God Emperor Chapter 2000

Chapter 2001 Fairy Joining The Fray

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Chapter 2001: Fairy Joining the Fray

Outside the Peacock Manor, after the fight between Kong Lanyou and Di Feng broke out, everyone else attacked, and no one could stay out of it.

On the side of the Heavenly Realm faction, there were hundreds of powerful Saint Kings, with almost a hundred Nine-step Saint Kings. In terms of numbers, they occupied absolute advantage.

At this moment, only part of the Nine-step Saint Kings joined the fray, while the others stood guard and blocking all avenues of retreat.

Jin Yu, Luo Chen, Bao Lie and Moyin were all given special attention, and there personally dealt with by Xing Yuan, Chen Hu and other top elites.

Clearly, the Heavenly Realm faction was planning to focus on those who are close to Zhang Ruochen.


The sound of the ripping of the air rang out one after another as many cultivators rushed over to the vicinity of the Peacock Manor.

But anyone who rushed over did not dare to get too close to the Peacock Manor, and only dared to look from a distance, for fear that they would get caught up in the attack if they got too close.

“They actually fought so quickly. Those Nine-step Saint Kings seemed to be the ones controlled by Feng Gudao with his Soulbender technique, why are they helping Zhang Ruochen now?”

“Feng Gudao, Zi Linglong, Chi Sheng, and Gu Tianyin were all captured alive by Zhang Ruochen and brought to the Peacock Manor to exchange for Chi Kunlun, but why I don’t see any signs of them?”

“You guys came way too late. Feng Gudao and the others had already been killed long ago. Shang Ziyan sure is ruthless that he was unwilling to exchange Chi Kunlun for anything.”

“Could it be that in Shang Ziyan’s eyes that Feng Gudao and the other three were not as important as Chi Kunlun?”

“Zhang Ruochen had too few elites on his side. I’m afraid he would be able to escape disaster this time, and it will be difficult to turn the tide around.”

Seeing the fierce battle that had erupted outside the Peacock Manor, many cultivators could not help but to sigh for Zhang Ruochen.

From their point of view, after Zhang Ruochen had eliminated all of the Heavenly Realm faction elites in Shengming City, he could retreat unscathed, but when he insisted on coming to the Peacock Manor, it was throwing himself into the fray, and it was simply impossible for the miracle of Shengming City to be repeated here in the Peacock Manor.

“To be able to take all of those powerhouses controlled by Feng Gudao for his own use, Zhang Ruochen sure is quite capable. Fight, fight slowly, better yet if both sides are equally destroyed, only then it’ll be easier for me to strike.”

Luo Sha, the Rakshasha Princess was hidden in a dark corner with her eyes tightly locked onto Zhang Ruochen.

She had always harboured the thought of ‘If Zhang Ruochen was seriously injured here, then she could take the opportunity to capture him and bring him back to the Infernal Court’.

On the other side, Fairy Tianchu, the Thousand-Star Maiden, the Butcher and the Fool were also hidden in the darkness as they watched the battle in Peacock Manor from afar.

“Zhang Ruochen is really not afraid to die. Shang Ziyan had made it clear that he was out to kill him This time around, it is much more dangerous than it was in Xumi Dojo.” The Thousand-Star Maiden shook her head.

Even though she was very keen on the Canon of Truth in Zhang Ruochen’s body, but it was clearly impossible for her to intervene at this juncture. She did not want to incur the wrath of the Heavenly Realm upon the Thousand-Star Civilization just because of Zhang Ruochen.

Fairy Tianchu turned her head to look at the Thousand Star Maiden, and said. “Chen Jing, are you not going to make a move?”

“Make a move? My friendship with Zhang Ruochen had not reach that point yet, and its only just some cooperations in the past. If it was any other time, I could perhaps help Zhang Ruochen, but to ask me to fight against those people from the Heavenly Realm faction, that is impossible.” The Thousand-Star maiden said very decisively.

Fairy Tianchu frowned slightly and said. “I’ve heard rumours of you and Zhang Ruochen”

The news of Zhang Ruochen and the Thousand-Star Maiden ‘rocking the wagon’ had raged for a period of time before.

