God Emperor Chapter 1999

Chapter 2000 A Blood Debt Must Be Repaid In Blood

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Chapter 2000: A Blood Debt Must Be Repaid in Blood

“Zhang Ruochen, do you really want to not leave yourself a path of retreat?”

King Daxi frowned as she stared at Zhang Ruochen.

In her opinion, Zhang Ruochen was simply just pushing himself onto the path of no return, killing the Heavenly Realm elite could temporarily sate his thirst for vengeance, but he would also need to bear the terrible consequences that was to come.

King Daxi did not want to bother too much Zhang Ruochen’s life or death, but Zhang Ruochen had planted a terrifying fire bug in her body that was the master of her own life and death.

If Zhang Ruochen were to choose to use her as a shield at the very end, then thing will be very bad for her.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at King Daxi, sneering. “Path of retreat? With the force arrayed by the Heavenly Realm faction today, does it look like I’ll have a path of retreat?”

A murderous Qi appeared between Shang Ziyan’s eyes as he said. “Zhang Ruochen, you’re absolutely right. No matter what you do, the ending will not change. You must die.”

“Ziyan, do you not care about Zi Linglong’s and the other’s life and death?” King Daxi asked immediately.

Shang Ziyan’s eyes opened and closed, as an extremely powerful murderous intent appeared across his body, saying. “As long as we can kill Zhang Ruochen, no price is too high. They should have had known of this long ago.”

As he said that, many Heavenly Realm elites revealed a look of shock, thinking that they had hearing things wrong.

King Daxi did not say anything else as she had seen Shang Ziyan’s determination to kill Zhang Ruochen, and it was immovable.

Even if she was captured by Zhang Ruochen at this very moment, Shang Ziyan would not change his mind.

“Shang Ziyan, you sure are heartless.” Zi Linglong said with almost gritted teeth.

Gu Tianyin laughed at himself and said. “Everyone says that I, Gu Tianyin is vicious and cold-hearted, but when compared to you, Shang Ziyan, I’m really nothing. In your eyes, all of us are nothing but chess pieces that could be just sacrificed at a critical moment for you to achieve your goals.”

“Shang Ziyan, you dare treat me like this. My master will never let you off.” Chi Sheng glared at Shang Ziyan as he roared in a frenzy.

Anyone would feel angry and bitter if they were about to become an abandoned chess piece, but alas, they were powerless to change anything.

Just like Feng Gudao, Zi Linglong, Chi Sheng and Gu Tianyin all regretted everything now, regretting to get into the same boat as Shang Ziyan, and throwing themselves into a disaster of no return.

But now, it was too late to regret anything.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes became very calm as he let out a soft breath, saying. “If that is the case, there’s no reason to keep them alive then.”

He had never planned to let Zi Linglong and the rest go since the very beginning, because they had instigated a terrifying slaughter of Shengming City. If he did not kill them, how could he appease the souls of the victims in Shengming City?

Even if Shang Ziyan was to exchange Zi Linglong and the rest with Chi Kunlun, he would still find a way later on to kill all of them.

Now that Shang Ziyan did not want to hand Chi Kunlun over, then there was even less reason to keep Zi Linglong and the others alive.

It was not actually necessarily for him to need Zi Linglong and the others to rescue Chi Kunlun, as long as he captures Shang Ziyan, he could rescue Chi Kunlun all the same.

“Thank you, Master.”

Moyin let out a seductive smile as she unleashed many roots and stabbed them into the bodies of Zi Linglong, Chi Sheng and Gu Tianyin.

All three top-tier Path’s Anterior elites were all hard-to-come-by nourishments, what reason does she have to refuse them?

“Shang Ziyan, things will not end well for you. I’ll wait for you in the underworld.” Gu Tianyin roared viciously.

“Ahhh, not like this! Why did I ended up like this!” Chi Sheng shouted with raging resentment in his heart.

On the contrary, Zi Linglong said nothing, as she stared at Shang Ziyan intently with a gaze that would send a chill down one’s spine.

Shang Ziyan’s expression was extremely dour now as he coldly ordered. “Destroy the Peacock Manor, and kill everyone inside it. No mercy.”

With things at it was now, Shang Ziyan no longer had any interest to play with ZHang Ruochen. He now wanted to destroy Zhang Ruochen in the simplest, most brutal way possible, to rid himself of the hatred in his heart.

Immediately, the Heavenly Realm elites all struck, including Shang Ziyan himself.

Shang Ziyan unleashed the Five-colored Merit Stele, and like a massive ancient sacred mountain, it came crashing from the heavens towards the Peacock Manor.


Even when the formation array outside the Peacock Manor was extremely strong, but in the face of so many devastating attacks, it still trembled and some of the formation inscriptions were damaged.

“Rather than waiting for them to break in, we might as well take the fight to them.” Bao Lie said with raging battle spirit.

The more the situation was unfavorable to them, the more they should be on the offensive and take the battle initiative into their own hands.

