to the Soul Realm.

Shang Ziyan’s eyes were cold as he growled. “Zhang Ruochen, it seems like you’ve not understood your situation clearly. If you dare to kill Feng Gudao, you and everyone in the Peacock Manor will die even faster.”

“Are you threatening me? Shang Ziyan? You underestimate me. If you don’t hand Chi Kunlun over, not just Feng Gudao, even Zi Linglong, Chi Sheng and Gu Tianyin will die.” Zhang Ruochen spat back strongly, showing to signs of coming to a compromise at all.

Hearing that, a terrifying murderous intent appeared in Shang Ziyan’s eyes as he looked at Feng Gudao whose body was becoming dry and shriveled, and he could not help but to hesitate in his heart.

“Shang Ziyan, is my life not even comparable to one Chi Kunlun?” Feng Gudao roared with a menacing expression.

At this moment, Feng Gudao was really regretful, regretting that he had promised Shang Ziyan to get involved in this. In the end, Shang Ziyan did not care whether he lived or died.

Shang Ziyan’s gaze sharpened, as he said. “Chi Kunlun is not with me. It’ll be useless even if you kill Feng Gudao.”

“Even until now, Shang Ziyan, you still want to deceive me. Fine, perhaps you think I really dare not kill them.” A killing intent appeared on Zhang Ruochen’s body.

Moyin immediately understood his intentions, and quickened her draining of Feng Gudao’s spirit and essence.

“AHHH, Not like this, not like this. Shang Ziyan, you heartless b*stard.”

Feng Gudao let out an incomparably chilling scream. There were both bitterness in his heart, and also a strong hatred towards Shang Ziyan alongside.

He had personally saw Chi Kunlun standing beside Shang Ziyan, but now Shang Ziyan told him that Chi Kunlun was not with him, and that was clearly the latter forsaking him to his death.

In a blink of an eye, Feng Gudao’s screaming stop abruptly, his body was totally disscated now, with no signs of life at all.


Moyin shook her roots, and Feng Gudao’s shriveled body was instantly torn apart, reduced to powder as they scattered all over the ground.

A Saint King that was comparable to a Neverwither Supreme Saint had perished just like that.

At the same time, the aura in Moyin climbed as the power of heaven and earth and the precepts of heaven and earth within two thousand miles were converging towards Moyin in a frenzy.

In Shengming City, Moyin’s cultivation base had already reached a critical point, and after devouring Feng Gudao’s spirit and essence, she had managed to break through the point, and broken through from Precept Dominion to Heaven’s Reach-realm.

Moyin’s original body was the Saint Devourer which was extremely unusual. So when she broke through the realm of Heaven’s Reach, her every parameters were not comparable at all to normal Heaven’s Reach elites.

Normally, when someone breaks into the realm of Heaven’s Reach, they could at most mobilize the precepts of heaven and earth within several hundred miles radius, and even an Heaven’s Reach elite at its apex level could only increase the radius to a thousand mile.

But Moyin was different, she had just broke through the realm of Heaven’s Reach, and can already mobilize the precepts of heaven and earth within two thousand mile radius. She was totally comparable to many of those weaker Path’s Anterior elites.

Plus Moyin had some very special abilities herself; with her current strength, she could fight against and evil kill weaker Path’s Anterior elites.

“I’ve finally reached the Heaven’s Reach realm. Master, how should we deal with this three?” Moyin’s gaze spun around the three with an excited look in her eyes.

She had only just broken into the realm of Heaven’s Reach, and it would be even better if she could absorb more nourishments to stabilize her cultivation base.

Zi Linglong, Chi Sheng, and Gu Tianyin were no goody two-shoes themselves, and each of them were ruthless folks, but at this moment, the three of both all had a look of terror of their face.

After seeing Moyin devouring Feng Gudao whole with their own eyes, anyone would feel fear, especially when the three of them did not want to die. Each of them were top-level Path’s Anterior elites, and could step into the realm of Supreme Sainthood at any time.

And with their current accumulation of their cultivation, once they step into the realm of Supreme Sainthood, they are far beyond comparison to any normal Neverwither Supreme Saint, and their future advancements would not just stop at the Neverwither-realm.

If they were to becoming nourishment of the Saint Devourer, it was just too ignominous.

And seeing Feng Gudao die, all of the Heavenly Realm elites’ expression turned extremely gloomy.

Killing a Heavenly Realm elite before them was something that had never happened before.

Even with Shang Ziyan’s upbringing and status was in a fit of fury as his body unleashed an extremely terrifying murderous intent.

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