The Thousand Star Maiden grtitted her silver teeth, and said. “That’s nothing but mere rumors, I did not expect you to believe it, sister.”

Hearing this, Fairy Tianchu’s brows could not help but to stretch out, as a look of determination appeared in her eyes. She then turned to the Butcher and the Fool and said. “You two stay here, don’t make any rash moves.”

“If My Lady wants to aid Zhang Ruochen, then I would also like to help. Zhang Ruochen had saved myself in Luoshui once, and I must repay this debt of gratitude.” The Fool said immediately.

“Count me in as well.” The Butcher chimed in.

Hearing the words of the three, the Thousand-Star Maiden could not help but to reveal a shocked expression as she said. “Sister, are you not afraid that you will cause massive trouble for the Tianchu Civilization?”

“I am only representing myself, and this has nothing to do with the Tianchu Civilization. The favours I owed to Zhang Ruochen must be repaid.” Fairy Tianchu said firmly.

As she said that, Fairy Tianchu rushed out with grim determination.

The Butcher and the Fool did not hesitate, and immediately followed behind.


A thin light strand flew out from Fairy Tianchu’s body, and clung into the ground.

Immediately after, the light strands shot up into the air and pierced through three Saint Kings’ body in a single strike.

The light strand vibrated gently, and the three Saint Kings let out a shrill scream as their bodies were cut into countless of pieces and fell from the air onto the ground.

In a blink of an eye, three Saint Kings were killed without any chance to fight back.

Fairy Tianchu had naturally used the Rain Sword, and could often invisibly kill someone, and it was effective as ever.

“Hmm? Luo Ji, you dare to intervene in this. What guts.” A Heavenly Realm elite shouted immediately.

The person was very frail-looking but his eyes were vicious with an ancient bronze blade hanging on his back. His body radiated a very powerful aura, like a drawn divine blade.

His name was Yu Lin, and hailed from the Tiankui Realm, and was a leadership character of Tiankui Realm beneath a Supreme Saint.

Although Tiankui Realm was a macroworld under in the Celestial Court, it was one of the weaker macroworld, but Yu Lin, as a leadership figure was actually not weak.

Just like Guanghan Realm, even when it was ranked last, it still managed to raise some top-level powerhouses.

All these years, Tiankui Realm had been clinging onto the Heavenly Realm’s coattails, and everything that the Heavenly Realm wanted to do, Tiankui Realm will support without question.

“So what if I intervene?”

Fairy Tianchu’s eyes were cold as she held the Rain Sword and struck at Yu Lin.

Her sword Qi enveloped Yu Lin like a silk net.

Seeing Fairy Tianchu attacking, a cold murderous intent suddenly burst out of Yu Lin’s eyes as he said. “Hmph, since you want to die so much, I’ll grant you your wish.”

For her to dare interfere in the matters of the Heavenly Realm, even if Fairy Tianchu was one of beautiful fairies on the Portrait of the Nine Beauties, he would not show her mercy.


Yu Lin drew the ancient bronze sword from his back, and slashed out.


The sword light slashed out by Yu Lin was devastating, yet it could not destroy the sword Qi net of the Rain Sword.

Seeing this, Yu Lin was shocked as he did not expect Fairy Tianchu to be so strong.

Immediately, he dared not be careless anymore, and fought her with all his might.

And just when Fairy Tianchu clashed with Yu Lin, the Butcher and the Fool both struck as well, as they attacked the Heavenly Realm’s Nine-step Saint Kings.

They were both top-level elites of the Precept Dominion realm, and no one dared to underestimate them.

As she watched Fairy Tianchu, the Butcher and the Fool fought against the Heavenly Realm elites, a look of surprise could not help but appear in the Thousand-Star Maiden’s eyes. She had never expected Fairy Tianchu to intervene on behalf of Zhang Ruochen.

Was it just to repay a favor, or was it because of something else?

But regardless, the Thousand-Star Maiden would not get involved in this. Zhang Ruochen was just too arrogant, and shameless too. He should suffer a bit for him to know what proper respect was.

“Luo Ji .”

Zhang Ruochen also noticed Fairy Tianchu at the first moment. He was a little surprised at first, and then a shallow arc slowly rose at the corner of his mouth.