The golden gleam in Jin Yu’s eyes flickered as he said. “Back then, when Chiqing Central Empire attacked, I chose to retreat, and failed to protect the lands and people of Shengming. This time, I will not retreat. They dare kill our people, then they must pay a blood price for this.”

“They dare to destroy our Shengming City. No forgiveness!” A terrifying thunder glow burst out from Luo Chen’s eyes.

Kong Lanyou grabbed Zhang Ruochen’s hand, and said softly. “Cousin, eight hundred years ago, I failed to protect you, and could only watch as you were slain by Chi Yao’s sword. This time, I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Hearing the words of the four, Zhang Ruochen’s emotions fluctuated as he tightly grasped Kong Lanyou’s hand, and then swept his eyes across the four as he said firmly. “Shengming is inviolable, and the blood of the people of Shengming must not flow in vain. None of these people Heavenly Realm will leave here alive.”

Zhang Ruochen had always knew that this day would come sooner or later a long, long time ago, so he did not fear its coming, and instead he very much looked forward to fight Shang Ziyan, and settle their score once and for all.

“Then let’s fight to our heart’s content.”

For a time, Jin Yu and the rest unleashed an unparalleledly strong battle spirit.

No matter how many Heavenly Realm elites there weer, they would not make them flinch in fear.

“Third senior brother, I remember that the weapon you used was a bow. I happen to have a good set of bow and arrow here that has a hundred thousand inscriptions inside it.

As he said, Zhang Ruochen took out a golden bow and a blue arrow as he handed it to Jin Yu.

Jin Yu’s eyes suddenly glowed as he hurriedly took the bow and arrow, laughing. “Good stuff, with thin sacred artifact of Tenth Radiance, my strength will be greatly enhanced.”

Immediately after, Zhang Ruochen looked at Luochen as his Secret Tome of Time and Space appeared in his hand. After opening it, a sacred blade with a sharp glint appeared.

This sacred sabre was the Hidden Moon Blade he had suppressed after killing Cang Long, and it was a very powerful King’s Weapon.

For him to give out a King’s Weapon, one could see how much Youshen wanted Zhang Ruochen dead.

“Fourth senior brother, this is a King’s Weapon, and with your strength, refining it shouldn’r be too difficult.” Zhang Ruochen said.

He could see that among his three senior brothers, the most low-key Luo Chen was actually the most powerful, even Jin Yu was no match for him, and it could be said that he was comparable to Kong Lanyou in strength.

Emperor Ming had extremely good foresight, that he had only accepted six disciples in his life, and each of them were by no means ordinary. Even his sixth disciple, Lu Yuanzhi, while his cultivation talent may be slightly poorer, but he was an invaluable genius in his ability to refining artifacts.

Upon hearing the words ‘King’s Weapons’, no matter how indifferent Luo Chen’s temperament was, he could not help but to show a shocked expression. He did not expect at all Zhang Ruochen to possess a King’s Weapon, and would give it to him.

“Luo Chen, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and refine it. The enemy is before us, stop lollygagging.” Jin Yu urged.

Hearing this, Luo Chen snapped back to his senses, and immediately took the Hidden Moon Blade frm the multi-dimensional space as he roused his own monstrous saint Qi to start refining it.

Zhang Ruochen put the Secret Tome of Time and Space away and cast his eyes on Kong Lanyou.

Before he could say anything, Kong Lanyou gently shook the bamboo flute in her hand and smiled gently. “Having this is enough already.”

Looking at the bamboo flute, many thoughts were evoked in Zhang Ruochen’s mind.

Eight hundred years ago, Kong Lanyou had always liked to follow behind him, and pestering him to play with her. She was even jealous about Chi Yao once, saying that he only had Chi Yao in his heart.

In order to make her happy, he had personally composed the ‘Song of Lanyou’, and played it to her with a bamboo flute.

Eight hundred years on, Kong Lanyou still kept that original bamboo flute.

Zhang Ruochen could see that the bamboo flute had become extremely extraordinary, and was infused with a Neverwither aura, and it was not inferior to top-level sacred artifacts.

To turn an ordinary bamboo flute into a powerful sacred artifact, one could only wonder how much effort Kong Lanyou had put into it.

Thinking of this, Zhang Ruochen could not help but to feel agony. He had directly back into the world eight hundred years later, but Kong Lanyou had waited for him for eight hundred years.

Aside from agony, Zhang Ruochen felt even more guilty.

At this moment, the screams of Zi Linglong, Chi Sheng and Gu Tianyin came an abrupt end as they were all drained dry by Moyin, and died an extremely ignominious death.

Moyin’s aura rose steadily, and her cultivation base was significantly improved.

If she were to go on like this, and if she could devour more powerful elites, the day of her reaching the realm of Path’s Anterior was just around the corner.

It did not take long for Luo Chen to successfully refine the Hidden Moon Saber, and the aura of his entire person vaguely became a lot stronger.

At the same time, the formation array guarding the Peacock Manor became more and more unstable as more and more formation inscriptions were obliterated.

“Fight our way out.”

Without further delay, Zhang Ruochen and the five others immediately struck out as they charged out of the Peacock Manor.