The situation this time was far, far more perilous than in the Eastern Region Holy City, and he never thought that Fairy Tianchu would intervene once again, nor did he expected her to appear in the Central Region at all.

If he was told that Fairy Tianchu’s appearance in the Central Region was by chance, Zhang Ruochen would definitely not buy that.

But what he did not know was, Fairy Tianchu’s intervention this time was to repay a favor, but sandwiched within it was some personal emotions.

Shang Ziyan too had noticed Fairy Tianchu’s arrival, and snorted coldly. “Zhang Ruochen, one Luo Ji will not change anything, and she’ll just die together with you.”

“I’m a tough person to kill. Many people wanted me dead, but in the end all of them died in my hands, and it will be no exception this time as well.” Zhang Ruochen said lightly.

As he said that, Zhang Ruochen struck first as he raised the Ancient Abyssal Blade and slashed at Shang Ziyan.

“Grand Re-origination!”

The moment he striked, Zhang Ruochen used one of the techniques of the True Thunder-Fire Sword.

Nine shadows appeared at striked at Shang Ziyan from different directions, as if nine Zhang Ruochens were attacking at the same time.

In an instant, the nine shadows merged into back into one, as it struck from an extreme angle towards Shang Ziyan with the Bloodbairn in hand.

The True Thunder-Fire Sword was one of the Saint-level sword techniques of the Dreadline line, it was extremely profound and powerful.

And Zhang Ruochen infused it with the power of time and space, causing the True Thunder-Fire Sword to become even more unfathomable, and no one could see through its attack.

While Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation level was no where close for comparison with the previous masters of the Dreadblade, but he had cultivated the True Thunder-Fire Sword to a level no other masters had reached before.

It was a veritable case of the student surpassing the master.


Shang Ziyan’s Flame Corpse was not afraid at all as he held the Bloodbairn and met the attacking Zhang Ruochen head on.

Densely packed golden runes appeared on the surface of the Bloodbairn as it unleashed a ferocious flame wave.


The Thunder-Fire unleashed by the Ancient Abyssal Blade collided violently with the ferocious flame wave released by the Bloodbairn.

A devastating blast wave formed as it spread across all directions.

The blast was so powerful that it caused Zhang Ruochen and Shang Ziyan’s Flame Corpse to both stagger back a few steps, pulling a distance between the two.

At this moment, Shang Ziyan’s Cardinal Corpse transforming into a stream of light, and suddenly released the Five-colored Merit Stele as he sent it crashing down on Zhang Ruochen.

At the same time, Shang Ziyan’s Frost Corpse also striked, releasing the Tower of a Thousand Temperings.

The Tower of a Thousand Temperings instantly transformed into a massive tower hundreds of feet tall, unleashing streams of terrifying supreme power that could seemingly destroy everything.

While the Tower of a Thousand Temperings was not a complete Supreme Sacred Artifact, its power could not be underestimated. After all, it could still unleash supreme power.

Zhang Ruochen activated the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light, and instantly darted off.

The Zangshan Demonic Mirror shuddered as a series of majestic demonic mountain shadow appeared and met the Five-colored Merit Stele and the Tower of a Thousand Temperings.


The Five-colored Merit Stele and the Tower of a Thousand Temperings were both blocked, and then staggered backwards.

While the demonic mountain shadows that appeared inside the Zangshan Demonic Mirror all shattered, and the mirror itself returned once again above Zhang Ruochen’s head, with a large number of supreme inscriptions still floating on the mirror’s surface, releasing a dark and arcand demonic light.

In the first exchange of blows, both Zhang Ruochen and Shang Ziyan were on even grounds, and no one managed to get any advantage.

Zhang Ruochen looked down as he began to plan in his mind.

Shang Ziyan was indeed his nemesis. Not only was he extremely talents, he also have plenty of treasures on him. The Bloodbairn was an ancient divine artifact, while the Tower of a Thousand Temperings was a part of a Supreme Sacred Artifact, and the Five-colored Merit Stele was an artifact created by the Fane of Merits; each of them extremely powerful.

Also, the armor that Shang Ziyan wore, and the various adornments on him, were all rare treasures, and none of them common.

Against a foe that was clad in powerful treasures from head to toe, anyone would find it headache-inducing.

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