“Since all of you want to die so badly, I’ll grant you that wish.” Shang Ziyan’s said with cold eyes.

Immediately, many Heavenly Realm powerhouses no longer attacked the formation protecting the Peacock Manor and shifted their attacks against Zhang Ruochen and his party.

Di Feng smiled wickedly and said. “Leave Kong Lanyou to me.”

As he spoke, a huge amount terrifying evil Qi emerged from Di Feng’s body, transforming into a huge hand about a hundred feet wide as it grabbed at Kong Lanyou.

Kong Lanyou lifted her finger like a sword, and with a gentle stroke, an extremely deadly sword light flew out and slashed at the incoming giant hand of evil Qi head on.


The giant hand of evil Qi was extremely powerful, but it was still cut in half by the sword light.

However, after being cut apart, it instead transformed into two giant hands of evil Qi dozens of feet wide as they continued to grab at Kong Lanyou.

A vague figure flew out of Kong Lanyou’s body, holding the yellowed bamboo flute in hand.

That was Kong Lanyou’s sword soul, and while it was not as powerful as Zhang Ruochen’s, it was not to be underestimated.

The sword soul used the bamboo flute as a blade, and unleashed an exquisite sword technique.


The two ten-feet wide hands were instantly obliterated, and reduced into blobs of evil Qi.

Kong Lanyou’s own talent in swordsmanship was actually not too high, but because Zhang Ruochen loved swordsmanship, she also got herself to train in it.

After eight hundred years, Kong Lanyou had finally made considerable achievements in the realm of swordsmanship.

At this moment, for her to use her own swordsmanship to fight against her enemy was actually to show Zhang Ruochen, and hoping to get his approval.

Seeing so many Heavenly Realm elites surrounding him, Zhang Ruochen could not help but sneer, saying. “Do you really think there is no one on my side?”

As he said, Zhang Ruochen waved his hand, and twenty-six people appeared, each of them exuded an incomparably powerful aura, all of them Nine-step Saint Kings.

“Hmm? They are the Nine-step Saint Kings that Senior Brother Gu had controlled with the Soulbender.” Si Han had a shocked expression as he instantly recognized the powerhouses Zhang Ruochen had summoned.

Feng Gudao had originally controlled thirty Nine-step Saint Kings, and in order to deal with Zhang Ruochen, he had one blow up his saints source. In the end however, not only Zhang Ruochen did not die, but the explosion took another three Nine-step Saint Kings out, leaving only twenty-six of them left.

Without a question, this was an extremely terrifying fighting force.

All of these Nine-step Saint Kings were controlled by Feng Gudao, and now that the latter’s dead, the control over them were naturally lifted.

After zhang Ruochen explained the situation to them, all twenty-six Nine-step Saint Kings agreed to help fight the Heavenly Realm powerhouses.

It was mainly because they had no other choice, if they do not fight alongside Zhang Ruochen, only death awaits them.

Shang Ziyan flew out from the warship and appeared before Zhang Ruochen as he said indifferently. “Zhang Ruochen, even if you were to summon more elites, it is useless. This time, you will not escape.”

Clearly, Shang Ziyan intended to strike against Zhang Ruochen himself, and remove this scourge from his life.

Two figures appeared out of Shang Ziyan’s body in succession, both of them looking exactly him, and even the aura unleashed was as powerful as Shang Ziyan’s.

Against a powerful foe like Zhang Ruochen, Shang Ziyan dared not take him lightly as he used his full might from the beginning, unleashing the Way of the Three Corpses.

This technique was one of the most difficult exercises on the Taiyi Divine Techniques Rank, and since ancient times, only a few people had successfully cultivate it, and Shang Ziyan had managed to do so.

This alone was enough to see how extraordinary Shang Ziyan’s talents were, and few in across many worlds and realms could match him.

Shang Ziyan’s Flame Corpse and held the Bloodbairn his hand, while his Frost Corpse held the Tower of a Thousand Temperings, while the Cardinal Corpse held the Five-colored Merit Stele. All these three objects were undoubtedly unparalleled artifacts.

Zhang Ruochen took out the Ancient Abyssal Blade and held it in his hand, and at the same time he deployed the Zangshan Demonic Mirror, letting it hang over his head as it stood ready for combat.

“Shang Ziyan, lets settle whatever score we have tonight.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Back then, in order to deal with him, Shang Ziyan had hired killers to kill Bai Su, Zhu Hongtao, Wan Ke, Ling Shu and a group of old Shengming cadres, and then cruelly hung their severed heads outside the Yinyang Hall.

Zhang Ruochen saw the heads of Bai Su and the others being blown up with his own eyes, and their souls annihilated. He had always kept this deep hatred in his mind, and wanted to avenge them at very moment.

“Second senior brother, third senior brother, fifth senior sister, Bai Su, the warriors of Shengming. I will take Shang Ziyan’s head tonight, to appease your spirits in heaven.” Zhang Ruochen said to himself.

He had waited too long for this day to come, and now he should get Shang Ziyan to repay the blood debt with his own blood.

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